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Divorcing or Dealing with a Narcissist or other High Conflict Personality?

We have created an elite 8 module comprehensive program designed to give you the insights and tools to manage your relationship with your ex so that you can BREAK FREE from the conflict and distress of the conflict.  Each module is a one-hour one-on-one coaching session.

The Program is One-on-One and Tailored to Your Specific Needs

Are you trying to get an agreement so you can finalize your divorce from a high conflict personality?  Or trying to co-parent and protect your kids from a narcissistic parent?  Or just trying to extricate yourself from the toxic cycle of abuse and blame that are the high conflict personality's weapons of choice?  All this, and much more is covered in the course of this program.

This Program is Your Path to FREEDOM!

As two of the top divorce attorneys in the country, we have worked with countless clients to help them through their high conflict divorces and we have created this program to help you using methods that we have developed over decades of handling narcissists, borderline personality disordered individuals and other high conflict personalities.  You can BREAK FREE so contact us to sign up for the COACHING THROUGH CONFLICT PROGRAM now!

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