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In Person Mediation


Divorce mediation is a structured, private, voluntary process for handling your divorce.  The parties involved meet with trained and impartial mediators to resolve their case.

At Breaking Free Mediation, not only are the parties are the decision makers, they also have the option to be guided through the process in a mindful way. Mediators have no power to decide the outcome, but rather facilitate conversation so that the parties can communicate effectively and efficiently to be able to reach their own agreements on issues of the parenting plan, child support, spousal support, and the division of all property/assets/debts.

When you chose us for your divorce mediation, we guide you through the process, thereby removing the fear, doubt and worry about the unknown.   Divorce mediation is a peaceful and affordable alternative to the traditional model of litigation. With the high cost of living here in Los Angeles, Chicago, Greenwich or Naples, this process is a very prudent choice.

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Online Divorce Mediation

 BFM offers Divorce Mediation with an Online Platform:

You may find you prefer the convenience or have a need for the mediation process to be completed via live video-conferencing.  Online mediation is also a perfect alternative if you and your soon-to-be-ex live in different cities.  Some people opt for this online mediation format when being in each other's space may not be productive.   Skip the hassle of sitting in traffic or missing additional work time.   

Some of the benefits of live online mediation are:

Convenient - All live video conferences take place with you in whatever location you choose and using the online secure platform provided by to conduct your online mediation process. All appointments, including intake sessions and mediation sessions, take place whenever it is convenient for you.    The Zoom app is free to download at

Cost Effective - With travel time no longer being a factor, you can avoid the expense of missing work or having to hire childcare in order to meet with your Mediation Team.  And hey,  Zoom is free!

Easy to Use - Zoom is simple and user-friendly and allows you to meet with the other side and the mediator, and everyone can share their screens too, so sharing documents is a cinch.  

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Mindful Mediation

Breaking Free Mediation is unique because whether you choose online or in-person mediation, you can also choose a mindful mediation track.  This track will include breathing and centering exercises to guide you through the process in a way that will ensure you deal with this major transition in a powerful way, so that you thrive.   Our commitment to our clients is that , even in the most challenging of circumstances, you are left empowered, whole and inspired to create new beginnings and new futures.

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Our Legal Coaching Services


Legal Support Coaching

 We provide legal advice and assistance to parties who are proceeding through the family law courts without attorneys or who need some help navigating their family law situation.  We can assist you with all phases of your case from understanding the process and determining your path forward to preparing for court appearances and negotiating settlement.  

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Case Evaluation & Strategy Coaching

 For Parties still in the decision phase of trying to determine if divorce or other court action is the right path, we offer case evaluation and consultation to help you make informed decisions about how you wish to proceed.  We will provide you with valuable information and help you formulate a plan to move forward.  

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Review & Consulting Counsel

 For parties proceeding as self-represented or who are mediating their divorce or family law matter, we offer critical support by providing individual legal advice, coaching and document and agreement review so that you are fully informed and prepared as you move forward.  (California, Connecticut and Florida Divorces Only)

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