Author : Robert Sikora

How to Seal Between Concrete and House: Easy Steps [DIY]

Sealing between your concrete and your house is essential, and you should never be overlooked. This is because, without proper sealing, water and moisture can seep into the gaps and cracks between the two surfaces. It can cause damage and rot to your home’s foundation and interior walls. To seal between the concrete and the […]

How To Seal Concrete Planters: 8 Steps[ Easy DIY]

We all know that concrete planters are the unsung heroes of our gardens, standing guard and showcasing our beloved plants all year long. But like all soldiers, they need a bit of protection. Sealing your concrete planters can do wonders in ensuring they stay beautiful and sturdy for years to come.  With a little bit […]

How to Seal Cracked Concrete Bird Bath: Eight Steps [DIY]

As bird lovers, maintaining a functional and aesthetically pleasing bird bath is crucial. However, the concrete structure may begin to crack over time. This can cause water leakage and ruin the birdbath’s overall appearance. Consequently, if you wish to ensure the longevity of your bird bath, you must seal cracks. To seal a cracked concrete […]

Glossy vs Matte Concrete Sealer: 7 Differences [Identified]

A concrete sealer protects the surface from damage and enhances its aesthetic appeal. Glossy and matte concrete sealers are two of the most popular among the many options. These types of sealers differ in appearance, durability, and maintenance requirements.  The key difference between them is the type of finish they create on the concrete surface. […]

Concrete Densifier Vs Sealer: 6 Differences [Discussed]

Concrete densifiers and sealers protect concrete surfaces from water penetration, abrasion, and chemical exposure. Although their purpose is similar, each has unique qualities that distinguish them. The main difference between a concrete densifier and a sealer is that the concrete densifier penetrates into the pores of the concrete floor and reacts with them. In turn, […]

Can You Seal Painted Concrete: Detailly Explained

Concrete is a popular and durable building material used in construction for centuries. It is commonly used for floors, walls, driveways, patios, and other outdoor surfaces due to its strength and durability. But concrete can also be susceptible to damage from weathering and exposure to chemicals or liquids.  One way to protect painted concrete surfaces […]

How To Seal Concrete Floor From Moisture: 5 Steps [DIY]

Concrete floors are a great choice for residential and commercial properties due to their sturdy, long-lasting nature. However, they are not impervious to the damage that moisture can cause. Moisture seeping through cracks or pores in a concrete floor can lead to mold growth, discoloration, and cracking, making it less durable. Sealing the concrete floor […]

How Long After Sealing Concrete Can You Walk on It: 4 Factors [Must Know]

Concrete has long been a go-to building material for its durability and strength. Whether it’s used for constructing tall buildings, long roads, or sturdy bridges, concrete remains a reliable choice. However, one common question regarding concrete installation is how long after sealing can one walk on it safely?  Answers vary depending on several factors such […]

Can I Use Asphalt Sealer on Concrete: 5 Consequences

Asphalt sealer has been known to provide protection against various environmental factors that can damage asphalt. So, many property owners and contractors have been curious about using asphalt sealer on concrete surfaces. However, it is important to note that asphalt sealer is not designed for concrete surfaces. Although both materials may seem similar in terms […]

Installing Roof Hatches in Your Home: 7 Benefits [Helpful]

Space is a precious luxury in your building that you’ll want to maximize. For this reason, it’s common for you to place utilities such as HVAC equipment or water tanks on your roof deck to free up your building’s interior space. However, you’ll still need a safe way to access these utilities for maintenance or […]

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