Author : Robert Sikora

Do I Need to Seal Concrete Floor Before Laying Carpet: 7 Reasons

Concrete is a durable material that withstands a lot of stress but is not indestructible. Because of its porous nature, carpeting placed over unsealed concrete may collect moisture & water spills that could damage the flooring and the carpet. Having a concrete floor sealed provides a protective layer against contaminants and helps to maintain its […]

How to Seal Concrete Gutters | Complete 4 Steps Guide

It is essential to seal concrete gutters regularly because while they are durable and require little maintenance, they can also leak. By doing so, you will create a barrier that will help to keep water out and prolong the life of your gutters. Your home’s gutters are an integral component of its drainage system, and […]

How To Seal Garage Door Bottom Warped Concrete: 2 Methods

Garage door sealing can be considered to be a part of a common home remodeling and renovation project to seal the bottom of a garage door against warped concrete. There are a variety of ways that can be implemented and utilized, but making sure that the sealant is firmly pressed within and between both surfaces […]

5 Best Garage Door Bottom Seal for Uneven Concrete in 2022

Concrete garage floors aren’t level, so leaves, debris, and insects get into your garage, which you must clean frequently. When it rains, water penetrates inside and causes rust. During the winter, uneven garage floors can allow a lot of cold air into the garage, making it difficult to work there. A suitable garage door bottom […]

How to Remove Concrete Sealer from Pool Water: Health Safety

Pool owners often find their pool water discolored and grimy over time, even with regular cleaning. One possible culprit is the concrete sealer, which can leach into the water and cause problems. If the solvent-based concrete sealers get mixed into the pool water, they can release harmful fumes and vapors. Inhaling these fumes can cause […]

Concrete Sealer vs Epoxy | Total 5 Differences Discussed

Any concrete surface, be it your driveway, sidewalk, or patio, is subject to deterioration & corrosive agents can take their toll, causing cracks, chips, and other damage. Thus, a sealant may be applied to your concrete to protect it and maintain its appearance. But what kind of sealer should you use? Generally, there are two […]

How to Seal Around a Crawlway Vent in a Concrete Walkway?

Occasionally, you may need to ventilate your crawlspace. This is most often done by installing a crawlway vent in your concrete walkway. These vents allow fresh air to circulate while keeping pests and water out of your home. To keep everything functioning correctly, it’s important to seal around the vent. Doing so will help prevent […]

Best Sealant Between Concrete and Wood: Top 5 in 2022

Sealing the space between concrete and wood protects both surfaces from moisture and weathering. You’re inviting many problems if you don’t seal the space between your concrete and wood. Water can penetrate the concrete, causing the wood to rot and the concrete to crack. The elements will also take their toll, causing both surfaces to […]

How to Get Rid of Concrete Sealer Fumes: Just Do 6 Things

Anyone who has ever had their concrete flooring sealed knows that the process can create some pretty powerful fumes. These fumes can be incredibly irritating and can even be harmful to your health if exposed to them for too long. The fumes are not only dangerous, but they can also make it hard to work […]

Why is My Concrete Sealer Tacky | 7 Reasons & 6 Solutions

You’ve just completed sealing your concrete surfaces, and you’re admiring your handiwork when you notice something strange. The sealer doesn’t have the smooth, glossy finish you were going for. Instead, it’s tacky to the touch. Many homeowners enjoy the look of a freshly sealed concrete patio or driveway. But sometimes, the sealer can become tacky […]

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