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Why "mindul conflict resolution" is for you

Our Vision and Mission

As long time divorce litigators, we understand the ravaging effects that divorce court has on families.   The emotional and financial toll it can take is sometimes irreparable.  

We also know firsthand how much of a difference it can make when divorcing couples can amicably resolve their differences in a fair manner that is also efficient and utilizing a process that is easy to understand and where both parties feel heard.  

The paradox of divorce is that during the worst, most traumatic time of a person's life, they have to make the most critical decisions about the things that mean the most to them - their children, their money, their businesses and their home.     The key is figuring out to feel empowered through the process.  

Breaking Free Mediation is proud to be the very first conflict resolution center that offers a "mindfulness track".    Get the tools that you will need to be able to calm your minds, rein in your emotions, and feel strong and powerful instead of feeling you are a victim of the process.    Learn the spiritual laws of divorce, how to meditate, and how to be conscious and aware of why you are being given these spiritual lessons.   

We also offer fixed pricing for the portions of the case that you can't control - the paperwork.  And hourly rates for the portions you can control - the number of hours you will need with the mediators.  

At Breaking Free Mediation, we are here to serve you holistically.   We will assist you with getting your divorce issues resolved but also take care of your emotional and spiritual sides too.    Isn't is time to break free - emotionally, physically and spiritually? 

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We have simplified the process to a cost-effective, structured method to be able to assist you with not only achieving an efficient and painless way of getting divorced, but we also know that you are a whole person.   Everything we have created allows you to experience an environment that leaves you feeling whole, empowered and inspired.  

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Answers to the questions everyone has.  (And maybe even some questions you haven't even thought of).    Find out what mediation is, how it works, why "mindful mediation" is the way to go, and much much more.  

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Through our diverse backgrounds in law, finance and teaching, we bring extraordinary insight into every facet of family law, relationships and living a vibrant, healthy life. A cornerstone of what makes us successful is a commitment to bringing people together and making things happen. We are committed to the process of mindfulness within the context of dispute and conflict resolution and divorce mediation, that our ideas become a powerful resource, and that we can help people thrive through transition.  Get started with your divorce and get help with your divorce papers here. 

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We are committed to being the difference that makes the difference.   Our knowledge, expertise and compassion create a positive lifelong transformation for people.  Here are some resources to get you on the right path. 

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