Best Light For Puzzles : Expert Recommendation 2024

As a puzzler who has completed many puzzles, it can be frustrating to not be able to see what you are working on because of insufficient light. If you need more light to work on your puzzle, there are a plethora of options out there for you. There are so many different types of lamps that provide light specifically aimed at the needs of puzzlers.

A lot of people have said that they would love to add this to their home or office and get more enjoyment out of their puzzle-solving time. There are a lot of benefits when it comes to adding a lamp that provides better lighting when working on a puzzle.In this article, we will review the top 6 lights for puzzles so that you can find out which one works best for you.

Brightech Litespan LED Floor Lamp

LEPOWER Led Clip on Light

Eye-Caring LED Desk Lamp

Our Best 6 Reviews on Light for Puzzles

Light is essential whether you are trying to solve a puzzle or just want to see your surroundings. Good lighting will help to solve the puzzle faster. Here, we will discuss the best type of light for puzzles.

1. Brightech Litespan LED Floor Lamp

Do you ever get frustrated as you try to finish a puzzle and the light from your lamp gets dimmer and dimmer? Well, with Brightech’s Litespan LED Floor Lamp for Puzzles, you’ll never have that problem again.This bright lamp has a high-intensity light that shines at 850-950 lumens without drawing too much electricity.

The coolest thing about this lamp is that it also has a natural daylight color with 6000K color temperature, which will show off any fine details in the intricate pieces of your jigsaw puzzles. And thanks to its gooseneck arm and weighted base. So whether it’s on your desk or nightstand, this light has lamps where you need them most.

With the Litespan, you can finally finish your puzzles quickly while still seeing the pieces clearly. Whether reading books or crafting or hobbies such as crossword puzzles and jigsaw puzzles, Brightech has got your back with their Litespan LED floor lamp for puzzles!

In addition, this modern floor lamp is that it can also work as a standard standing light. This light is that it is also safe to use! It has a high-brightness and high contrast lighting, which provides your eyes with the natural daylight esthetician’s lamp to see your clients’ lashes very clearly and in high contrast.


  • Eyes friendly
  • Dimmable
  • Overheating protected
  • Energy efficient
  • Long Lasting
  • Adjustable gooseneck


  • Smart devices not supported
  • Costly

2. LEPOWER Led Clip on Light

Are you looking for a changeable light to help you solve puzzles? Check out this LEPOWER Led Clip-on LED Light for Puzzles. This light is perfect if you like solving puzzles because it gives you the light for solving them. It has all the things that you need: LED lights, a flexible neck, an adjustable clamp, and an adapter to make sure that it can work with any power source.

You can use this light at home or take it with you on a road trip so that you will have a light when doing puzzles in the car too. This light is perfect for you if you do puzzles on a regular basis. You can clip this to any place or have it standing up and shining brightly. This makes the best gift for any puzzle fan in your life.

It works great as a desk lamp when you are doing your crosswords, Sudoku, etc. You can direct the light right where you need it to be, and the clips are very strong. Definitely recommend this light for any puzzle lover.


  • Brightness & Color Adjustable
  • Eye Friendly LED
  • Included Durable Clip
  • Free Angle Adjustable
  • Has a USB Port
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Value for Money
  • Durable


  • It warms but not goes hot
  • Lasting period unknown

3. Eye-Caring LED Desk Lamp

Puzzles are a fun and challenging activity. If you’re into Crosswords, Sudoku, Jigsaws, or 3D Puzzle, there’s a light for you. And the most common complaint with most puzzling activities is that they can take a lot of time and light. There are plenty of ways to get more light while puzzling and shapes that have been specifically designed for this purpose. One of the best lamps on the market is this LED Desk Lamp made by the White crown.

This lamp may be small, but it has big features that make it perfect for those who love to puzzle. The lamp produces enough light for any situation, no matter if you need to read or do some close-up work. It is portable and can be moved wherever you need it, even outside if you choose to work with your puzzle in the sunshine.

Eye-friendly LED panel helps prevent eye fatigue caused by traditional white or yellow fluorescent light. Touch control & memory functions provide the most comfortable lighting environment to your eyes. LED panel with 10 level brightness and five lighting modes provide ideal light levels for working, studying, reading, and relaxing.

This lamp uses a USB cable to charge your devices so you can keep them within reach while you work. The USB plug is hidden in the base of the lamp to keep things simple and cable clutter-free. Suitable for desk, study or nightstands and any other places where requires the lighting of puzzling, reading books or magazines. Simply enjoy it wherever you place it.


  • Eye Caring
  • USB Charging Supported
  • Touch Control Supported
  • Auto-Off Timer
  • Long Lasting
  • Fully Adjustable Angle


  • No Electrical Plug Included

4. Eye-Caring LED Table Lamp

This eye-caring led table lamp is designed specifically for puzzles, so you can get more light without hurting your eyes. The Eye-Friendly LEDs are sensitive to the needs of your eyes and will not cause any glare or discomfort. This stepless incandescent lamp features five color modes with five brightness levels so that you can choose the right lighting for all occasions.

You can recharge the battery via USB in just 4 hours, and it lasts up to 48 hours on min brightness. The flexible gooseneck makes it easy to adjust the angle and position of the lamp. As a result, you can use this desk light while reading, working, or even sleeping without having to move it as you would need for most lamps.

This eye-caring led table lamp is long-lasting so that you won’t have to worry about changing the bulb every few months as with incandescent lamps. This lamp has a built-in output charging port so that you can charge your phone while solving puzzles.

Your battery will last up to 48 hours on the lowest brightness setting and 4 hours on the highest brightness setting. It is the best light for puzzles because you can move it around easily and there is a 180 degree angle adjustment. At the same time, you can position your lamp in any direction to get more light on your puzzle or other activity.


  • Eye Protective
  • Smart Memory Function
  • Touch Dimmer Functions
  • Stable Base & Reset Button
  • USB Output Supported


  • Low Bright
  • Cheap feeling

5. Brightech LightView Pro LED Light

The most common complaint about puzzles is that they can take a lot of time and light. But, there are lots of things you can do to get more light while you puzzle. The best way is to use a lamp for puzzles by the Brightech Company.

This light is perfect for all puzzlers and anyone else who likes to be able to work on small projects with both hands-frees while also having good lighting. The assembly itself is also adjustable to accommodate people who have specific needs when they use their tools.

Its flexibility allows the user full control over how they want to position this lamp about the project and themselves. The Brightech Lightview Pro also comes with a diopter lens that can be used in the spotlight or flashlight mode so you can apply it directly to a specific area of focus, much like a magnifying glass.

This lens gives you a superior lighting effect. As a result, it’s easy to work on the minutia of smaller or more complicated projects and finish them faster while remaining focused completely. The lamp is designed for larger and more complex projects such as coloring, doing crafts, sewing, minor repairs around the house, completing jigsaw puzzles or mind benders, and many other things where small details are necessary in order to complete your goal.


  • 225% Glass Magnifier
  • Diopter Glass for Max Durability
  • Flexible Gooseneck
  • 6000K Daylight Color
  • 20 Year Lifespan
  • Power Saving LED Fixture


  • Not dimmable

6. Led Floor Lamp with 4 Color Temperature

The WIO-MIO Led Floor Lamp is perfect for small spaces or when you’re looking for an option that packs well on trips. Its stepless dimmer can adjust to 5% brightness all the way up to 100%. You’ll never have trouble seeing it again. In addition, there are 4 color temperatures that can be adjusted, so whether it’s day or night, you’re covered.

Their Remote and Touch Control system is the perfect solution for those who struggle to find their remote or want a lamp that packs well on trips. It comes with two switch modes so that you can turn it on/off with one click of the corresponding button.

You can adjust the brightness or color temperature as you like with just another click. And it has an adjustable range of 49.2 feet. The Adjustable Gooseneck Standing Lamp is a great option for an escape room. With 112 LED lamp beads, it emits 1200 lumens which are soft and do not flicker.

It also has a 360-degree adjustable gooseneck with easy bending and maintaining its position after being bent. It has a reinforced magnet that can be attached to the lamp body or other metal surface. So it is easy for you to find the remote control. It has a function to help your eyes from screen fatigue.

The lights will automatically turn off after 60 minutes, no need for you to get up again. This lamp is so easy to put together. You can easily install or detach the 4 metal rods in 3 minutes. No extra tool is needed.


  • One Hour Timer
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Eyes Caring
  • Memory function
  • Remote control ability
  • Touch Control System
  • Adsorption Function


  • Short Battery Life

Factors to Consider before Buying a Light for Puzzles

Factors to Consider before Buying a Light for Puzzles

There are some factors that you need to consider for selecting buying the puzzles light. These factors include:


Of course, price is an important factor in determining whether a light for puzzles can be purchased or not. But it should not be the primary consideration because there are many high-quality lamps that do not have high prices.



A key characteristic of a good puzzle lamp is its brightness. If possible, choose a lamp that has a brightness of 300 lumens or above. It will give you good lighting on your board game.

Eyes Protective:

It is essential to keep the eyes comfortable while solving puzzles. You may find some puzzle lights with harsh light that can damage your vision if used for a long time.

Try to choose an LED lamp or incandescent models to protect your eyes. But you should note that fluorescent lamps are cool and do not generate much warmth, so they do not have a very good effect on the eyes.

Overheating Protected:

Overheating Protected

A puzzle lamp can generate a lot of heat when in use. Therefore, it is important to choose a light with a fan or cooler to prevent overheating. You can also choose an LED lamp, which generates very little heat.

Long Lasting:

Of course, you do not want to buy a light for solving a jigsaw puzzle that needs to be replaced in one year or less. When purchasing a light for puzzles, try to choose a lamp that many customers have used. It will give you an indication of the lamp’s durability and good quality.

Energy Efficient:

It is also important to check energy efficiency for having a perfect light for puzzles. It will save you money in the long run.

A very bright and expensive light that is only used for a couple of hours to solve puzzles can be totally useless. You should look for a light that has an energy efficiency rating of at least 80 lumens per watt.


What is The Best Light for Brightness When Solving Jigsaw Puzzles?

Those lights that have lumens from 4000K to 5000K are considered the best for jigsaw puzzles.

What is The Best Light Type for Puzzles?

What is The Best Light Type for Puzzles

LED is the best available light type for a puzzle, and the main parts of a puzzle: the lines, grid marks, and colors. Different types of dyes produce a puzzle piece. These dyes absorb certain wavelengths of light (for example, red) more than others (such as green). As a result, LED technology is capable of emitting only the correct color spectrum to project the image.

Do Cool White Lights Harm The Eyes When Playing Puzzles?

If you like to assemble puzzles over the course of many hours, your eyesight might be getting strained. You experience this kind of strain if you stare at a computer screen for hours with no break in between. In fact, the kind of light that you’re most likely using to assemble your puzzle is probably the worst kind of light you could be staring at.

Are Warm White Led Lights Bad for Eyes When Playing Puzzle Game?

No, they’re not bad for your eyes. Warm white light can help illuminate the lines of the puzzle pieces more clearly and create a brighter image for your eyes. Warm white lights have a lower color temperature than the standard cool white fluorescent light bulbs that many people use in their homes.


Lighting is important for assembling puzzle pieces, mainly because of difficulty finding where pieces fit together. Putting together a puzzle will be impossible with insufficient light that doesn’t cover the entire surface. If you’re looking for the best light for puzzles, we recommend an LED lamp. Reduce eye strain by getting some good lighting for your table.

Best Light For Puzzles : Expert Recommendation 2024
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