Best Metal Cutting Blade for Angle Grinder : Top 7 in 2024

metal cutting blade for angle grinder

A metal blade for an angle grinder is crucial to ensuring that your tool will last, and that the cut you’re making is smooth and clean.

If you can select the best metal cutting blade for angle grinder, it will help you to give you perfect finish on the work or in your workshop at home. The quality blade is always easy to use and durable, so it will save you time and money.

You may have a hard time choosing the right power tool for your angle grinder. Because there are so many different types of blades on the market with varying features, it can be difficult to know which one is best for you.

Luckily, we have compiled a list of reviews of the Top metal cutting blades to make it easy for you. After reading our reviews of this cutting tool, you’ll know which one is right for you.

PEGATEC Metal Cutting Wheel for Angle Grinder

S SATC PCS Metal Cutting Disc for Angle Grinder

WORKPRO Metal Cut Off Wheel for Angle Grinder

Top 7 Reviews on Best Metal Cutting Blade for Angle Grinder

Metal cutting blade for angle grinder is a must-have tool for many professions. If you are looking to buy a metal cutting blade for an angle grinder, then please read on. With so many brands and models to choose from, it can be hard to know which one is the right choice for a project. We hope this review will make your decision easier.

1. PEGATEC Metal Cutting Wheel for Angle Grinder

If you’re looking for a quality metal cutting wheel for your angle grinder, look no further than PEGATEC’s Cutoff Wheels. The cutting wheel is specially designed for general purpose metal cutting, making it the perfect tool for the job.

Since the design of this product starts from top-grade raw materials and includes 0.04in ultra-thin thickness, you can optimize the performance of the metal cutting wheels.

It results in fast cutting time and less rework, which leads to higher efficiency. This helps not only on our workpiece, but also on the cutting-off wheel.

A wheel with a 4 1/2-inch diameter is a necessity for all craftsmen, professionals, and amateurs who want a durable tool. They last 2.5 times longer than traditional abrasive cut off wheels which saves the user a lot of time and money.

It is for people who want a high performance cutting wheel. The cut on the wheel is aggressive and has a balanced cutting performance. It’s made of self-sharpening material.

For the perfect cutting experience, excellent stability may be ensured by precise measurement and it is resistant to breakage, even when subjected to lateral forces such as vibrations. A double-layer glass fiber mesh reinforces the cut off wheel and all cutting wheels conform to EU EN12413, TUV and MPV standards.

The PEGATEC Metal Cutting Wheel For Angle Grinder is a cutting disc that is compatible with a 7/8-inch shank and speeds up to 13,300 RPM and 80M/S. It has a moisture-proof fiber cloth which ensures it does not get affected by moisture and corrosion.

Highlighted Features:

  • Thinnest Design is only 0.04in thick
  • Allows for quick and efficient workpiece cutting
  • Has aggressive cut wheel
  • Has a balanced cutting performance
  • Lasts 2.5 times longer than the average abrasive wheel
  • Sturdy and resistant to breaking
  • Reflects EN12413, MPV and TUV standards.
  • Drives away moisture and corrosion
  • Compatible with all disc grinders
  • Speeds up to 13,300 RPM

2. WORKPRO Metal Cut Off Wheel for Angle Grinder

When it comes to precision and efficiency, this cut off wheel is the perfect tool for your job. It is a metal and stainless steel cutting wheel that is perfect for thin metal cutting.

The 4 – 1/2 x 7/8 inch size means that you have plenty of room to work with, so there is no need to worry about not having enough clearance.

It comes with 20 discs, so you’ll never run out. That’s 10 more than any other competitor on the market. As a result of its sturdy construction, this product offers durability and speed.

This cut-off wheel set is specially formulated for cutting metal and stainless steel fast. With their high-quality construction, they can tolerate a lot of abrasion, while their aggressive cutting action allows them to easily cut through metal and stainless steel.

Moreover, the reinforced fiberglass mesh ensures that the wheel remains stable during use, providing a smooth, even cut every time. Its ultra-thin design ensures burr-free cutting with minimal material loss, making it a go-to choice for any cutting project.

The WORKPRO Metal Cut Off Wheel For Angle Grinder can be used up to 13,000 RPM and has a maximum speed of 80M/S. It comes with an easy-to-replace the blade. It’s tough and durable to make quick work of even the most stubborn materials.

Highlighted Features:

  • 4-1/2 x 7/8 inch size Metal cutting wheel
  • Perfect for slim metal cutting
  • Comes with a 20-disc set
  • Maximum speed of 80M/S
  • Comes with an easy-to-replace blade
  • The discs are sturdy and constructed for durability
  • Can handle a lot of wear and tear
  • Ultra-thin design ensures burr-free cutting

3. S SATC PCS Metal Cutting Disc for Angle Grinder

Do you feel frustrated because the disc grinder work is not progressing well, or you are running out of time? If that is your problem, then this Metal Cutting Disc will help you.

It is a high-quality product that has been designed to provide ultimate performance. The wheels are made of steel and have a tooth count of 25. They are great for concrete, metal, or other materials where you want to cut through tough materials quickly.

These discs are made from high-quality cutting wheels with a flat shape. They have a 3″ diameter and a 1/16″ thickness. With ultra-thin metal and stainless steel, they can quickly and easily cut through burrs and other unwanted materials.

With these discs, you can grind metal and stainless steel fast and smooth while minimizing noise. As a versatile option for workshops, the discs can be used with sheet metal, die grinders, air cut off tools, and electric cut off tools.

The S SATC PCS Metal Cutting Disc for Angle Grinder is made with a proprietary aluminum oxide grain combination that creates an aggressive cutting action. This allows the user to cut through materials more easily.

In addition, the wheel also has a balanced Cut Life, Cut Rate, Cut Precision, Power Demands & Heat Buildup. This means that you can cut through materials for longer periods of time without having to worry about the accuracy of the cut or the heat that is being generated.

The SATC PCS Metal Cutting Discs will cut through most surfaces with ease and do not slow down as they work like other standard discs. These new discs also last much longer than other brands which allows you to make even more cuts before needing a replacement disc.

Highlighted Features:

  • Wheels are made of steel
  • Has 25 Ultra Thin disk
  • Great for concrete, metal, or other materials
  • Made from high quality cutting wheel material
  • Flat shape for easy use
  • 3″ diameter for a variety of applications
  • 1/16″ thickness for accuracy
  • Provides burr free cutting

4. Panlen Metal&Stainless Steel Cut-Off Disc for Angle Grinder

If you’re looking for a reliable cutting disc that can handle a variety of materials, this tool is a great option. This 10-pack of disc grinder cutting wheels is perfect for cutting metal and stainless steel surfaces.

With thin metal cutting discs, you can easily get into tight spaces, and they are durable enough to handle even the toughest jobs. Whether you’re a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, these disc grinder cutting wheels are sure to come in handy.

It’s made of durable aluminum oxide grains that provide an aggressive cutting action and longer service life. Due to the reinforced double fiberglass mesh, this disc meets the MPA en12413 standard.

The Panlen Metal&Stainless Steel Cut-Off Disc for Angle Grinder is the perfect accessory for anyone with a 4.5 inch disc grinder. With this size, the cutting discs reach up to 13,000 RPM and 80M/S speeds.

You can cut carbon steel, pipe, iron, copper and all other ferrous metals. It is made from tough abrasive materials, this disc can easily take on even the most challenging projects.

This is a large grinding disc that has been designed for burr free cutting with minimal material loss. As a result, cutting projects will be more accurate and efficient with the design of the grinder disc.

Highlighted Features:

  • Durable enough to withstand strenuous jobs
  • 10-pack of side grinder cutting wheels
  • Perfect for cutting through metal and stainless steel
  • Reinforced double fiberglass mesh
  • Optimal performance for 4.5 inch disc angle grinders
  • Reaches up to 13,000 RPM and 80M/S
  • Large grinding disc for burr free cutting

5. Truswe Metal and Stainless Steel Cutting Wheel for Angle Grinder

Whether you’re a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast and looking for a metal-cutting tool, this disc is a must-have.

The cutting wheel is a great way to quickly cut through metal. With 52 wheels, you’ll always have one on hand.

It is compatible with all 4-1/2 inch (115mm) angle grinders with 7/8 inch (22.2mm) arbor. The thickness of the wheel is 0.045 inch (1.2mm). You can operate this up to 13,300 RPM

When it comes to precision and burr-free cutting, the Truswe Metal and Stainless Steel Cutting Wheel for Angle Grinder is tough to beat. This ultra-thin design delivers fast and accurate performance, with minimal material loss.

The Metal Cutting Discs are made of aluminum oxide grains which are more safe than other wheel types. These discs should only be used when wearing all applicable safety gear because they can fly off the wheel and injure you if not careful. You should read the instructions before using this power tool.

It is a heavy duty cutting disc that is fitted to any angle or side grinder. It will cut with ease through sheet metal, plastics, fiberglass, Plexiglas, ceramic tiles and even rubber.

Highlighted Features:

  • The pack comes with 52 wheels
  • Cuts through material quickly and easily
  • Suitable for use with a side grinder
  • Can operate this up to 13,300 RPM
  • Durable and precise cutting
  • Made with aluminum oxide grains

6. Benchmark Abrasives 6 inch Cut Off Wheels Metal for Angle Grinder

If you’re looking for a wheel that can quickly and easily cut through metal, the Cut Off Wheel Metal is the ideal option. This pack contains 25 of Benchmark’s 6″ Aluminium Oxide Quality Thin Cut Off Wheels for metal and inox steel work.

They are designed for use with an angle grinder or any other cutting device that accepts 7/8 inch arbor attachments. Benchmark offers a quality abrasive wheel with a thin 0.045-inch design, which is for fast and burr-free cutting.

A proprietary aluminum oxide grain combination of the wheel provides an aggressive cutting action and the double fiberglass mesh only serves to reinforce its safety and durability.

This product is made of the best strength, high cut-rate, bonded abrasive discs used for cutting metal including steel, cast iron, and stainless steel. You should use all necessary protective gear when you are using these discs.

Additionally, the Benchmark Abrasives 6 inch Cut Off Wheels Metal For Angle Grinder can achieve speeds up to 11,000 RPM, which allows it to cut through materials quickly and easily. The cut-off wheel has a diameter of 6 inches and is compatible with all angle grinders that have a 7/8-inch shank.

Highlighted Features:

  • 100% Aluminium Oxide Quality Thin Cut Off Wheels
  • Comes with 25 wheels per pack
  • Thin 0.045-inch design for fast and burr-free cutting
  • Double fiberglass mesh for safety and durability
  • Bonded abrasive discs
  • Abrasive wheel is capable of achieving high speeds
  • Diameter of 6 inches for easy maneuvering

7. Makita Metal Cutting Grinding Wheel

If you’re looking for quality metal grinding wheels, Makita is a brand worth checking out. This wheel is perfect for quickly grinding through metal, making it an essential tool for any serious metalworker.

With its durable construction and precision-cut teeth, the Makita Metal Cutting grinding wheel is sure to become a favorite in your workshop. These angle grinder wheels are designed for use with Makita 5″ angle grinders.

It has grain grit, a hard bond matrix, and wheel thickness that provide the best balance. This tool will cut more than other wheels because it’s made of carefully selected materials.

You can use it to cut through all metal materials, including metal, steel, and inox steel. In addition, this product can even cut through sheet metal, rebar, steel pipe as well as small to medium diameter pieces of solid material.

The grain on these cutting grinding wheels is made from a high-performance aluminum oxide which will provide a long life span for the product. Not only does it lasts a long time but also the material is able to soothe many tough materials with little effort.

It is made with a proprietary synthetic resinoid bond matrix that binds premium white aluminum oxide with phenol resin, allowing for optimal grain wear.

This yields accurate cutting performance, longevity, stability, and integrity. As a result, the wheel can cut longer, faster, and more reliably than other wheels that may shatter or prematurely fatigue.

When it comes to metal cutting, you want a tool that can handle the job without any problems. They’re designed for hard, continuous use on Stainless Steel, and are Contaminant-Free, meaning that you won’t have to deal with rust or corrosion.

Highlighted Features:

  • Perfect for quickly cutting metal
  • Designed for use with 5″ angle grinders
  • Has a hard bond matrix that makes it durable
  • The wheel thickness provides better balance
  • Can cut through rebar, sheet metal, and steel pipe
  • Made from a high-performance aluminum oxide
  • Made with a synthetic resinoid bond matrix
  • Contaminant-free to deal with rust or corrosion

This list of the best angle grinder wheel for cutting metal is a great place to start if you’re not sure what type of wheel is best for your specific needs. No matter the task, this power tool will get the job done without breaking the bank.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Metal Cutting Blade for Angle Grinder

ferrous metals

There are many tools to cut the metal, but one of the most popular is an angle grinder wheel. It’s a versatile power tool with many applications.

The metal cutting blades for angle grinders are essential to get the job done right. But there are so many different blade types out there, so which should you choose? Read on for some helpful tips to guide you through this process.

Type of Wheel:

The type of angle grinder wheel you need for your project depends on the stuff you’re working with. There are two main types of blades available, so it’s important to consider what you need before making a purchase.

1. Flat Wheel:

If you want to cut metal, you’ll need a flat wheel. A flat grinding disc produces less heat when cutting, so it can be used on a variety of materials, including aluminum and inox steel.

2. Centre Wheel:

You can also use a centre grinding wheel to cut materials, like rebar or steel pipe. These types of wheels can be used for cutting or smoothing and are ideal if you’re looking to work on a harder surface.

Disc Size:

thinner discs

The size of the disc you need also depends on the type of object. If you’re looking to cut large metal objects, you’ll need a larger disc size. However, if you’re looking to work with smaller pieces, a smaller disc size will do the job. If you’re working with thin sheet metal, you’ll want to use a thin wheel. Thick angle grinder wheels are best for solid pieces of metal.


Another important factor to consider is the RPM of the blade when choosing the best angle grinder wheel. This measures how quickly the blade spins and is usually expressed in terms of rotations per minute (RPM). The higher the RPM, the faster the blade will spin.

Build-in Materials:

When it comes to build-in materials, there are two main types of blades available – carbon steel and stainless steel. Carbon steel blades are cheaper, but they’re not as durable and can rust over time. On the other hand, stainless steel blades are more expensive but they’re resistant to corrosion and can last longer.

Quantity in a Pack:

Most blades come in packs of 10 or more, so it’s important to consider how many you’ll need for your project. If you’re just starting out, it’s best to buy a pack of 10 or more just in case you need them later on.

Versatile Applications:

non ferrous metals

It’s also best to look for blades that are versatile so you can use them for various cutting applications. The power tool should be able to cut mild steel, ferrous metal, cast iron, angle iron, and plastic. It can also be used to cut metal and stainless steel surfaces.


The best blades are those that produce a burr-free cut. This means that you won’t have any jagged edges on the metal after you’ve cut it. This is important because it makes the metal easier to work with, and it looks neater when it’s finished.


The best angle grinder wheel is safe to use. It has a built-in safety function that protects your hands from the blade and your eyes from sparks. It doesn’t have any blades to snap or wear out, so you’ll be able to use it again and again without worry.


The price of a metal cutting blade varies depending on the features and type. But you should buy a blade that’s durable and will last you for a long time. Never choose a blade based on price alone.


What is a Metal Cutting Blade for an Angle Grinder?

A metal cutting blade for an angle grinder is a type of blade that is specifically designed for cutting metal. It has teeth that are angled so that they can bite into the metal and make cuts fast and easily.

How Do you Cut Sheet Metal with an Angle Grinder?

How Do you Cut Sheet Metal with an Angle Grinder

Sheet metal can be cut with an angle grinder using a metal cutting blade. The most important factor is to make sure that the blade is the right size for the job. You also need to make sure that you’re using the correct angle and speed settings on your grinder.

What are Clamp Holders Used for on Grinders?

Clamp holders are used to hold the workpiece in place while you’re cutting or grinding it. This ensures a consistent and even cut every time. You should always use a clamp holder when cutting sheet metal with an angle grinder.

What Speed Setting Would you Use to Cut Metal?

The speed of the blade should be set to match the type of object that you’re cutting. For metal, it’s best to start the blade slowly and then faster so that it can cut through the metal safely and quickly. You can set the initial speed at 100 feet per min.

Can you Sharpen the Blade on an Angle Grinder?

It is possible to sharpen the blade on an angle grinder, but you need to be careful not to damage it. You should also wear a pair of safety goggles to protect your eyes from particles that may fly off the blade as you’re sharpening it.

It is also a good idea to take the blade to a professional sharpener who will be able to do it safely and correctly.


When you want to cut metal, or other materials, with an angle grinder, it’s important to have the right blade for the job. There are many different blades available on the market, so you need to use the best metal cutting blade for angle grinder for the material that you’re trying to cut.

You don’t have to worry about the blades dulling since they are made of high-quality materials which makes them last longer than regular abrasive discs. This article outlined a few main points about these tools in order to help you make a more educated decision before purchasing your next set. Make your next project easier by using this cut-off wheel tool.

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