10 Best Rechargeable Batteries for Solar Lights in 2024

Rechargeable Solar Light Batteries

In this day and age, clean energy is not only a desirable alternative but also a conscious choice. In this light of thinking, we are incorporating eco-friendly practices into our lives.

Solar lights, particularly outdoor solar lights, fit into this category. It is an environmentally friendly, money-saving alternative people all around the world are choosing.

Solar lights can provide light during the night, but only if they are powered by rechargeable batteries. Buying new batteries isn’t enough, you need to buy the right ones. 

This article explores in detail the best rechargeable batteries for solar lights, their features, and some frequently asked questions.

AmazonBasics Rechargeable Batteries for Solar Lights

Energizer Solar Rechargeable Batteries

Brightown Store Nimh Rechargeable Batteries for Solar Lights

Top 10 Rechargeable Batteries for Solar Lights

There are many batteries on the market meant for solar-powered lighting solutions. However, not all of them are like the best batteries for solar lighting, with the functions and features you can rely on for long-term use. 

The products are chosen meticulously by our experts to eliminate the need for you to sift through thousands of products available on the market.

1. AmazonBasics Rechargeable Batteries for Solar Lights

The AmazonBasics AA Rechargeable Batteries are a great way to power all your devices, including a solar light. The batteries come pre-charged and ready to use, so they’re perfect for replacing the batteries in your devices like solar lights.

The AmazonBasics rechargeable batteries for solar lights are designed to work efficiently with your everyday devices, as well as more high-drain devices like game controllers and flashlights.

If you’re looking for a battery that lasts hours without having to worry about taking care of it manually, give this product a try.

The most important feature is how they retain charge over time; the average battery will hold most of its charge until after 12 months or 80% capacity at 24 months. 

These long-lasting batteries only discharge a minimal amount of charge per month. This type of rechargeable NiMH battery can be recharged up to 400 times before losing its capacity. 

Each battery has a minimum capacity of 2,400mAh with a voltage of 1.2V .The AmazonBasics AA Rechargeable Batteries are an excellent replacement for any solar light. 

They’re perfect for replacing the batteries in your remote controls, flashlights, toys, and more. That means that you keep on going with full power when it matters most.

All in all, the AmazonBasics batteries are great for everyday devices, while the high capacity makes them perfect for flashlights and other more high-drain devices.

Highlighted Features:

  • Come pre-charged and ready to use.
  • Rechargeable up to 400 times.
  • Retain 80% charge for 24 months without use.
  • Great for everyday devices and high-drain devices.
  • Easy to store for a more extended period.

2. Energizer Solar Rechargeable Batteries

Energizer NH15BP-8 Rechargeable Batteries are an innovation of the leading rechargeable battery brand for homeowners who need to power their solar lights at night.

These Solar Rechargeable batteries come with a shelf life of 12 months, can charge hundreds of times, and come pre-charged, so there is no need to charge before use.

Solar light owners will love that these AA rechargeable batteries are made with 15% recycled materials and are designed to prevent spills.

Energizer NH15BP-8 Rechargeables are compatible with most solar-powered devices, including outdoor lights, solar lights, or lighting decorations.

Energizer offers a rechargeable battery pack that will last you up to 5 years. If this isn’t convincing enough, the Power Plus Rechargeables also have a leak protection system for peace of mind.

You can even choose from different recharge options, from solar charger to an energizer 15 minute charger, just hold and fully charge all your household devices from flashlights to toys, high-powered tools, and more.

Pre-charged and ready to use, these batteries will keep the power going all year round. Overall, Energizer’s Power Plus rechargeable solar batteries provide reliable energy and a battery charger for ease of recharging.

Highlighted Features:

  • Can charge hundreds of times.
  • Pre-charged and ready to use.
  • Compatible with most solar-powered devices.
  • Built with 15% recycled materials.
  • Ease of recharging.

3. Brightown Store Nimh Rechargeable Batteries for Solar Lights

Outdoor solar lights always need reliable power supplies. Brightown store NiMH Rechargeable AA Battery for Solar Lights is the best choice to provide constant light instead of using disposable batteries that emit harmful substances.

Brightown is your one-stop-shop for the best LED Solar Light batteries that use Nimh Rechargeable Batteries for Solar Lights.

They come with 30% pre charged batteries so that you can use your system long after the initial purchase. To get optimum performance, they recommend recharge after every 3 months.

Rechargeable NiMH batteries are great for saving you money and reducing waste. Also, you can recharge them 500 times with little degradation.

With a high capacity rating of 2400mAh, these batteries will allow your electronics to work longer without charging them again on the same day.

You can also use these devices around your home or yard, such as electronic toys and battery string lights (brighten homes with beautiful solar lighting).

We understand that when you’re buying solar products, it’s important to avoid wasting money on anything disposable like one-time-use alkaline batteries.

With the NiMH rechargeable batteries or any other product at Brightown Store, they help you make an environmentally conscious decision in purchasing items that work with your solar lights to get rid of any disposable batteries.

Using rechargeable NiMH batteries that can be constantly recharged and reused, spending less money on one-time-use disposable batteries, do less harm to the environment.

Highlighted Features:

  • Rechargeable and reusable.
  • 500 times recharge option.
  • A high capacity rating of 2400mAh.
  • They enable you to choose solar lights that are environmentally friendly.
  • Less harm to the environment than a disposable alkaline battery.

4. Tenergy AA Solar Rechargeable Batteries

Have you been frustrated by having to change the batteries in your Solar Lights every year? Tenergy 1.2V NiCd Rechargeable AA Batteries might just be what you’ve been looking for.

With a capacity rating of 1000 mAh, these AA Solar Rechargeable Batteries can be recharged and reused multiple times, making them the most cost-effective batteries on the market.

Other comparable brands only offer 600 mAh to 800 mAh, so these Tenergy rechargeable batteries are the best deal in town. The Tenergy 1.2V AA NiCd Rechargeable Batteries size is 14.2 mm (Diameter) x 50 mm (Length).

It is a perfect replacement for standard alkaline AA batteries that power TV remotes, wireless mouse and keyboards, gaming controllers, and many others.

The Tenergy AA Rechargeable Battery is a perfect replacement for Solar Lights that are made to be solar charged.

They can also be charged via solar cell lights or standard charging units. This rechargeable battery is perfect for powering up your solar lights.

Additionally, these NiCDs are much better for the environment than regular alkaline ones as they don’t release toxic material into landfills like regular disposable ones do when thrown away after use.

This product is perfect for any gardeners who want to have their Solar Lights to stay on for a much longer time before changing batteries.

As long as your solar lights are powered by the Tenergy Solar Rechargeable AA NiCDs, you’ll never have to worry about replacing batteries or your Solar Lights dying out before it’s time again.

Highlighted Features:

  • AA-sized rechargeable NiCd batteries.
  • Capacity rating of 1000 mAh can be recharged and reused multiple times.
  • It is one of the cost-effective rechargeable solar batteries on the market.
  • Perfect for powering up your solar lights.
  • Environmentally safe alternative to disposable batteries.

5. EBL AA Rechargeable Batteries for Solar Lights

EBL Solar AA Rechargeable Batteries are perfect for solar powered garden lights, landscaping lights, lawn lights, and electronic devices. With a high capacity of 1100mAh batteries, they will provide enough charge for your solar lights. 

This set comes pre charged with 15% to 20% when you purchase it and is ready-to-use upon arrival. If you are using Solar lights outside of your house, these long-lasting 1100mAh AA rechargeable solar batteries are perfect. 

They last a long time of constant light on a full charge, can fit into the battery compartment, and can be recharged by the solar charger.

With increased temperatures, does that mean that NiCd rechargeable solar batteries won’t work? Think again. These new-age cells have a superior ability to perform in extreme temperatures (-4 to 140F). 

Some of which can even operate while it’s snowing thus ensuring dedicated service. The advanced anti-leakage design provides your devices and you with enhanced protection. 

Plus, this AA Rechargeable Batteries for Solar Lights set does not contain any hazardous ingredients such as Mercury or Lead, so you don’t have to worry about being exposed to harmful chemicals when using these solar batteries.

It maintains quality even after being put through a 3-5 times charge & discharge cycle after the initial first use. This is why purchasing this EBL Solar AA Rechargeable Battery set will be a wise decision for your family.

To sum it up, these are the best rechargeable solar batteries you can find for solar lights.

Highlighted Features:

  • It can be used in extreme temperatures (-4° F to 140° F).
  • Solar recharging makes it environmentally friendly.
  • The capacity of 1100mAh with a 3-5 times charge-discharge cycle.
  • Does not contain any hazardous ingredients such as Mercury and Lead.
  • Superior Performance even after multiple charge/discharge cycles.

6. GEILIENERGY Nicd Rechargeable Batteries Solar Lights

GEILIENERGY Ni-CD (nickel-cadmium) AA rechargeable batteries are the perfect choice for powering your outdoor solar lights.

The GEILIENERGY Nicd rechargeable batteries can be used to power household devices such as solar light, flashlight, torch, handheld camera, Walkman, CD player, electric shaver, and more.

Right out of the box, these Nicd Rechargeable Batteries Solar Lights come in a pack of 20 individual batteries with a capacity of 600mah and 1.2v of voltage ratings and can easily fit into the battery compartment.

The GEILIENERGY nickel-cadmium batteries are a great choice for powering your outdoor solar lights because they will last all night long, and then automatically recharge during the day.

Compared to disposable batteries, these solar light rechargeable batteries are especially suited to powering your outdoor solar light because they can be reused many times.

With a built-in capacity of 1500 charging cycles, this battery can accomplish solar light and other tasks with ease and perfection by taking power from the solar panel.

Moreover, It can work in extreme temperatures ranging from -4F to 122F, making it perfect for all demographic and environmental conditions.

Once you install GEILIENERGY Ni-CD AA solar rechargeable batteries, place your solar light in the sun, and watch as the batteries automatically recharge over and over again.

GEILIENERGY Ni-CD AA solar rechargeable batteries are made with Mercury and Lead materials, so your environment friendly mind has no toxic element to worry about.

All in all, these GEILIENERGY Ni-CD AA solar rechargeable batteries may just be the perfect choice for powering your outdoor solar lights.

Highlighted Features:

  • 1500 times charging cycle.
  • Can work in extreme temperatures ranging from -4F to 122F.
  • Free from hazardous chemicals like Mercury and Lead.
  • Can power all sorts of household devices.
  • Can also power outdoor solar lights.

7. BONAI Rechargeable AA Batteries for Solar Lights

BONAI rechargeable solar batteries are a fantastic product of NiMh rechargeable batteries that are the perfect way to spend less on battery costs with Solar Lights.

The Bonai rechargeable aa batteries for solar lights are the best battery for use in solar lamps. They keep running all night long, don’t need to be replaced, and last up to 1200 cycles. That also makes it the most budget-friendly product in the lineup.

These 24-pack of NiMH solar batteries will give your energy-efficient bulbs the brightness that doesn’t wear out quickly like traditional store-bought alkaline or lithium ion batteries would.

Plus you can feel safe installing these powerful AA cells into your costly LED table lamps because it doesn’t contain Hg/Cd/Pb and won’t pollute the environment.

A no-brainer for homeowners who have solar lamps or other products that require batteries, these high performance 2800 mAh batteries will not let you down after they’ve been charged.

A full battery will last LONGER than normal alkaline batteries, even in intense applications like digital cameras and remote controls that need lots of power.

With precharged 15%-20% capacity, it is ready for usage when received and, after three years without use, still maintains 80% of the initial capacity. It is convenient for you to keep it fully charged when not in use.

So, if you are looking for a dependable, rechargeable battery for your home or garden lighting system, this 24 pack of AA batteries is perfect for your needs.

Highlighted Features

  • Bonai Solar Light Batteries are a great way to save on Battery Costs
  • You don’t need to replace these products often.
  • They last up to 1200 cycles of charge-discharge cycle
  • Your light bulbs will be powered by these NiMH rechargeable batteries.
  • Bonai AA batteries don’t emit Hg, Cd, or Pb which pollute the environment.

8. Brightown Store Rechargeable AA Batteries for Solar Lights

These Brightown Store rechargeable AAA batteries are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to extend the life of their solar lights.

As long as they are not in use, these Rechargeable AA Batteries for Solar Lights contain enough power to charge them up 300 times, averaging at around 85% of the capacity when they are not in use.

The battery maintains that same high capacity even when they’ve been sitting idle for a year and doesn’t suffer from what’s known as the memory effect, so you can keep charging them over and over again without fear of losing all your power even if they’ve gotten depleted at some point.

Just pop it in any solar charging outlet or standard outlet, leave the cells there until the light turns green on the indicator, then just take them out, and you’re done.

It can’t get any easier than that for a no-muss, no-fuss battery replacement. The batteries themselves come with a 2400mAh rating.

However, that’s plenty of juice to power up your lights so you can be sure they’ll work the first time. The batteries are labeled “pre-charged,” So feel free to use these right out of the box.

You can use them in all sorts of power-hogging devices without being worried about running out of juice.

So if your solar lamps are currently using up to 12 standard batteries, this pack will replace them all while offering significantly more capacity.

Highlighted Features:

  • Recharges up to 500 times for maximum power efficiency.
  • Can sit idle for one year without suffering from memory effects.
  • Powered by a 2400 mAh battery for a high power efficiency.
  • Comes in a 12 pcs pack for added convenience.
  • The nickel-metal hydride combination helps to protect the environment.

9. Tenergy AAA Rechargeable Batteries for Solar Lights

Every year, after the winter solstice, homeowners start planning for their outdoor décor to greet the impending spring. They diligently gather up all their solar lights and inspect each one to make sure it still works. 

Most are surprised when they find out some of them don’t work anymore because of dead batteries.

Designers at Tenergy know this problem all too well because they have been designing reliable rechargeable batteries for over 15 years that power any kind of solar lighting application environment in mind.

With Tenergy Solar Powered Lithium Rechargeable Batteries outlast 4-5 times more than regular NIMH AAA battery life, you don’t need to worry about the cost and time investment every 1-2 years on replacing your outdoor solar lights.

Additionally, it offers 2000 charge-discharge cycles, which is significantly more than other rechargeable batteries, so it is a reliable investment.

Tenergy rechargeable batteries are made out of the highest quality materials that are safe for the environment. They were built to withstand freezing cold and blistering hot outdoor temperatures.

When it comes to powering your solar lights, Tenergy has several options designed for different light types and functions. Tenergy solar light batteries have a product for every application and budget.

Tenergy 1.2V rechargeable battery is compatible with all your outdoor wireless solar lights that use Solla or AAA batteries.

All in all, Tenergy solar powered lithium rechargeable batteries are made to deliver reliable power performance and extended battery life that suits your outdoor décor lighting applications under the most extreme weather conditions.

Highlighted Features:

  • Pre-Charged and Ready to Use.
  • Built with environmentally friendly materials.
  • These solar light batteries are budget-friendly due to their longer shelf life.
  • Will perform under freezing cold and blistering hot outdoor temperatures.
  • 2000 charging and discharging battery life.

10. RELIGHTABLE ni-cd Rechargeable Batteries for Solar Lights

The RELIGHTABLE AA NiMh 600mAh 1.2V rechargeable batteries are designed for solar-powered units that illuminate gardens and shrubbery from dusk till dawn at a lower energy cost than conventional power supplies.

Reliable construction of the RELIGHTABLE ni-cd Rechargeable Batteries for Solar Lights ensures top performance and long life. 

Up to 1000 charge/discharge cycles are possible before a replacement is required, which is longer than disposable alkaline AA cells.

More importantly, they are designed keeping in mind that they will be specifically used in solar lights. These rechargeable batteries offer up to 12 hours of lighting power after just one charge.

Reliable, robust, and long-lasting, these AA NiMh rechargeable batteries can be installed in the morning and left to charge throughout the day, so you’ll have light when you need it most.

These Relightable AA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries are made with strong construction, so they won’t leak or corrode like other solar light batteries.

The AA NiMh 600mAh 1.2V battery is a rechargeable replacement battery that has a strong construction and is easy to install. This pack of 20 AA NiMh batteries will last you approximately 2 years in your solar post caps.

All in all, RELIGHTABLE AA NiMh rechargeable batteries offer a low-cost alternative to using disposable alkaline cells in your garden solar lights.

Highlighted Features:

  • Two-year life span in solar posts.
  • 1000 charge and discharge cycle.
  • No leakage to corrode the LED lights.
  • Easy to install and remove from the solar light fixture.
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor lighting use.

Factors to Consider:

solar lights batteries

It is important to consider several factors before purchasing rechargeable solar light batteries. Here are some of them:


There are three main types of rechargeable batteries: Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH), Lithium Ion (Li-ion), and Nickel Cadmium (NiCd). Each type has its benefits and drawbacks.

NiMH batteries are very popular rechargeable battery options, because they can retain up to 70% of their charge after one month. They are also inexpensive to operate, maintain good voltage performance over the lifespan of the battery, and can handle high discharge rates without significant voltage loss. 

NiMH batteries can be recycled without harm to the environment and are safe for disposal in landfills.

NiCd batteries are durable and can be discharged down to 20% of their capacity without damage. They also offer good load capabilities, maintain consistent voltage levels during discharge, and have a longer lifespan than NiMH batteries. 

However, they are not as environmentally-friendly as NiMH and require special disposal.

Li-ion batteries can provide a high voltage output, good load capabilities, and have a long lifespan. They are also very safe for disposal in landfills and can be recycled without fear of environmental harm. 

Despite this, they are much more expensive than NiMH and NiCd batteries to purchase, require a larger circuit board to handle high loads, and have a shorter lifespan than NiMH.

Battery Life:

The life of the battery also depends on how often it is used. If you want your lights to last for a few hours, then you should only use them for short periods at time. The more often they are used, the less battery life they have left. 

Alternatively, you should choose a battery that has more battery capacity than others to get long periods of uninterrupted charge.  


The best batteries are built in such a way that they possess the ability to recharge themselves at any time of the day, even during overcast days. It should have an efficient design that ensures that it is always ready to go when you are. Also, the quality of the materials used to build it is important.

Voltage Rating:

Energizer Rechargeable Batteries

The voltage rating on the rechargeable batteries must be the same as that of solar lights. If you are buying them, be sure that they match, or you can damage your solar lamps.


The quality of the solar batteries and lights can vary greatly depending on the manufacturer brand. Keep in mind that the better but expensive solar lights will last longer, but the less expensive ones will work just fine.


The price of the batteries can vary greatly, which is why it doesn’t always make sense to buy the cheapest product. It is important to compare all of your options before you make your purchase.


Be sure to check which type of battery is needed before you buy your lights. Some need regular alkaline batteries (a.k.a. disposable), while others require chemical or lead-acid ones (a.k.a. rechargeable).


Before you buy, check if the unit is weather-resistant. It needs to be able to withstand rain and snow, as well as the strong winds that might come through your area.


Check to make sure the batteries are compatible with your lights. Some brands might use a different size or type of battery than others, which can cause problems.

Additional Tips:

solar outdoor lights
  1. NiMH is the latest technology based rechargeable batteries in terms of chemical composition. You may want to choose your batteries according to the current trends that are NiMH Batteries.
  1. You should always get twice as many batteries you currently need; so that you can charge 1 set while you use 1 set right away. In this way, your device will not sit empty.
  1. Batteries always have a mention of charging cycles that vary in quality. You will find devices ranging from 100 to 1000 charging cycles. 

The longer charging cycle is, the more service you will get out of your battery. So, to save money, you should opt for batteries that offer more charging cycles for a given amount.

  1. All batteries have self-discharge rates and it varies from brands to brands. Self-discharge rate is the amount of charge loss by a battery when it sits idle or is not in use. For long use of your rechargeable batteries, you should choose batteries which have the lowest self- discharge rates. 
  1. All batteries have a shelf life, including rechargeable batteries. You should pick batteries that have longer shelf life. It is because the longer shelf life, the longer your batteries can sit unused and you will still get good service out of them. 

Advantages of Solar Light Batteries:

nickel cadmium batteries

It Saves Money: 

Solar light batteries help to conserve the sunlight absorbed through the solar panel. This way, The solar lights can be used without the need for electricity. This saves users from paying extra for their electric bills.

Reliable Performance:

Batteries can be relied upon in emergency lighting situations such as brownout. They are also able to work in any weather conditions. Simply grab one or two cells, connect them to the device, and the battery will provide enough power.


There are many solar light batteries that can be found online. They are popular because they can be used in power outages and other emergency situations.

Portable Energy Source:

Solar batteries don’t need any wiring or cord. These batteries can be carried in your pocket or bag and used as a ready source of power wherever you go.


They get their energy from the sun. They promote cleaner air because they don’t emit harmful chemicals into the atmosphere as long as they’re properly disposed of. Batteries are convenient and safe for humans and the earth.


Can I Use a Higher mAh Battery in Solar Lights?

replacement batteries

You can use higher mAh batteries in solar lights, but the larger the mAh, the heavier your solar light will be. The solar panel in the light needs to be directed at the sun for it to fully charge, and too much weight on top of the panel can make it harder for the panel to collect sunlight.

Are Rechargeable Batteries for Solar Lights Different?

Rechargeable batteries for solar lights are generally different from other solar light batteries. Rechargeable batteries can be used up to 500/1,000 times (depending on type and model) before they require changing.

How long do Rechargeable Batteries Last in Solar Lights?

Solar lights are battery-powered and designed to be charged by the sun. Rechargeable batteries can last anywhere from a few nights to a few months, depending on storage conditions and the age of the rechargeable batteries.

For example, after six months of daily use, the typical lifespan of rechargeable nickel-cadmium (NiCd) or nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) batteries is five hundred cycles before they will need to be replaced.

Do All Rechargeable Batteries Work in Solar Lights?

Yes, all rechargeable batteries should work in solar lights. Nicd or NiMH rechargeable batteries are preferable because of the quality and safety they deliver.


When it comes to solar lighting, you want a battery that lasts for many years. The top rated rechargeable batteries for solar lights are the ones with high capacity ratings and low self-discharge rates. They should also have good safety features like overcharge protection or short circuit prevention.

We hope you have found this article helpful, and we wish you all the best in choosing the correct rechargeable solar battery for your project.

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