Best Seal Puller Reviews in 2024 [Top 5 Model Revealed]

Seal Puller

If you’re a mechanic, then you know that there are many tools in your toolbox for repairing things. One of the most important ones is the seal puller. 

From brake seals to gasket seals, this handy little device has saved countless hours and money by making it easier to remove old parts without damaging them.

In this article, we will discuss the best seal puller for repairing or replacing old seals and installing new ones.

Lisle 56750 Seal Puller

Lisle 58430 Seal Puller

ARES 70693 Seal Puller

Best 5 Seal Puller Reviews

If you are looking for a seal puller, there are many things to consider.

Seal pullers come in different shapes and sizes depending on their intended use. Another is whether or not it will be used in high-temperature environments and also if it will be used on soft seals such as neoprene.

The type of material that the seal puller is made from can also make a difference, with some being better than others depending on what they need to do.

With our meticulous selection of products, you can avoid the hassle of choosing from a large selection and find the right seal puller for your needs.

1. Lisle 56750 Seal Puller

If anyone in your line of work knows what it feels like when things don’t turn out quite right, you’ll know why so many professionals choose Lisle seal pullers. It is the buyer’s ultimate protection plan for your toolbox.

Lisle seal pullers were designed specifically to handle the difficult jobs no matter how much oil or grime is around the bolt you’re trying to remove.

It’s one of the best options for you because it has a rotating wheel that makes removing RTV, gasket, and adhesive sealants so simple you won’t mind getting your hands dirty.

It’s hard not to tell when they break down; the spinning wheel really leaves its mark on fingers and hands, which explains why we put a clear protective sleeve over it that wards off wear and tear with excellent results.

The Lisle 56750 Seal Puller is the most effective seal puller to buy today. It’s easy to use, which means you’re getting the seal puller that any beginner or professional should have.

In less than 60 seconds, you can remove stubborn bolts and nuts with ease without having to work underneath a car.

The Lisle 56750 is a 4-inch diameter seal puller with a rotating wheel. Its’ 4-inch diameter protective sleeve helps prevent serious injuries while its high-strength steel arms ensure superior durability and overall hold.

Its protective sleeve is made from high-strength steel. The arm width is 8 inches and it’s made of high-grade steel for superior durability. It has a heavy-duty design that will never bend, break or disappoint you.

It looks like the seal puller that has everything you need for a variety of projects, no matter how difficult.

Highlighted Features

  • The Lisle 56750 is a 4-inch diameter seal puller with a rotating wheel.
  • Its’ 4-inch diameter protective sleeve helps prevent serious injuries while its high-strength steel arms ensure superior durability and overall hold.
  • Its protective sleeve is made from high-strength steel for superior durability
  • It looks like the seal puller that has everything you need for a variety of projects, no matter how difficult.

2. OTC 4508 Professional Style Seal Puller

Many people have an appliance that has that pesky seal that nobody likes to pull because it’s got a lot of sweat that wants to frustrate you and dampen your spirits. But not the OTC 4508 Professional Style Seal Puller!

Grab yourself an OTC 4508 Seal Puller and get all the seals you’ve been dying to pull with style.

Gone are the days of grabbing a knife and slicing your arm up, having to use brute force, and wrestling with the part while it’s still in place.

Our seal puller makes pulling them out much easier!

The seal is pulled from its door with finesse! This product from OTC is perfect for homeowners dealing with the burden of seals!

The OTC 4508 does an effective job, wrapping around both sides of the enclosure, making it easier to remove them without having to scrape or destroy your fingernails in the process.

Just slip 4510 into the groove on top of any o-ring or gasket, twist away from the central point for either small or large hooks depending on what your needs are at that time, then they’re gone!

No fussing around with scraping or stabbing around for edges before they finally give way; just two easy but powerful twists is all it takes.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to order replacement blades and bumpers for the OTC 4508 Seal Puller, these are also sold on Amazon!

Highlighted Features

  • Unlike knives or other hand tools, the OTC 4508 Professional Style Seal Puller does not require any force to push in on the seal.
  • The handle is designed for easy handling in tight spaces and the hook tips are long enough to reach in between seals without damaging the housing or bearing.
  • Dual size hooks for little pulls or big pulls with a professional handle that gets under hard-to-reach seals.
  • Extra blade included plus additional replacements may be ordered.

3. Lisle 58430 Seal Puller

This product is a seal puller that’s great for picking up stubborn seals and keeping them from going places.

The Lisle seal puller is the ultimate tool for getting automotive seals out of their groove.

This tool has a whole set of features that will appeal to all buyers and help with everything from installation, removal and so much more!

The shaft of this seal puller features a slotted design on the opposite end to allow for better grip when pulling out tough seals.

In addition, it uses a standard screwdriver slot so you can use your everyday tools on the job site.

It’s not just all about how it looks either! You get an impressive amount of length with each purchase too, which is perfect if you have fingers that are prone to be stretched out on the job.

It’s specifically designed with an offset handle to be able to work either inside or outside around fenders and other sharp exterior parts.

The nose has a guide pin, which helps prevent slipping and skidding when working on difficult surfaces like sealing surfaces.

All three jaws are curved for a better fit under most types of seals.

The center jaw also includes serrated reach teeth for claws-style gripping without damaging the rubber lips that keep your gaskets sealed uptight.

Choose Lisle as your automotive parts supplier today!

Highlighted Features

  • On one side, the seal puller has slots for handling tough seals.
  • Using a traditional screwdriver bit makes it easy to use a standard hand tool.
  • It has an offset handle for working inside or outside around fenders and other sharp exterior parts.
  • The nose with a guide pin prevents slipping and skidding when working on slippery surfaces.
  • It also includes serrated reach teeth for claw-style gripping without damaging rubber lips.

4. Performance Tool W1220 Adjustable Seal Puller

If you’ve been looking for the perfect tool for big pulls, look no further! The Performance Tool W1220 is the seal puller of kings.

This performance tool is a powerful tool as it may remove seals better than any other.

Its size and grip make it easy to use, which makes it great for those maintaining their own cars and bikes without breaking too much sweat!

The first thing you’ll notice about this seal puller is its hand grip design which locks in place with just a quick twist.

Additional features include an 11-inch adjustment point range and 2 different hooks for gripping onto any orifice you please.

So if leaks or latex gloves are troubling your day, grab your new seal puller today!

This seal puller is the best tool to remove seals of many shapes and sizes.

It features a long, knurled knob that fits through any part of the hook end for maximum grip and control while you’re pulling those pesky leaks or latex gloves off of your hands.

The best part? Non-slip grip handle. That’s right, you don’t have to fear burning your hands trying to make small adjustments with no form of help, which is a definite pro in our book!

If leaks or gloves are troubling you, grab this Performance Tool seal puller today!

It’s build quality only beats that of professional builders like Performance Tool, but its features can’t be matched by anything else out there!

It’ll take care of removing that pesky seal and getting your car running smoother than ever before; what more could you ask for?

With strong customer service and superior performance from this seal remover, you can be sure that there will never be any regrets.

Highlighted Features

  • Patented knurled knob for maximum grip and control.
  • Non-slip grip handle.
  • 11 inch adjustment point range and 2 different hooks for gripping onto any orifice.
  • Perfect for removing leaks or latex gloves.
  • Removes pesky seals and helps your car run smoother.

5. ARES 70693 Seal Puller

You didn’t know you needed this, until now! The ARES 70693 is the perfect seal puller.

The contoured handle gives you additional traction when reaching tight seals.

This ARES Seal Puller is equipped with two tips that ensures that there are always multiple ways to get at whatever it is that needs attention.

Plus the mechanism will never let you down with its high-quality construction of Cr-Mo steel coating.

It comes with a MnPO4 coating that resists weathering and rusting for high-efficiency performance no matter what you encounter like rough maintenance jobs or gritty saltwater environments.

So not only does this product perform brilliantly, but it lasts for the long haul as well!

They also participate in the ASPCA Business Ambassador Program which provides support to animals by providing protection from neglect.

Highlighted Features

  • The contoured handle gives you additional traction when reaching tight seals.
  • Equipped with two tips, it ensures that there are always multiple ways to get at whatever it is that needs attention.
  • High-quality construction of Cr-Mo steel coating with MnPO4 coating which resists weathering and rusting.
  • Extensive troubleshooting help, parts replacement, or refund if needed. 

Factors to Consider

Factors to Consider


Check the seal type of the seal puller. The type of seal can determine the kind of materials that can be used for sealing and design options for seals.


Another thing to check is the size of the seal puller. It is important to consider the size of the seal puller since it can determine the applications and design of the seal puller.



One of the things to look for before buying a seal puller is the seal thickness. Different seals require different tool diameters for removal from a bearing.

Diameter Match

The seal diameter should also match the tool diameter. If it does not, it will be too large or too small and this may cause damage to the seal or to the bearing that it came from.


The material that a seal puller is made out of can affect its performance as well. For example, if one were going to use a metal puller, they should make sure that it is not too hard so as not to strip the threads on the seal or on the shaft where it was pulled from.

Maximum Applicable Torque

Maximum Applicable Torque

One can also be careful about how much torque they apply when using a metal puller. Too much torque can crack the seal.

Length of Puller

The length of a puller is also important because if it is too short, it may damage the seal or not apply enough force to remove it. If it is too long, it will be difficult to use and may damage other parts of the system.


A flexible puller is slightly more difficult to use, but it will be much more likely to remove the seal without causing damage to it or to the system where it is being removed from.

The Best Seal puller should be able to give a flexible grip while removing the seal 


The shape of a seal puller is also important. Some are designed to fit over the bottom or top lip of a seal. Others are designed to fit around the entire circumference of the seal. This is also important because it will influence how easy or difficult it is to remove the seal from the system.



A seal puller should also be checked to make sure that it is in good condition before using it and not likely to break during usage. Some seal pullers come with an arrangement of adapters for different kinds of seals. However, this does not mean that one no longer has to check if the seal will fit or not.


Lastly, check if the price of the seal puller is fit for your budget. Take note that there are different kinds of seal pullers available in the market with various prices depending on their designs and needs, so be sure to have one that fits on your budget.

Purchase by Brand

It is always best to purchase seal pullers that are branded by the manufacturer because these are most likely of high quality. Only a select few make the best product that suits your needs and it even provides customer support when needed.


oil and grease seals

Easy to Use

Seal pullers are also very easy to use because all you have to do is clamp down on the seal and it will pop off.

The flat surface makes it easy to put pressure over the whole seal and not damage anything else around it, which makes it the ultimate tool to use in removing oil seals on things like transmissions and differentials.

You can also use it to remove plastic plugs without damaging them.

Best Ergonomics

It allows for easier removal of stuck seals without damaging surrounding parts or endangering technicians. This is because it’s both easier and possibly necessary to rotate the seal puller in order to use it. Rotating the handle causes the seal itself to rotate without causing any damage to anything else around it.

Ensures Faster Repair

grease seals

The use of a seal puller also makes for faster repairs because it’s not necessary to remove any other parts before being able to replace the seal. There are usually no bolts, pins, or screws that need to be removed first. Threads may need to be cleaned before replacing the seal but this isn’t always necessary either.

Saves Money

The seal puller provides the opportunity to replace the seal on the product with a new one. This can be an advantage because it can save money in some cases. A new seal will only have to be purchased if the old seal has broken or cracked.

Technician’s Choice

rear main seals

Using a seal puller also ensures that the technician does not have to remove the given seal or other parts before being able to replace it. This makes for a faster repair time and allows technicians to focus on one specific job at hand.

Easy to Grip

Seal pullers are made of reinforced steel with a pair of rubber pads that will not slip even if there is lube or other liquids on the seal.

Wide and Rigid Claws

The claws are wide enough that you will never have to worry about breaking them and they are also rigid enough that you can easily remove large flat seals like the ones found in the A/C system.

Common Uses

Seal pullers are commonly used to remove oil seals, glow plugs, and even rubber insulators found on battery terminals.

Cheaper than Alternatives

The cost of seal pullers is low compared to other tools for removing seals.



There are many sizes of seal pullers depending on the size of seal you are trying to remove so it will fit any size.


The design also makes it very easy to put them in your toolbox and take them with you on the road.


How Do You Remove the Old Seals?

Pull the old seals out of the hub with a seal puller. It is a very simple process and the only tool you need is already in your hand!

Are There Any Homemade Seal Pullers?

Yes, but they tend to be made of rusty c-clamps and security screws. A real seal puller is made of hardened alloy steel, and the cost is very low.

How Do You Remove Shaft Seals?

If the seal has a groove in it, you need to put a flat washer inside the seal and screw in a bolt. If there’s no groove, use an irrigation-type side cutter to cut the lower edge if needed. Put the side-cutters around the lip of the seal and give it one strong squeeze.

Can I Use a Seal Puller in Place of Other More Specialized Tools? 

Yes, absolutely. A seal puller is a multi-purpose tool that can be used instead of specialized tools for many tasks.

How Do You Use a Seal Remover Tool with an Extension Cord?

All you need to do is to put the seal remover tool on the extension cord and use it as you would as if it were a regular seal puller.

Do You Need a Special Oil to Lubricate The Puller Tools?

Yes, it is required to use a specialized oil called non-contacting lubricant.

There are multiple different types of non-contacting lubricants out there that can be applied with a paintbrush or sprayer or even just by soaking one side of the seal puller in the oil before sticking it on the surface seal.

Can I Use a Seal Puller to Change My Oil?

No, you can’t use a seal puller to change your oil. 


The seal puller is the perfect tool when you need to remove a seal. When you use it, everything is easier and simpler since it removes all the seals in seconds without any complications.

The best seal puller for you today is the one that you like and feel comfortable using.

Look for a quality product made from stainless steel, with an ergonomic design and smooth edges to avoid cutting yourself as you use it.

This will help ensure your safety while saving time, money, and frustration in the process of opening those pesky seals!

I hope this blog has been helpful to you and that it has helped you choose the best seal puller for your everyday work.

Best Seal Puller Reviews in 2024 [Top 5 Model Revealed]
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