Best Solar Blanket for Salt Water Pool 2024 | Top 6 Picks

Solar Blanket for Salt Water Pool

Can you really expect your saltwater pool to be warm enough on cloudy days? In general, you have to wait until sunset for it to warm up significantly.

In this case, a solar blanket is a good solution for you. It absorbs sunlight and keeps water warm all day and even at night.

But, finding a high-quality solar blanket for your pool is not as easy as it sounds. In fact, there are a lot of things to consider before buying anything from the market.

So we researched and found the top 6 solar blankets for saltwater pools that you can consider for your next purchase.

Sun2Solar Rectangle Solar Pool Cover

Blue Wave 12 Mil Solar Pool Cover

Blue Wave NS110 8 Mil Pool Solar Blanket Cover

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Our Best Reviews on Solar Blanket for Salt Water Pool

Check out our top solar blanket review on the market, and make a wise decision when purchasing yours.

1. Sun2Solar Rectangle Solar Pool Cover

In our list, we select it as the best solar blanket for salt water pool for its design, performance, durability and cost.

A Sun2Solar Rectangle Solar Pool Cover is a film of thousands of tiny bubbles that work together to keep your water warm, whether it be at night or on a chilly day. The blue color helps the sun’s rays warm your pool while also showing an attractive look.

Don’t worry about your pool temperature dropping too much during the night. Place the blanket back atop the water to secure heat for a warmer swim in the morning.

Make sure friends and family see your bravery by jumping into a pool that’s been kept warm just for you. Sun2Solar Rectangle Solar Pool Cover is easy to install and remove, giving you more time to enjoy the pool.

Have your pool covered with this blanket at night so UV rays can transmit free heat into the pool. With the bubbles facing down, mark the cover with a marker and sharp pair of scissors to cut off any excess material.

The cover helps in reducing evaporation by up to 95%, contributing to stronger salt water pools with less likelihood of accidents or injury. With this solar cover, there is no need to fill up your swimming pool less often.

Sun2Solar covers help significantly reduce water lost into the environment when not enjoying refreshing swims.

It has jumped onto the scene as one easy poolside accessory. Its durable resin material protects against harmful debris.

Highlighted features:

  • Provides an attractive appearance
  • Blocking of 95% of water lost due to evaporation
  • Blocking harmful UV rays
  • Strength against debris
  • Easy cover cut design for fast removal/installation

2. Blue Wave 12 Mil Solar Pool Cover

In our view, it is the 2nd best choice for our top 6. Use this new, innovative product to keep your pool cool.

This solar pool cover will also protect your equipment from harsh sunlight and reduce pool water evaporation by up to an estimated 95%.

With these solar pool blankets, you can protect your pool from harmful UV rays. By reducing chemical loss and heat from the sun, this pool cover will save you time and heating costs all season long. 

It is an innovative solar pool cover that insulates with thermal bubbles. It traps heat to keep the pool warm. This thick blanket for saltwater pools can keep your pool up to 15 degrees warmer than it would be without the cover.

The 12-mil protective pool cover is compatible with most swimming pools and comes in a 16×32 ft shape that will easily cover an in ground pool.

It also helps extend your swimming season since insulating cells trap heat even on cool days.

Highlighted features:

  • UV protection from damaging rays
  • Up to 95% water evaporation
  • Pool cover will save you time and heating costs all season long
  • Keeps pool up to 15 degrees warmer

3. Blue Wave NS510 14-Mil Solar Blanket

If you are looking for an affordable pool cover for your salt water pool, this one is a great choice. Blue Wave NS510 14-Mil Solar Blanket is excellent for conserving energy.

This blue solar pool cover covers your swimming pool and employs solar heating to increase the water temperature by up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Each of these innovative pool covers is packed with tiny air bubbles that create an insulating layer. The solar pool covers act as a protective layer against chilly winds. The As a result of the clear plastic design, more sunlight enters the heater, allowing it to heat more evenly and naturally.

With this blue solar pool cover, you can minimize heating loss. These insulating thermal bubbles provide effective heating all summer long.

It is packed with innovative cells that catch the heat and ensure your swimming pool stays warm through cool nights and cloudy days. 

The rectangular 14mm solar pool cover supports for inground pool and the material is designed to resist the deterioration caused by ultraviolet light and pool chemicals.

Prevent up to 95% of water and chemical evaporation with the use of a solar blanket. This reduction of pool water evaporation is not only environmentally friendly, but it will also save you time and money.

Highlighted features:

  • Helps to reduce water evaporation up to 95%
  • Maximum heat retention through insulating bubbles
  • Cuts energy bills by preventing heating loss
  • UV and pool chemicals resistant

4. Sun2Solar Blue Rectangle Solar Cover 1600 Series

The Sun2Solar Blue Rectangle solar cover 1600 Series is attractive with its blue design. These solar pool covers are made of thousands of tiny air bubbles that work together to retain heat at night as well as on cold days.

Its blue color is attractive and helps to warm the pool. This solar pool cover protects your pool at night and ensures that it doesn’t drop in temperature.

A blue solar blanket can reduce the amount of water lost into the atmosphere when you are not taking a refreshing dip.

It is possible for your pool to be unique in shape. Getting the perfect fit is as simple as using a marker and sharp scissors.

The blue solar pool cover is made of durable resin material. This cover protects your pool from any unwanted dirt and debris, while also helping to prevent 95% of the water from vaporizing.

Highlighted features:

  • Prevents 95% of the pool water from vaporizing
  • Protects pool from dirt and debris
  • Great fit for unique shaped pools
  • Highest heat retention through insulating air bubbles
  • Keeps water at a comfortable temperature

5. Blue Wave NS520 14-Mil Solar Blanket

This is another popular solar blanket, made from 14-millimeter material. It will heat up your pool nicely during the day and keep it warm into the night.

In order to save energy, the Blue Wave NS520 14mm Solar Blanket is an ideal solution. With the use of a solar cover, you can prevent the evaporation of up to 95% of pool water.

Using this solar cover, you’ll be able to increase the temperature of your swimming pool up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit by utilizing solar heating.

It is an insulating thermal bubble that contributes to reducing heat up loss, providing effective solar heating throughout the summer.

With an array of innovative cells, this blue solar pool cover ensures that your pool remains warm during the night and the day, no matter how cool it is.

It has high-quality materials that make it durable. A rectangular 14 mil blanket for in ground pool is designed to be resistant to deterioration due to ultraviolet rays and pool chemicals throughout its life span.

The design of the plastic pool cover is made of clear plastic, keeping your swimming pool protected from wind and cooling during the night.

Highlighted features:

  • Keeps the pool warm during the day and night
  • Prevents water evaporation up to 95%
  • Offers 15 degrees warming
  • Durable and resistant to deterioration

6. Blue Wave NS110 8 Mil Pool Solar Blanket Cover

Our list of top solar blanket brands cannot be complete without this model. With its superior quality and variety of solar covers or blankets to choose from, this brand retains its popularity.

This amazing blanket covers the pool within its 8 Mil blue color technology. It can raise your pool’s temperature up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

It will prevent up to 95% of pool water and chemical evaporation with the use of a solar pool cover that reduces heat loss more than usual.

Its UV-protected polymer protects your solar cover from deterioration caused by chemical and UV radiation allowing it to be used for a long time.

The solar cover is designed with opaque technology so that your pool gets the full effect of the sunlight and can warm the pool water.

Highlighted features:

  • Raises the pool’s temperature up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Made of UV-protected polymer
  • Reduces heat loss in your pool up to 95%

Factors to Consider When Buying a Solar Blanket for Salt Water Pool

solar pool cover works

Your selection of a solar blanket for warming pool water will depend on how you will use it in your backyard. Here are some of the factors to consider when purchasing a solar cover for salt water pool:

Size of the pool:

You must first measure the size of your pool to make sure that you select a blanket that will fit it properly. The best way to do this is by measuring the depth, length and width of the pool.

Blanket cover Thickness:

bubble wrap of solar pool cover

The thickness of the blanket can influence its heating ability so you must pick a solar cover that has an adequate thickness. The best way to do this is by checking reviews on various solar pool covers or talking to people who have bought them before.

Dirt and Debris Proof:

This is important because you want to keep debris out of your pool. You can prevent the accumulation of dirt in your pool by ensuring that the solar cover/blanket has a tight weave.


This will ensure that your pool solar cover does not lose its ability to retain heat in the pool when exposed to sunlight for long periods, thus protecting it from damages or degradation. The best way to do this is by reading reviews of the various solar pool covers available online so you can pick one that will last for a long time.


solar pool cover works

The durability of a product is highly dependent on its material and how it is constructed. Solar pool covers made of strong materials such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), vinyl, and polyethylene (PE) can last longer in the long run.

Effectiveness in Water Heating:

To benefit from a solar cover, it must be able to effectively heat your pool’s water to its maximum temperature so that you can enjoy warmer waters during cold seasons. Higher bubbles achieve this in the blanket or by having a special design in order to maximize the amount of sunlight it takes in.

Effectiveness in Heat Retention:

Different types of solar covers provide varying degrees of effectiveness when it comes to retaining heat within your swimming pool. The most efficient ones reflect more light even during cloudy skies, which act like a mirror bouncing light back to the pool.

Effectiveness in Reducing Heat Loss:

There are some solar covers that aid in preventing heating loss up to 95%, which can be very helpful during cold seasons when you want to keep your pool heat for longer days.

Included Accessories:

solar blanket pool warm water?

It is also best to check if you are buying accessories such as instructional manuals. It would be helpful to read reviews from other customers who have tried using this particular pool solar cover before.

This way, your decision will be easier since you can hear first-hand experiences of other users about how it has worked for their pools.


This is not a very important factor when it comes to solar covers but you can select from various colors depending on the color of your pool. The most common ones are blue, clear and yellow.

A clear solar cover is the most effective in trapping solar energy, but not so attractive. Choosing a blue cover instead of a clear solar blanket will help with attractive visibility.

The top solar blanket color for salt water pool is blue because it absorbs the most heat.


You need to pick a brand that is known for producing quality solar covers. The best way to do this is by checking reviews online. You can also look into the reputation of the company before making your purchase.

best solar blanket colorfor salt water pool


If you are buying your solar pool cover/blanket online, ensure that you compare the prices of various brands so you can purchase it at an affordable price. Ensure that the price includes shipping and handling to avoid any hidden costs when the seller sends it to your address. You can buy a great quality series solar pool cover at an affordable price if you do this.

Top Brands for The Best Solar Pool Cover for Salt Water Pool

solar blanket for pool leave on or off to heat water

It is a wise decision to know the various top brands available in the market before you buy. Here are top 2 brands that can provide you with high quality solar blankets for salt water pools.


Sun2Solar is a known brand when it comes to producing quality pool solar covers. They offer a wide range of products in different shapes and models, which can increase the chances of finding the best fit for your water pool. It also offers accessories such as instructional manuals.


The company offers various products so that you can easily find solar covers that are designed to fit your pool perfectly. They are known for making top quality solar covers that are made from strong materials to last longer.

The Best Type of Solar Blankets

house to heat pool water with my roof top solar blanket

A solar cover/blanket is a pool cover that absorbs sunlight and traps heat in to heat your swimming pool. Here are some types of solar blankets available:

1) Round Solar Blankets

If you have a round-shaped swimming pool, then you can easily buy a round solar pool cover or blanket to keep the heat inside your pool at all times.

2) Oval Solar Blankets

Oval solar blankets are very similar to round ones, but they perfectly fit oval and irregularly shaped pools.

3) Rectangle Solar Blankets

If you have a rectangular swimming pool, then rectangle solar blankets can be used for any rectangular or irregular pool.

Benefits of Using a Solar Blanket on Your Salt Water Pool

will pool water on top of solar blanket hurt it

When using a solar pool cover or blanket for salty swimming pools, here are some of the benefits you can experience:

1) Less evaporation

Using a series solar pool cover will reduce evaporation by up to 95%. This means that you will only need to add salt occasionally. Reduced evaporation also helps you save money since it enables your water appliances to work efficiently without overheating.

2) No more chlorine loss

Even though salt water pools use chlorine for sanitation, a solar pool cover can help you save on your salt and chemical costs. When the sun heats up the pool, it becomes warm enough to kill bacteria by itself since chlorine is very unstable when in hot temperatures.

3) Prevents algae growth

The surface of a solar pool cover will reflect the sunlight which will help prevent algae from growing on your pool. If you have a saltwater pool, this can be a good advantage since it has been proven that saltwater pools are more susceptible to algae growth, especially in winter.

4) Save energy

Adding a solar pool cover to your swimming pool helps save energy by preventing heat loss. The water will not cool down as much, reducing or even eliminating the need for your heater to work overnight or during cloudy days.

How to Make the Best use of a Solar Blanket?

solar blanket pool bubbles down to water

To make the most out of a solar pool cover, here are some tips you can follow:

1) Keep pool clean and tidy

Always remove any debris such as leaves and twigs from your solar pool cover before installing. This helps prevent accidents that may damage the cover. When not in use, keep the solar pool cover in a safe dry place to avoid damage.

2) Fix small holes and tears before they get worse

Ensure that you repair small holes and tears immediately so they won’t become bigger or spread on your pool cover. This can be done with tape or if the hole is big enough, then sew it up before using it again.

3) Cover your pool pump and filter system

To prevent heat from being lost, always cover your pool filter and pump system before using the solar blanket. This will help retain as much heat as possible which will result in a warmer swimming temperature.

4) Maintain Temperature

pool losing water overnight with solar blanket on

As mentioned above, a higher temperature can help kill bacteria. This is important when using a saltwater pool because you will need to add more chlorine to sanitize the pool water when the temperature gets higher.

With these tips, you can ensure that your solar cover is always efficient at keeping the heat in. This way, you will have a warmer pool with little or no maintenance at all. 

Community FAQs

Q: How warm will water get with a solar blanket for the pool?

Answer: If it covers your pool completely, then the temperature of your swimming water will increase no matter what the season is. The water temperature will stay at least 10 degrees warmer than the outside air.

If you live in a very cold region, then your pool water may only rise 5 degrees during the day because it is colder than other regions.

Q: How much warmer will water in the pool be with a 12mm solar blanket?

Answer: A 12mm solar cover is heavy duty and can retain heat better than thinner covers. This will ensure that your pool water temperature will stay up to 15 degrees warmer than the outside air which is enough to make your swimming experience more enjoyable.

Q: How long does a solar cover last?

Answer: This often depends on how well it was installed and cared for. Most blue or clear solar pool covers will last up to 9 years or more if they are well maintained. However, their lifespan may vary depending on where you live and how often it is used.

Q: How do solar pool covers work?

Answer: The solar pool covers work by trapping the heat from the sun. The sun’s rays are absorbed into the black plastic panels of the pool cover which are made from closed cell foam polyethene plastic. As these rays pass through, they get trapped inside, converted to infra-red light or heat energy. This solar heating process warms up the air and water inside your pool.

Q: Does a Liquid Solar Cover Work?

Answer: Yes, a liquid solar cover works just as good, although not better than a bubble blanket. Liquid solar covers are different because they work by turning your pool water into a big magnifying glass.


A solar blanket is a must-have pool accessory especially if you want to keep your pool heated during the colder months. This is not only beneficial for residential swimming pools, but also for commercial ones as well.

We hope our review of the top solar blanket for salt water pool will be helpful to you. Now choose the best one and enjoy your swim. Good luck.


Best Solar Blanket for Salt Water Pool 2024 | Top 6 Picks

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