Best Stone Sealers in 2022 | Top 10 Picks Revealed!

Stone Sealers

Stone surfaces are beautiful, but they are porous as well. That means that the stone will soak up whatever is spilt onto it and unless it’s sealed, stone surfaces can begin to look dingy after just a few months.

While You want your home or business to look its best all year round without having to worry about spills damaging your surface.

In the world of stone sealers, there are many different types. Some of these stone sealers are oil-based while others are water-based. The key to choosing a good stone sealer is understanding the type of stone that it’s going on.

Miracle Sealants 511QT6 511 Impregnator Stone Sealer

TriNova Granite Stone Sealer & Protector

Stone Care International Granite Sealer and Protector

10 Best Stone Sealer Reviews

This article will explore, which type is suitable for you and how to pick the best stone sealers depending on your needs. You’ll never have to worry again with one of these stone sealers on hand. There’s no need to spend hours scrubbing your stone surface in order to remove discolorations.

1. Miracle Sealants 511QT6 511 Impregnator Stone Sealer

Miracle Sealants 511QT6 is an oil-based, penetrating Stone sealer that reaches deep into pores of porous natural stone surfaces, hardening and sealing them from the inside out for years of protection.

It offers Outstanding coverage without yellowing and will not alter the color or look of the surface it’s applied to. The penetrating Stone sealer formula reaches deep into pores on porous natural stone materials to harden and seal them from the inside out.

Provides 1,000 square feet of coverage with only a single quart (depending upon porosity) Offers tough stain protection that won’t change colors in sunlight or when wet, which means you can use it around Areas where food is prepared. This Stone sealer is easy to apply and will not yellow over time.

Highlighted Features:

  • Professional-grade, oil-based stone sealer.
  • Seals and protects stone surfaces from marks and spills for years of protection.
  • Unmatched coverage that will not yellow with age.
  • Will not change colors in sunlight or when wet.

2. Granite Gold Stone Sealer Spray

Granite Gold Stone Sealer can be used on most stone surfaces. It can be used on Marble, Limestone, Travertine and Slate. The stone sealer helps to keep your stone looking new for a long time. You have to reapply the product every 6-18 months depending on how often you use your countertops.

The Granite Gold stone sealer will allow you to clean up messes easier after applying it because anything that spills or drips onto the surface will not stain. Granite Gold helps protect against chipping and scratching as well as providing protection from oils, water, wine and other liquids making your stone look shiny and new for years to come.

Granite Gold stone Sealer is easy to use with no labor involved unlike some of the competitors products on the market. Just spray a little bit onto a cloth, wipe it on then let dry when done spraying and wiping off excess product making sure not to get it into any cracks in your surface so as not to clog up those areas. You will need to do this 2-3 times for full protection.

Highlighted Features:

  • A little bit goes a long way and is also good for most stone surfaces
  • Easy to use with no labor involved unlike some of the competitors products on the market.
  • Granite Gold stone sealer can be used on most stone surfaces
  • This product will allow you to clean up messes easier after applying it
  • Granite Gold stone sealer provides protection from chipping, scratching, and other liquids making your stone look shiny

3. TriNova Granite Stone Sealer & Protector

The TriNova Granite Stone Sealer & Protector will offer your natural stone surfaces improved protection for a longer period of time. It comes in two sizes, 18 oz and 5.3 oz,

You can use this product for all types of stone surfaces like granite countertops, marble tile, quartz or soapstone. just shake the container well before applying to sink into grime more deeply.

It’s also the perfect way to not only seal but also polish surfaces without streaks or stains because this granite sealant protects against water spots too.

The formula is based on water, with no volatile organic chemicals and it’s non-toxic. Made with the most pure ingredients, this product offers a natural stone look and smell that won’t interfere with any other cleaners or scents you may be using for your stone surfaces in the future.

Best of all, since it’s safe to use on granite, marble, quartz, soapstone and other stone countertop materials, this sealer is perfectly safe for you and your family even when they touch it or come into contact with it. Remember not to get the granite sealer in your eyes as well so always wear gloves.

Highlighted Features:

  • improved protection for a longer period of time.
  • It comes in two sizes, 18 oz and 5.3 oz
  • You can use this product for all types of stone surfaces
  • The formula is based on water so it’s non-toxic

4. Stone Care International Granite Sealer and Protector

Stone Care International has been making great strides in the stone care industry for many years. The 24-ounce Stone Care Granite Sealer and Protector covers over 72 square feet of application, is streak free, ammonia and phosphate free which makes it safe on food contact surfaces.

Penetrates to form flexible molecular links with strong protection and keeps your countertops looking new all year long. The sealer protects stones from water by sealing the porous surface to create a barrier that blocks moisture penetration.

As you use it more regularly by applying at least every 6 months for best results, its penetrating formula creates a protective coating layer against scratches and stains that does not wear away or take dirt so easily. It only takes 30 minutes once applied liberally.

Highlighted Features:

  • it’s streak free
  • it’s ammonia and phosphate free, making it safe to use on food contact surfaces
  • penetrates to form a protective layer that blocks moisture penetration
  • creates a protective coating that ensures scratches and spills do not penetrate the stone surface

5. Grout & Granite Penetrating Sealer

Grout & Granite Penetrating Sealer is a professional strength. No visible changes are made to the surface as it penetrates deep into grout or stone.

This sealer is water-based and does not have a strong odor nor dries yellow like other products available on the market.

It is also easy to utilize, just apply an 8oz of product evenly onto your floor or any surface you want sealed after 15 minutes wait time then let it dry. You can start using this sealing as soon as you are done applying or allow 24 hours before reentering the area.

Once your floors have been sealed, we recommend using a neutral pH cleaner, As a result, your sealer will last a lot longer since it will not break down so quickly. Even though this product will seal your floors, you should still try to protect it from excessive wear and tear with mats in high traffic areas.

Highlighted Features:

  • penetrates deep into the grout or stone without changing its appearance.
  • A water-based product that doesn’t dry yellow or has an odor
  • Easily navigable
  • sealer will last a lot longer since it will not break down so quickly

6. StoneTech BulletProof Sealer

The BulletProof Sealer from StoneTech is designed for natural stones and protects them from wear, making it the perfect choice for areas such as kitchens or bathrooms.

Oil and water-based stains are well protected by this sealant while providing coverage up to 100 sq ft per gallon. This sealer can be applied to damp surfaces when used as directed.

The unique, extra strength formula provides protection for interior porous natural stones such as marble, granite, limestone and sandstone. It can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces.

The cost is reasonable and it lasts up to five years, making the BulletProof Sealer from StoneTech a great value for your money.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy to apply and covers a large surface area.
  • Protects from wear for up to five years.
  • Can be used on exterior as well as interior surfaces.
  • Protects from heat, water, dirt, oil and scratches.

7. Black Diamond Stoneworks Wet Look Natural Stone Sealer

Stone surfaces are beautiful and a great investment but they also need to be sealed in order to stay looking like new. Wet Look Sealer is the perfect sealant for natural stone, brick, concrete and other porous natural stone surfaces such as pavers, driveways and garage floors. You can use it indoors or outdoors based on your project needs.

If you are looking for affordable stone sealers, you won’t go wrong with this product. Wet Look Sealer provides an ideal balance of protection and shine while still being easy to apply and clean up.

Wet Look Sealer has a wet appearance when applied but it dries clear. Unlike cheaper stone sealers, moisture beads on the surface without leaving behind any white film that shows where over application happened.

It is also non-yellowing so your color stone will not fade over time as happens with other products. Installing this sealant yourself can save you a lot of money versus hiring professional help or paying retail prices at local stores for similar products.

This sealant comes in one gallon containers which means it covers a significant amount of space. It will treat approximately 600 square feet which is enough for a large driveway or patio. You can also use it indoors as long as they are not polished.

Highlighted Features:

  • It provides an ideal balance of protection and shine
  • It is also non-yellowing so your color stone will not fade over time
  • It covers a significant amount of space,
  • great for larger projects, such as patios and driveways.
  • cost-efficient for small projects

8. All Purpose Stone Sealer

A top choice of ours is the All-Purpose Stone Sealer because it can be utilized on all surfaces and protects against water damage.

It’s also perfect for the everyday person who wants to keep their home or business protected from water damage. 

You can cover up to 150 square feet per gallon of this product and it protects the stone from cracks, water damage, and staining.

This sealer is perfect for concrete, brick, stucco, stone, and other natural stone surfaces. 

It’s an all-purpose sealer that can be utilized on walls as well as driveways and sidewalks. You’ll be able to use it throughout your home or business to protect from stains and discoloration.

Highlighted Features:

  • It can be utilized on natural stone surfaces
  • Protects from water damage
  • Protects against staining
  • Provides protection from cracking
  • Effectively covers 150 square feet per gallon

9. Aqua Mix Sealer’s Choice Gold

Aqua Mix Sealer is a natural look, no-sheen, penetrating sealer. It contains a water-based formula that makes it ideal for areas where food is prepared and served and  designed to maintain the natural stone appearance while protecting surfaces against major stains. 

The sealant doubles as pre-grouting sealant as well, making it an excellent option for all types of stone seals.You can apply it to a variety of natural stone surfaces as well as granite, marble, and travertine Surfaces of masonry, cement pavers, porcelain and other porous tile and grout should be maintained in their natural state, keeping the original aesthetic qualities.

It is best applied with a sprayer or pump up sprayer to get an even coating on all stone slabs. You should apply Aqua Mix Sealer by hand with natural bristles brushes and rags as well, but be wary of leaving any brush strokes behind that could show through the final topcoat.

Highlighted Features:

  • water-based formula made it very easy to apply
  • ideal for areas with food preparation and consumption
  • creates a look that enhances the natural beauty of stone surfaces
  • great for sealing all natural stone surfaces as well as granite, marble etc.
  • As it’s a water based finish, spraying is easier

10. DRY-TREAT Tarnish-Proof Premium Sealer for Stone

It is an excellent sealer that offers long-lasting protection. You can use it on multiple types of materials and surfaces, including concrete, pavers, stone tiles, natural stone, grout, and brickwork. This premium sealer will protect against water stains which are water based stain or oil-based stain.

Surfaces that have been treated can be easily washed even after heavy rain since there are no adverse effects from mud sitting inside the pores of the material. Moreover it also adds a sweet scent instead of the bad odor that most other traditional stones wear out quickly.

It is also warp-proof, protects against freezing-thawing and helps prevent damage from salt. Surfaces that have been treated are resistant to efflorescence, staining and discoloration due to cleaning chemicals and detergents.

The free flow of water vapor prevents harmful moisture from building up in the material. The Best compound that penetrates deeper into porous natural stone tiles has a permanent bond ensuring protection against stains.

Highlighted Features:

  • Oil and water resistant.
  • Protects against freezing-thawing, salts and efflorescence.
  • Resistant to staining and discoloration from cleaning agents.
  • Permanently bonds to porous materials, preventing stains.
  • Provides long-lasting protection without aggravating problems.

Facts to Check While Buying the Best Stone Sealers

volatile organic compounds

When looking for the best stone sealer to purchase, there are several facts to check.


The stone sealer must be durable so that it can last for a few years and prevent water stains, salt, and dirt from damaging your stone surface. You can check this with the help of online reviews on different products.

Designer Stone Sealers

acid sensitive stones

There are designer stone sealers that look more beautiful than the traditional matte finish stone sealers

These make your stone surface look classy and modern so you should choose one depending on what kind of style you want to go for in your home or business.

Lower Priced Stone Sealers Are Not Always Good Quality

When purchasing lower-priced stone sealers, sometimes they don’t last as long as higher-priced ones because some companies cut costs by including chemicals into their product to reduce costs without compromising quality.

So it is better to pay a little bit extra for a durable quality product instead of buying an inexpensive one every year. 

An average sealer typically lasts a year or two, but you should check how often people are replacing it in reviews to see if the product is really worth its price tag.



To seal stone surfaces, the sealer should not contain any harmful chemicals that would harm the stone surfaces and also the people who are using it.

Low VOC Stone Sealers

Because these stone sealers should be applied on surfaces indoors or outdoors, it is better to use the low-VOC sealer that won’t damage your stone textures as well as your health.

So you need to check what harmful ingredients they contain by looking at labels of different products before buying one for yourself.


The sealer should have a thicker coating on the stone surface so that it will be long-lasting on the surface and protect against water stains, dirt, and dust, and harmful chemicals from damaging the stone surface.

Ease Of Use

Ease Of Use

The sealer should be easy to use so that it will not take too much time for you to apply one coat on your stone surface and protect against damages over a period of time.

Accessories Included In The Package

Most good brands offer their customers accessories like brushes and rollers along with their products in order to make the application process easier. You can buy one if this is not included in the stone sealer package you are buying.

Ease of Cleaning Up Spills And Messes After Applying Stone Sealer

Ease of Cleaning Up Spills And Messes After Applying Stone Sealer

If you spill some stone sealer while applying it on your solid stone surfaces, then cleaning up these spills must not take too much time and effort otherwise it will get annoying very soon. So you have to find a stone sealer that is easy to clean up spills with its manufacturer’s cleaning supplies.


It is important to choose a sealer with a nice scent to avoid the smell of old products bothering people in your home or business and the unpleasant smell of low-quality products lingering around in your home or business.



Make sure that the sealant is water-based so it won’t damage surfaces where food is prepared and consumed. It should also make a natural look that enhances the appearance of outdoor stone surfaces without any sheen.

It should also be made from natural materials so it will not introduce harmful chemicals into your home or workspace. It should be safe on different types of solid stone surfaces such as marble, granite, and travertine.

The sealant should provide protection against cracking and discoloration while keeping outdoor surfaces resistant to staining and efflorescence. The sealant should not leave any brush strokes behind after application or aggravate existing problems.

Additional Tips

Additional Tips

The best stone sealer should be applied with the help of a brush or roller, so it must dry quickly to avoid any damage from occurring on your surface.

Stone sealers normally cost between $10 and $20 depending on the size of stone surfaces you want to protect.

But you should purchase a higher-quality one that lasts for more than three years if your budget allows it, so you don’t have to replace it on a yearly basis.

A good stone sealer can make your home or business look beautiful while reducing maintenance costs by protecting against harmful chemicals like oils, salt, and water stains. 

You have to check different products online before buying any of them because every product has its pros and cons depending on what kind of features they offer.

So it is better to choose an excellent quality one instead of replacing the lowest priced ones frequently before checking their reviews.

If you are looking for the best stone sealer, make sure to read online reviews and look at the features of different products before making a decision on which one is right for your needs.


Should I use stone sealer or polish?

While both are used for similar purposes, the sealer is more likely to result in a natural stone finish while polish usually causes any imperfections on the surface of the stone to reflect.

The best reason to use a high quality stone sealer is that it actually prevents future stains and damages from occurring by sealing pores in the natural stone. It also protects against mold and mildew, which can cause unpleasant smells from spoiling food and beverages, among other things.

Stone sealer helps prevent efflorescence as well by guarding against minerals that react with dampness in the air, again affecting your home or business’s appearance while attracting unsightly watermarks into stone surfaces.

How often should I use a stone sealer?

How often should I use a stone sealer

You need to check the product’s label before using it. If you’re not sure, then talk to the company’s customer service department for more information about how often you need to apply stone sealer on surfaces indoors or outdoors.

What are the benefits of a stone sealer?

Stone sealers are used to preserve stone surfaces like marble and granite. They work by sealing the stone’s pores which not only protects against bacteria, acidity, and humidity but also prevents efflorescence. Those watermarks can form if moisture in the air is left unchecked.

How do I apply a stone sealer on stone surfaces in my home or business?

1. Make sure that the surface is clean and dry before applying any stone sealer to avoid trapping dirt or dust in between coats.

2. Make sure that you follow the instructions on the sealant’s package and customer service representatives for applying it evenly to your stone surfaces. Don’t leave any uncovered areas or borders around the edges because this will make the sealant job look incomplete.

3. Apply the first coat of stone sealing chemicals then let them soak in for about 10 minutes before applying future coatings with intervals of five to ten minutes between each so you don’t overdo this first coat with too many chemicals, causing your stone surfaces to be unevenly treated.

Remember that sealants usually require 2-3 coats, sometimes more, depending on how porous natural stone is or how much protection you need.

Can you make your own concrete sealant?

According to DIY Life, you can make your own natural stone sealer by combining a variety of ingredients in a bowl. These include five tablespoons or 100 milliliters of water, one teaspoon or 5 grams of liquid soap, and five tablespoons of vegetable oil.

Stir the mixture until the soap has dissolved completely then pour it into a screw-top jar with just enough space for the mixture to fit. Place an adhesive label on this container so you know what to put in when you start doing work outside. It is important to remember that natural stone sealer usually requires two coats, sometimes more.

Last Thought

We hope this article was helpful in finding what you were searching for. 

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Best Stone Sealers in 2022 | Top 10 Picks Revealed!
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