Best Synthetic Air Compressor Oil in 2024 | Top 7 Picks

Synthetic Air Compressor Oil

Do you know the difference between regular oils and synthetic oils for your engine? Choosing the wrong oil can harm your engine more than it helps.

Regular oils are made of natural ingredients and are produced at a slower pace, while the best synthetic air compressor oil is created using chemical engineering and can be made in bulk.

We all know how hard it can be to find quality synthetic air compressor oil. This is because many of the synthetic oils are mixed with other types of oils like silicon, mineral, and polymers.

In this article, we will review the top 7 best synthetic air compressor oil, how to pick the right one and related factors that will enable you to make easier decisions for your synthetic air compressor oil engine.

Valvoline Synthetic Non Detergent Oil

Ingersoll Rand Synthetic Oil

Royal Purple Compressor Oil ROY01513

Here are The Top 7 Best Synthetic Air Compressor Oil

Picking the best air compressor oil for your engine can be a daunting task. To make it easier on you, we’ve compiled this list of the top 7 best synthetic air compressor oil that will help you make easy decisions about what’s right for your vehicle.

1. Valvoline Synthetic Non Detergent Compressor Oil

The Valvoline Synthetic Non Detergent Compressor Oil is produced through chemical engineering and is available in bulk.

This synthetic air compressor oil provides additional protection against physical breakdown, reduces friction & heat to save on fuel costs.

It has superior wear-resistance additives that remain in the oil for longer periods of time, and protection contains that help prevent deposits from forming in the engine.

Enhancing the control of oxidation, this oil resists thickening and oil gelling. With 4WD technology to boost horsepower & torque, this product provides maximum power & acceleration for off-road dirt bikes.

Industry-specific additives that help keep the compressor running at peak performance and efficiency are also included, to cope with the extreme conditions found in air compressors.

This product formulation without detergents ensures less sludge build-up, lower maintenance costs, and more engine protection. And fortified with metal protection additives that help reduce wear and protect against corrosion.

Highlighted Features:

  • Produced through chemical engineering
  • Protects against physical breakdown 
  • Reduces friction & heat to save on fuel costs 
  • Enhance horsepower & torque with 4WD 
  • The best air compressor oil for extreme conditions 
  • Low maintenance and less sludge

2. Royal Purple Compressor Oil ROY01513

Royal Purple Compressor Oil ROY01513 is for use in air-driven tools with compatible differential hydraulic clearances. It lubricates the compressor pump, primary and secondary plungers, clutch faces, valves, and valve springs continuously.

This product is designed to ensure plenty of cold oil reserve when cold starting your machine after an extended shut down period by providing instant circulation while eliminating torque reaction on the starter.

Royal Purple synthetic air compressor oil also contains high single viscosity oil index components to resist heat breakdown under severe conditions while resisting low-temperature flow characteristics.

The ASTM test results show that this synthetic compressor oil holds up well against contaminants including water/amphibian life form/non-zinc metals corrosion inhibitors & rust inhibitors.

It ensures continuous minimum oil levels in the compressor motor due to its rapid water separation properties and excellent thermal stability, which reduces bearing corrosion for the long life of your equipment.

Highlighted Features:

  • The volume of 1 Quart is 32 ounces
  • Maximum protection against corrosion, rust, and wear
  • It works in extreme weather conditions
  • Protects against corrosion and rust
  • For longer life of compressor machines

3. Ingersoll Rand Synthetic Air Compressor Oil

The Ingersoll Rand Synthetic Air Compressor Oil, 1L, brown/a is a great way to extend the life of your equipment.

This synthetic air compressor oil lasts up to four times as long as petroleum-derived compressor lubricant because it resists evaporation better. The higher viscosity also creates less slippage for improved performance and reduced wear on the machine.

Ingersoll rand oil can go 2,000 hours between filter changes or once a year, whichever comes first. Effective compressor oils that reduce the temperature of the machine because it prevents carbon buildup on the pistons.

This helps the best air compressor oil run cooler for an extended lifespan. The fully synthetic, all-temperature blend works well in both low and high temperatures, which makes it optimal for all seasons.

The product also performs much better than conventional compressor lubricant. Producers take the petroleum-based fluid to a refinery where they remove any contaminants. They are then broken down into base products to make different kinds of oil.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes in a 1L container
  • Go 2000 hours before changing the filter
  • Reduces wear and tear on the machine
  • Resists evaporation better than regular oil

4. Amsoil Synthetic Air Compressor Oil

The Amsoil Synthetic Air Compressor Oil is a great product to buy if you need the best air compressor oil for your air compressor. This product is to be used with rotary screws and rotary vane-type air compressors.

The advanced formula of this amazing 100% full synthetic compressor oil has better load-carrying ability than regular oils which helps extend the life of the piston compressor.

This Amsoil oil is sold in a 1-quart jug and comes with an additive that reduces the formation of varnish which could cause damage to your machine. This oil is able to last up to eight times as long as mineral oils which makes it great for industrial use.

It has various properties that help with any air compressor problems you may have including preventing wear and corrosion, increased performance, reduced costs, cleaner running engines, and more.

Overall, this is a great product to use with your air compressor. It meets the demanding needs of industrial air compressors and has an advanced formula that reduces wear.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sold in a 1-quart jug 
  • Cleaner running engines 
  • Advanced formula for wear prevention
  • Lasts up to 8 times longer than mineral oils
  • Meets demanding needs of industrial air compressors 

5. Dewalt Synthetic Air Compressor Oil

Dewalt Synthetic Air Compressor Oil is a 30 weight compressor oil, and non-detergents oil that has the capability to protect in extreme temperatures and allow easier startup when in need.

With this Dewalt air compressor oil, you will save a ton of money and time. This product contains a heavy-duty formula that is tough enough for air compressors but safe to use around people.

Dewalt compressor oil is designed to last for one year with 200 hours of service and provide improved compressor efficiency at the same time. It also increases performance and reduces costs while providing cleaner running engines.

With Dewalt compressor oil, you will have a cleaner running engine and experience less wear and tear on equipment and increase the life and performance of an air compressor.

This product also allows for quick and easy starts in low-temperature conditions and can be used with all types of cooling systems, oil-free or otherwise, and is designed to burn cleanly and not expose you to harmful chemicals.

Highlighted Features:

  • 200 hours of service in one year.
  • Improves efficiency and reduces costs.
  • Extends the life of compressor equipment.
  • Easy and quick starts at low temperatures.
  • Suitable for all types of air compressor systems.

6. Powermate PX Air Compressor Oil P018-0084SP

The Powermate PX Air Compressor oil P018-0084SP is more efficient at lower and higher temperatures. This means that it performs well all year.

Fully synthetic oil protects your compressor pump oil 25% more than traditional mineral oils. This means that your compressor will last longer.

This ISO 68-grade compressor oil has the best oil viscosity index which means that it performs better at higher temperatures than other mineral oils.

Synthetic air compressor oil is the best choice. Because of the advanced additive chemistry, oil is 10 degrees colder at startup and provides additional protection against low-temperature wear (-18°C).

Flashpoint of 460°F (238°C) and pour point at -40°F (-40°C) provide protection that is extended even at extreme temperatures. Wearing synthetic oil protection also helps prolong the life of your compressor pump.

Oil compressors depend highly on equipment from corrosion and rust. Use wet-scavenging equipment that collects water, oil mist, and other airborne contaminants.

Highlighted Features:

  • The best oil viscosity index
  • It is ISO 68-grade compressor oil
  • It has a flashpoint of 460°F (238°C)
  • It has a pour point of -40°F (-40°C)
  • It is produced from advanced additive chemistry

7. Porter Cable Air Compressor Oil PXCM018-0079

The Porter Cable Air Compressor Oil is expertly engineered and designed with additives to help to prevent premature oil breakdown and premature oil wearing.

A synthetic blend of oils in 16 oz that is ISO 68 grade provides superior rust protection. And it is an all-weather blend for year-round use and has better performance than other oils in cold temperatures.

The Porter Cable synthetic air compressor oil is known for providing maximum oil lubricated air compressors and reducing the wear of all types of machinery. It is a non detergent oil that can be used only for air compressor pumps and not for gasoline engines.

So whether you own a car, truck, boat, or motorcycle and want to maintain its performance and value, the best air compressor oil will help make sure the engine runs smoothly and oil doesn’t become an issue.

Overall, the Porter Cable synthetic blend best compressor oil is a great product and provides many benefits. Being able to cut down on oil breakdown will extend your engine’s life and increase the performance of all types of machinery.

Highlighted Features:

  • Synthetic blend oils that is ISO 68 grade
  • All-weather blend for year-round use
  • Works on all types of machinery
  • Helps reduce wear on machinery
  • Extends the life of your engine
  • Prevents premature oil breakdown and wearing

These are our top 7 picks for the best full synthetic air compressor oil. Each option provides a unique set of features. This means you can choose an option that fits your specific air compressor.

When it comes to choosing the best full synthetic air compressor oil, be sure to consider the cost, the amount required per use, and any other specific features you may need.

Buying Guides on the Best Synthetic Oil for Air Compressor

synthetic air compressor oils

So, you’re looking for the best synthetic air compressor oil. It’s a tough job and we don’t envy you. Before you go out and buy the first bottle of oil that you see, consider doing research into what will work as the best air compressor oil type.

Oil Brand

Look for the best air compressor oil brand that is known to produce high-quality products when it comes to your air compressor. Air compressor manufacturers normally make their own oil brands, but this isn’t always the best choice.

Air compressor manufacturers want to produce a product that will have an impact on their machines. This means that they often create an oil that is made from very inexpensive materials and has lower performance than more oil synthetic brands.


This is one of the most important factors to take into consideration when buying oil for your air compressor. The viscosity of the oil determines how well it will perform in cold weather and high temperatures.

If you live in a very hot area, then you need an oil that has high viscosity levels. This means your machine will perform better during the summer months. If you live in a cooler area, then go with an oil that has lower viscosity levels.

Oil Type

air compressors engines

When choosing your overall best synthetic compressor oil, be sure to consider the type of oil and how much oil you need.

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Different types of oil are designed for different machines and provide specific performance enhancements.

Oil Capacity

The amount of oil you need per use is another important consideration for this particular purchase.

If you only get a small bottle, then get ready to make multiple purchases. Most larger bottles provide enough oil to last you through the better part of a year.


Many synthetic oils will have special additives that help to prevent corrosion of metal components and chemicals used to break down the oil faster. The reason for this is so they can sell their product more often.

However, these substances may not provide any additional value on top of what you already get with oil.


best air compressor oil

When you’re looking at the best synthetic compressor oil, you should also consider if that particular brand is compatible with your machine. Some can mix together to provide you with negative effects on your equipment.

You want to look for an oil type that has been designed specifically for your type of machine. This will help keep the integrity of your engine longer while providing you with great lubrication.

Temperature range

When you’re looking at the best synthetic compressor oil, it’s important to understand just how hot your machine can get. Most average machines will work with an oil that has a temperature range of up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you live in an area that experiences extreme temperatures or use your machine for extended periods of time, then consider buying oil that works in temperatures up to 150 degrees.

Oil Change Frequency

Just like with car oil, the more aggressive the machine is the less time you have before oil changes are needed.

In most cases, it’s best to go ahead and purchase an extra bottle of oil every time you make a new purchase so that you can replace it before it gets used up.


Finally, it’s important to be aware of the price you’re paying for your best synthetic air compressor oil. This isn’t always reflective of the quality of oil that you’re getting.

Overall, research is very important when trying to find the best synthetic air compressor oil available on the market today.

Additional Factors About Air Compressor Oils

synthetic compressor oil

Air Compressor oils are an important part of the air compressor machine. There are many different factors that come into play when looking for good-quality oil. Some of these include:

Types of Air Compressor

There are 4 types of air compressors in common use:

  • Rotary Screw Compressors.
  • Reciprocating Air Compressors.
  • Axial Compressor.
  • Centrifugal Compressor.

Types of Air Compressor Oil

temperature range of compressor oils

There are two main types of these:

i) Standard oil

Standard air compressor oils are made up of mineral base fluids. Standard compressor oil is typically cheaper than other types of compressor oil. Standard oil does not dissipate heat very well and may cause damage to the compressor machine over time.

ii) Synthetic oil

Synthetic air compressor oils are made up of synthesized hydrocarbons. They are more expensive than standard oils but provide better lubrication for the compressor machine.

Compressor Oil Vs Motor Oil

Compressor oil isn’t the same as motor oil. Motor oils are designed to work in petrol or diesel engines. This oil is specifically designed for use in air compressor machines.

How to Change Air Compressor Oil?

It is recommended to change the oil when 30% of the original volume has been used. Oil can be drained from the oil drain valve located at the bottom of the machine.

Some machines have a glass container that screws into place, which makes it easier to tell when you need to replace your oil. If this is not present in your machine, you will need to use the dipstick to determine when it’s time for a replacement.

How to Add Oil to an Air Compressor?

Adding oil to the air compressor is easy. Just open the cup and add it in place – make sure you don’t overfill your machine with the oil. Wait a couple of minutes for the oil to settle before using the machine again.

Why is It Important to Use the Best Air Compressor Oil?

compressor efficiency oil

Using the perfect air compressor oil can be of great importance to ensure that your machine runs smoothly and is kept in good working condition.

The main reason for this has to do with lubrication. When you use poor-quality oil, it can cause serious damage to your machine’s engine.

Other benefits are:

  • Increased performance
  • Longer lifespan of your machine
  • Less frequent maintenance intervals
  • More money saved in the long run

Now that you know a little bit about what to look for when it comes to selecting the best synthetic air compressor oil, go ahead and make your purchase.

Community FAQs

You can learn more about air compressor oil by reading articles on the community FAQs which are based on google search queries. A few of the questions that are asked by users get answered there.

1. What Weight is Compressor Oil?

portable air compressor

Compressor oils come in a number of different weights, measured in the “W” number. Air compressor oil weight of 10w-30w and 20w-40w.

2. What Oil to Use in an Air Compressor?

The best type of oil to use in an air compressor machine is synthetic oil. Synthetic oils don’t break down as much over time and provide better lubrication than standard mineral-based oils do.

Air compressor oil substitutes can be used as a cheaper alternative to synthetic oils. However, they can’t be used in all machines and you should always check with the manufacturer before using any oil other than the recommended type.

3. What Is the Recommended Amount of Compressor Oil?

How much compressor oil that amount of compressor oil to use in an air compressor machine depends on a few factors. But normally, the total amount of oil is 4 ounces (120 ml)

4. How Often to Change Synthetic Oil in Air Compressors?

Old oil changes can depend on a number of different factors including how often you use your machine and the quality of the oil that you’re using. On average, it’s recommended to change your oil after 1,000 hours of use. Even if the compressor lacks oil, it can do damage to your machine.

5. Can I Use Synthetic Motor Oil in My Air Compressor?

Yes, but make sure to read the label before buying. Some synthetic motor oils are designed for use in cars and not as air compressor oil.

You can also speak with a customer service representative at your local hardware store if you’re unsure of which one to buy.

synthetic oil for compressor running smoothly

Final Verdict

As you can see, synthetic compressor oils have many benefits for the long-term health of your machine. If you’re looking for the best air compressor oils that will give you the best performance overall then synthetic is the way to go.

We hope that this article has helped you to learn about synthetic best air compressor oils and how they are different from standard mineral-based oils.

Best Synthetic Air Compressor Oil in 2024 | Top 7 Picks

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