Best Tape for Walls in 2024 [Top 5 Model Reviewed]

Tape For Walls

In the absence of nails or anchors, you may have difficulty hanging pictures, posters, and other items on your wall, where it is more important.

Tape for walls is a relatively new invention that has become popular in the last few years. The suitable tape for walls does it all. It can stick items to the wall without leaving a sticky residue when they are removed.

We’ll talk about the top 5 best tape for walls and what you should look for when buying wall tape along with some Frequently Asked Questions.

EZlifego Heavy Duty Double Sided Tape For Walls (9.85FT)

Frog Tape Walls (240661)

Gorilla Mounting Tape For Painted Walls (6065016)

Here are the Top 5 Best Tape for Walls

Choosing the right tape for walls isn’t hard, but you do need to check compatibility with the surface the tape will be adhering to. Listed below are the top 5 tapes for walls:

1. EZlifego Heavy Duty Double Sided Tape for Walls (9.85FT)

Ezlifego Heavy Duty Double Sided Tape For Walls are made from the latest acrylic-gel material. The double-sided adhesive tape leaves no residue and offers instant bonding without curing or drying.

This painter’s tape is easily removable and reusable. It is ideal for the temporary hanging of items indoors on smooth surfaces like fresh paint, glass, tile, metal, and most plastics.

The product comes in a convenient 9.85 feet (3 meters) roll and can be cut to any length or size you require making it an excellent solution for the temporary mounting of items anywhere. All you need to do is apply it to the item you want to mount.

This painter’s tape is strong enough to hold the weight of 18 pounds on a smooth surface (1 pound per 4 inches), can be easily cut to any size required, and will stick virtually anything that has a smooth surface.

This painter’s tape offers versatility for use indoors or outdoors that can be used in daily life. This product has been rigorously tested for quality, so you know you’re purchasing something worth the money.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made from the latest acrylic-gel material
  • Leaves no residue
  • Offers instant bonding without curing or drying
  • Easily removable and reusable
  • Use on smooth surfaces like paint, glass, tile, and metal

2. Frog Tape Walls (240661)

Frog Tape Walls multi-surface painter’s tape with PAINTBLOCK is a professional painter’s tape that can be used for most paint applications.

Frog Tape’s painter’s tape is a proven performer. It can be used on finished or unfinished wood, metal, painted surfaces, and laminates without leaving behind unwanted residue.

The product is specially formulated to provide a strong initial tack and immediate adhesion for speed and convenience.

Frog Brand is equipped with PaintBlock technology that forms into micro barriers that seal around the label edges, helping to achieve crisp, professional results every time.

Professionals use painter’s tapes all the time because it maintains clean lines while masking large areas quickly and without leaving residue behind- perfect for covering up wall surfaces or other irregular-shaped areas before painting.

Using this product will come in handy during any makeover down cycle long your home, as it can also be used to cover up hardware and appliances.

Highlighted Features:

  • The professional painter’s tape
  • Micro barriers around edges to seal against paint
  • Paint won’t leak through the tape’s edges
  • Does not leave residue on wood, metal, or painted surfaces
  • No residue after working on a large area

3. Gorilla Mounting Tape for Painted Walls (6065016)

Gorilla Mounting Tape For Painted Walls is a great product if you are looking for painter’s tape. It is a strong double-sided mounting tape that holds up to 15 pounds and won’t yellow over time.

Gorilla taping for painted wall surfaces uses a crystal clear adhesive for a perfect finish without destroying the look of your walls. It has low surface energy so it will stick to your walls without leaving a sticky residue.

Clear double-sided mounting tape tends to be made of polypropylene because the material needs to form the seal to have proper adhesiveness and elasticity, but other plastics can also work.

You should look for flexible adhesions, so clear double-sided mounting tape tends to do well with this one factor because they are usually paper towels wrapped in plastic sheeting- basically a canvas of sorts.

Beyond that, just make sure it conducts electricity if using it on an electronic device or doesn’t damage walls during removal.

Highlighted Features:

  • Durable and strong Crystal clear adhesive
  • Low surface energy for a flawless finish
  • Flexible and easy to adhere painter’s taping
  • Good for painted and non-painted wall surfaces 
  • Can hold up to 15 pounds

4. Trazon Double Sided Tape for Walls

Trazon Double Sided Tape For Walls heavy duty is a new revolutionary design that can hold up to 5 pounds on any smooth surface in the temperature range of 0-150 degrees Fahrenheit.

With a width of 1.18 inches and length of 17 ft, this strip of removable double-sided mounting tape can be used in many other ways and is reusable and washable for up to 600 uses.

The material is made of PE-gel acrylic material and is eco-friendly. You can use it with confidence knowing that you are not harming the earth or your walls. It is also recyclable.

This high-quality sticky double-sided mounting tape removes cleanly and easily from surfaces without leaving residue and sticks to a wide range of smooth surfaces such as wood, tile, glass, metal, and plastic.

This product can be cut to custom sizes and works great for all kinds of projects where a strong adhesive is needed. However, it is important to note that the surface must be smooth and clean, otherwise, it may not work as well.

Highlighted Features:

  • High-quality material, made of PE-gel acrylic
  • It is reusable and washable up to 600 times
  • Lightweight, recyclable, easy to install
  • Easy to cut into custom sizes
  • Can hold up to 5 pounds on any smooth surface

5. ShenHuiTech Reusable Tape for Walls

The ShenHuiTech tape is a reusable and double-sided mounting tape adhesive series that mounts posters, photos, and other items.

Although it is not specifically designed for walls, the ShenHuiTech Reusable Tape For Walls can hold items weighing up to 18 pounds when applied on clean, smooth surfaces.

The ShenHuiTech product is easy to cut and reposition, making it an ideal choice when hanging items in your home or office. This double-sided mounting tape has a super strong stickiness, so it doesn’t fall off easily and can hold up most items without an issue.

The strip is 0.08 inches in diameter and 17ft long with a reusable adhesive surface that won’t leave any residue when removed. If the glue gets dirty, it can be washed and dried to restore its stickiness.

The ShenHuiTech reusable material for walls is also allowing for easy removal. Unlike other tapes that need to be replaced after initial use, the ShenHuiTech can be washed and reused multiple times.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy to cut and reposition for quick installation
  • Won’t leave a residue when removed
  • Durable and reusable
  • Ideal for most smooth, clean surfaces
  • Can hold up to 18 pounds

These are the top 5 tape for walls that are good in the market. They include the best double sided tape for painted walls. There is also a detailed highlight for each product. You can choose one of them if needed.

Buying Guides on Tape That Sticks to Walls

double sided mounting tape

There are many different types of tape that come in all shapes and sizes so choosing one might seem like a daunting task but don’t worry we’re here to help you out.


The first thing that you should consider is how long the tape will last. It’s very frustrating to use stickers for wall surfaces only for them to lose their stickiness after a few days or even hours.

It is important that you choose the strongest one for walls that is removable from a trusted brand as they tend to have the longest longevity and they’re suitable for use on painted wall surfaces.

Adhesion Strength

double sided mounting tapes

The strength of the adhesive on the stick is also important so that it can hold up your posters or pictures. You want to go for a product with strong adhesion because not only will your items be more secure but they won’t fall off as easily.

It’s always recommended to test out the adhesive on an area of paper before you actually use the material, as it will give you a good idea of how strong or weak the adhesive is.


Another important factor to consider is the material that the product has been made from. You want a high-quality material that won’t cause damage to your drywall if they’re painted and won’t harm your objects being taped up either.

It’s also a good idea to look for how much tape has been made from recycled materials as they’re better for the environment and will be a little bit kinder to your wallet.


weather resistant tape

Another thing to think about is what the temperature of your surroundings is like. You don’t want to choose a material that will melt at high temperatures or lose its adhesive when it gets cold.

It’s essential to consider this because you don’t want your posters falling off every time you go into the kitchen or living room so choose the best tape to use on walls for pictures that will hold up even when the temperature is high or low.

Wall finish

You have to keep in mind what kind of wall finish you have because there are different kinds of adhesives that work better on some finishes than others.

For example, if your surfaces are painted or textured then choose a painter’s tape which is designed specifically as the best tape for textured walls for this purpose instead of choosing the regular best double sided tape for walls.

Surface Compatibility

lightweight decorations tape

You have to think about the compatibility between the material and your objects. For example, some materials will work better for holding up posters or pictures than others because they have a stronger adhesive that holds onto smooth surfaces well.

Tapes that are suitable for best mounting tape for painted wall surfaces tend to be very strong so they can hold objects securely even if they’re heavy.


The width of the material is another important factor to consider. Wider tape, the more you’ll be able to cover with it and the less likely you will be to rip or tear it when trying to apply it.

Wide ones are ideal for covering larger areas and have very good adhesion that lasts long so you won’t have to worry about your posters falling down.


Another thing to think about is the color of your ribbon. If you want the best painter’s tape that has a custom design or color then you can go for it but if not, painter’s tapes usually come in white, blue, and green which are all clear colors so they’re suitable for any type of wall finish.


tape for fresh paint job

You should make sure that applying tape isn’t going to take too long to put up and remove.

A lot of painter’s tape gives you enough time to work with it before it starts to become permanent so if you use painter’s roll for your best painters tape for textured walls then you won’t cause too much damage when you take it off.


The price is another important factor and the best painter’s tape is very affordable so you can go ahead and pick up a good amount of it without spending too much.

That said, the best painter’s tape isn’t as expensive as most double-sided mounting tape so don’t expect it to be the same quality as those kinds of products.

Overall when you think about painter’s tape, the most important thing to consider is that it should be high quality and made from premium materials that don’t cause any damage.

Type of Tape

permanent bond tape

The type of tape you choose is also an important factor. There are a few different types of material that you can use for different purposes so it’s important to know what each type is good for.

Poster Tape

This is a good option if you want to hang up posters, pictures, and other lightweight objects on your walls. It’s easy to use and removes easily with no damage to your walls.

Painter’s Tape

The best painter’s tape is perfect for temporary painting or hanging up posters without damaging your walls. It has a strong adhesive that holds onto most surfaces well and comes in different colors.

Duct Tape

uv resistant tape

Duct taping is a good idea if you want to use it for temporary purposes and it’s very affordable. Just make sure that you don’t place it on a painted wall because the material will leave a sticky mark.

Flex Tape

Flex material is similar to duct as they both provide a strong adhesive and can be used as an industrial solution. Flex material is great for taping your shoes up for support and the adhesive on some types of tape can last for months.

Packing Tape

Packing tape is an alternative if you want something that’s easy to use and has a very strong adhesive. Just make sure that it won’t cause any damage to your walls when you remove it.

Masking Tape

Masking tape provides a good combination of affordability, compatibility with most surfaces, and the fact that it can be removed easily. If you want a material that is easy to remove then masking material is a good option.

Types of Double Sided Tape Safe for Painted Walls

prevent bleeding tape

There are mainly 2 types of tape for double-sided mounting tape:

Thick Tapes

Thick tapes are the most common type of double-sided mounting tape and they come in different thicknesses. This type of tape has an adhesive that is very strong which makes them ideal for heavy objects.

This painter’s tape is good for wall surfaces, but if you don’t want to damage the paint when removing tape then this is the best painter’s tape to use.

Thin Tapes

Thin tapes are much thinner than thick ones, and they come with a small adhesive. They’re not as strong as thick ones, so they’re suitable for lightweight objects and won’t impact the paint on a wall.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following section just contains some basic questions that you may have about painter’s tape and the answer to each question is in this part.

1. What Kind of Tape is Safe to Use on Walls?

Scotch wall safe tape or any other kind of material that has a medium-to-light adhesive strength is the safest choice for painted wall surfaces. A thin, two-sided product that comes off easily without leaving a stain is the best option.

Direct sunlight and extreme temperatures can affect the strength of the glue, which is why it’s not recommended for walls that are exposed to such things.

2. Which is The Strongest Tape for Walls?

outdoor use tape

A thick two-sided roll is the most adhesive one, which means it’s the strongest. The 3M VHB product is an example of such a tape.

3. What is The Best Way to Apply Tape?

The best way to apply tape is to lay down a piece of it and then cut it into the size that you need. After that, place the tape where you need it and then rub it down with your hand to make sure that the glue has stuck.

4. How to Remove Double Sided Tape from Walls?

To remove the sticking, you need to use a blunt object like a spoon and press down on one end of the painter’s tape. The painter’s tape should detach from the wall and be removed easily.

If you’re using painter’s tape then it shouldn’t leave any residue on your walls when you remove it.

5. How to Get Scotch Tape off Walls?

To get the scotch tape off of your painted walls, you can use painter’s tape to remove the scotch tapes. Just put painter’s tape over the scotch tape and press down firmly to remove it from your walls.


Did you enjoy reading about painter’s tape? Hopefully, this article will answer any questions that you have about painter’s tape and provide some useful information. Just make sure that you always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using painter’s tape.

Best Tape for Walls in 2024 [Top 5 Model Reviewed]
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