Best Trail Camera Mounting Bracket Reviews in 2024 [Top 6]

Trail Camera Mounting Bracket

Traditional camera mounting brackets don’t work well with trail cameras because they’re not designed to be mounted in trees. You need specifically a designed trail camera mounting bracket. Because there are characteristics of tree bark that none of the usual camera mounts work well with.

If you search online for trail camera mount, you’ll end up with an overwhelming number of options. Many are designed specifically for one model or type of trail camera, and others can handle multiple cameras.

Therefore, we researched came up with this list of the best Best trail camera mounting bracket. We also read reviews to see what other hunters are saying. So read this article to find out which one might be right for you.

Highwild Trail Camera Mounting Brackets

X-TRACKER Trail Camera Mounting Bracket

HME Trail Cam Mounting Bracket

A trail camera mount is a device that attaches your trail cam to trees, posts or other mountable objects. The best way to get good-quality photos of the game you are hunting is by using a trail camera. But if you fail to place it right in the area where animals are likely to pass through, then there are no chances of getting any good photographs.

We want you can to maximize your trail recording device with a top trail camera installing tool. Therefore, we will discuss the top 5 trail camera mounts to help you get good pictures.

01. Highwild Trail Camera Mounting Brackets

If you’re looking for a way to securely attach your trail camera to a tree, look no further than the Mounting Bracket from Highwild! These brackets screw directly into the tree, providing a stable platform for your trail camera. Plus, the black finish will help it blend in with the surrounding environment.

You may love taking pictures and videos of all the beautiful wildlife you encounter while hiking or camping. These hunting camera mounts make it easy to attach your recording device to a tree or branch so you can get a clear shot of that Black Bear crossing the stream in front of you.

You can also use them to keep your recording device safe and secure while on the go. This 3-pack of cam mounts is perfect for anyone who loves to explore the great outdoors. It is compatible with trail cams with 1/4″ x 20 threads on the bottom.

The ultra-sharp tips make installation a breeze, while the durable steel construction ensures that your recording device will be secure, even in the roughest conditions. And with a powder coat finish, it’ll look great too!

These Highwild Trail Camera Mounting Brackets can be attached in various positions, allowing you to aim your recording device in the perfect spot. With this bracket, you’ll be able to get the most out of your trail cam!

Highlighted Features:

  • Securely attaches trail camera to a tree
  • The coated finish helps it blend in
  • Compatible with trail cameras with 1/4″ x 20 threads
  • Ultra-sharp tips make installation a breeze
  • Has durable steel construction

2. X-TRACKER Trail Camera Mounting Bracket

If you’re looking for a reliable way to mount your trail hunting cam, look no further than the trail cam installing tool from X-TRACKER. This Hunting trail camera tree mount with 1/4 inch screw is perfect for attaching your trail camera to a tree.

It features a quick-connect system that makes it easy to attach and remove your cam. The screw mount ensures a secure attachment. You will get two mounts in this pack.

This tree mount is perfect for anyone who needs an easy and efficient way to install their trail camera. It’s easy to attach to trees because of the sharp screw, and the design is so simple that anyone can use it.

If you like to go hunting, camping, or just watching wildlife, this tree mount is perfect for you. The metal construction is very durable and can withstand harsh environments. It has a water-resistant finish to keep it protected from the elements.

You can easily angle your recording device with this mount’s adjustable round grip. Plus, it’s universally compatible with all cameras that have a 1/4-20″ thread insert mount.

This recording device installing tool is perfect for anyone who wants to easily change the angle of their cam or access the memory card. You can find the perfect angle for your shot with the 360-degree rotation, and the design keeps the recording device away from the tree trunk.

So don’t go on your next hunting trip without the X-TRACKER Trail Camera Mounting Bracket!

Highlighted Features:

  • Quick-connect system makes it easy to attach and remove
  • Screw mount ensures a secure attachment
  • Universal compatibility with all cameras
  • Adjustable round grip lets you angle your cam
  • 360-degree rotation for easy access to memory card
  • Water-resistant finish coat keeps cam safe from elements

3. HME Trail Cam Mounting Bracket

Whether you’re trying to get the perfect shot of a deer crossing your path, these hme products will help you do it with ease.

While you’re out in the field, this DIY trail camera mount will keep your recording device secure. It’s made of durable olive-colored metal and features a 7x8x2-inch frame. Additionally, the bracket has a threaded hole on the bottom for attaching it to a tree or post.

The HME Trail Cam Mounting Bracket is perfect for those who want to get the perfect shot while out hunting. It is easy to screw this screw into trees because it is super sharp.

With the cam head rotating 360 degrees, you can get the perfect shot from any angle. It also tilts up and down 120 degrees, so you can adjust it to fit your needs.

They are ideal hme products for anyone who wishes to mount a trail cam in a specific location. The bracket features a universal design that fits all trail cameras with a 1/4″ x 20 threaded insert on the bottom, which makes it great for any application.

With this bracket you can mount your trail cam easily. The included wingnut makes it easy to remove the recording device for servicing or replacement.

Highlighted Features:

  • Durable metal construction 7x8x2-inch frame
  • 360 degree rotating cam head
  • 120 degree tilting camera head
  • Fits all trail cameras with 1/4″ x 20 threaded

4. BALEVER Game Camera Mounting Brackets

Are you looking for a reliable and sturdy way to mount your trail cam? Then you can try these camera installing tools from BALEVER.

The BALEVER Game Camera Mounting Brackets are the perfect way to keep your recording device in place while you play. Its metal construction is durable, and the rotatable adjustment ensures that you can place it at the perfect angle.

If you are looking for a safe and easy way to mount your hunting cam, the hunting camera holding tool is the perfect solution. It is possible to mount the brackets directly to the trunk or surface-mount them through perforations, making the brackets versatile and compatible with most cams.

Furthermore, the 1/4-20 diameter holes on the bottom and back of the recording device make it easy to attach the bracket and get started recording. These trunk mounts are perfect for installing your camera securely to your vehicle.

Its 360° rotating design ensures you can angle your recording device perfectly to capture all the action. In the pack, you will get 2 trunk mounts along with screws to attach the mounts to your trunk.

Whether you’re playing a game of golf or just want to keep an eye on your property, these brackets are a great way to do it!

Highlighted Features:

  • Durable metal construction
  • Rotatable adjustment for perfect placement
  • Compatible with most cameras
  • 1/4-20 diameter holes for attaching bracket easily
  • Has 360° rotating design

5. TKKOK Game Camera Mounting Bracket

This Trail Camera Stand Mount Holder Bracket by TKKOK is the perfect accessory for your trail cam. It attaches easily to your tree or fence posts and secures your trail cam in place, so you always get the perfect shot.

For easy installion, the bracket is adjustable to accommodate a variety of different camera sizes and can be attached to a tree or other sturdy surface. Using this bracket, you don’t have to worry about your camera’s stability while taking pictures or videos.

This TKKOK Game Camera Mounting Bracket is the perfect accessory for hunters and sportsmen who wish to put their game camera in a better position than before. It is constructed out of metal, which makes it extremely durable.

You can turn the bracket 360 degrees, so it’s easier to place the hunting cam. It comes with two trunk mounts, so you can easily attach it to a tree or post.

Any cam owner seeking an easy way to mount their recording device will enjoy this bracket. With the perforated holes, the bracket can be attached directly to the trunk of a tree or to other surfaces. The bracket also has 1/4-20 inches threaded holes that allow you to easily attach your cam.

Highlighted Features:

  • Adjustable to fit a variety of different camera sizes
  • Can be rotated 360 degrees
  • Comes with two trunk mounts
  • Perfect for hunters and sportsmen
  • Constructed out of metal
  • Comes with 1/4-20 inches threaded holes

This is the list of best trail camera mounts on the market. We hope you liked our top picks! These trail camera installing tools are compatible with almost all trail cameras.

Factors to Consider When Buying Trail Camera Mount

camera base

When you’re out in the wild, you want to be able to take pictures or videos of the animals that you see, but it’s hard to hold your cam still for a clear shot. A trail camera mount will help you get stable shots without having to worry about holding your recording device the entire time.

Before you purchase a trail camera, you should consider the following factors:


Before you buy a trail camera mount, make sure that it is compatible with your camera. You don’t want to end up buying a mount that doesn’t work with your device! Most brands include compatibility details on their websites so that consumers can check them before buying the product.


The design of the trail camera mount is also important. Trail camera mounts come in different designs and can be installed vertically or horizontally depending on your requirement.

Mounting Options:

Trail camera mounts come with a variety of mounting options that allow you to attach the mount to surfaces like trees, posts, or flat surfaces. You should consider how you plan to use your recording device before making a purchase!


A good quality trail camera mount should be made of strong materials like metal and plastic. Plastic mounts will wear out over time and may not support the weight of your camera, while metal mounts are more durable and can hold heavy cameras.


camera arm

You should also look for a recording device mount that is versatile and can be used with different camera types.

Some mounts are specifically designed to work with only one type of camera, so you’ll have to buy several if you have more than one. A versatile mount will help you save money in the long run!


Variable angle mounts allow you to move the stealth cam to different angles using a ball joint. Some trail mounts also allow you to rotate the browning trail camera horizontally. This is useful if you want more than one angle of an animal or object.

Adjustable Round Grip:

These types of mounts are designed to fit in the front or handgrip area of your camera. This allows you to hold the recording device in its place while using the shutter release button on the mount. It also helps reduce vibrations, which can create blurry photos.


When you’re out in the wild, you never know whether it might be raining or snowing. In such cases, water-resistant trail camera mounts will come in handy. These are designed to keep your recording device safe from any weather conditions, so that you can continue taking clear shots of your target even when it’s raining!

Easy to Mount and Remove:

A good quality trail camera mount should be easy to install. You don’t want to spend hours trying to figure out how it goes on, right?

If you are using your recording device for short periods of time, then you can consider buying a diy mount that is easy to remove. This way, you can quickly place your recording device in its place and start taking pictures!


01. How Do You Mount a Trail Camera?

There are different types of trail cameras available. Most models come with special brackets to mount them on the desired location.

Some do not require mounting at all, you just need to place them in their designated area, and they’re ready to capture pictures or videos non-stop. You can easily slide them on and off the bracket with this security camera.

02. How High Off the Ground Should You Place a Trail Camera?

There is no specific height you should place your trail camera. It all depends on what you want to capture and where you can place it. But most of the trail cameras can be set up between 10 – 20 feet from ground level.

03. How Close Do You Have to Be to A Trail Camera?

It really depends on the range of your cam as well as the object you’re hunting. A good-quality trail camera can capture anything approximately 35 feet.

04. When should I mount my trail camera?

You can mount it anytime, but the best time for setting up a trail recording device would be between the months of September and March. During this time, animals start roaming for food and water to survive during harsh winter days.

05. Where is the Best Place to Set up a Trail Camera?


It all depends on what you’re trying to capture! But if your goal is to capture bigger animals like deer, then you can set up your trail recording device around the food sources like their favorite plants and trees. If you’re after smaller game like raccoon or opossum, place them near their dens or shelters.

06. Do you need Wi-Fi for Trail Cameras?

It depends on your needs. Some trail cameras come with an inbuilt wifi system. But most game cameras require you to download photos using an SD card.

Some trail cams come with wifi connection, and these allow you to see what your camera is capturing in real time. You can then transfer those images or videos into your laptop, tablet, phone etc.


Trail camera mounts allow your camera to capture clear shots even if it’s hard to hold them still, which is why you need to consider buying one today. 

They come in different designs and materials, so you use the best trail camera mounting bracket suited to your recording device type. It can be really frustrating when you’re trying to get a good picture of a deer or elk and your camera just can’t seem to focus well.

If you aim for high-quality wildlife shots, you should invest in a good quality trail recording device to improve your hunting experience. We hope that our guide helps you make a better purchase decision.

Best Trail Camera Mounting Bracket Reviews in 2024 [Top 6]

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