How To Cut Aluminum Gutters?

How To Cut Aluminum Gutters

We installed a gutter with our house to keep our house safe in heavy rain. The aluminum gutter directs water from the roof to go through the downspout pipe and reach the water drainage system. 

To install a gutter with our house, we have to cut it into required pieces by the length of it. But how to cut an aluminum gutter? 

Today I’m going to tell you how to cut an aluminum gutter step by step. What are the ways to cut aluminum gutters? Well, there are many ways to cut aluminum gutters. You can use a metal shear or a pattern shear, a hacksaw, a miter saw, or a jigsaw. 

If you are familiar with any of these tools, you can cut an aluminum gutter following almost the same process for all of them. Now let’s see how to cut an aluminum gutter.

Things you Need to have for Cutting Aluminum Gutter:

Things you need to have for cutting aluminum gutter
  • Metal shear/pattern shear/jigsaw/hacksaw/miter saw with a carbide-tipped finish blade. (These tools may cause fatal injury if you don’t follow safety protocols. Be careful that no accident happens. )
  • Aluminum gutter.
  • Carpenters pencil
  • Fine tooth file
  • Measuring tape
  • Combination square or a scale.
  • Worktable.

Step by Step Process to Follow:

Step 1:

Keep the aluminum gutter on the work table. It would help if you placed it so that the hollow-containing side can be seen. 

Look, the aluminum gutter is made of three rectangular planes of metal. Two parallel vertical planes and one horizontal plane. Make sure that the flat plane touches the workable.

Step 2:

Measure the required length of the gutter with the measuring tape. If you are going to replace the old one, then you can use it as a template. Mark on the horizontal plane with the carpenter’s pencil.

Step 3:

With the combination square or a scale, turn the mark into a straight line using a carpenter’s pencil. Then with the pencil and scale, expand the string around the gutter. 

Sometimes you need to cut the gutter perpendicular to its length, or sometimes you need to cut it at a 45° angle. For the end of the gutter, mark it perpendicular to the distance. When the gutter faces the corner of the house, it needs to be cut at a 45° angle.

Step 4:

Now take the metal shear or any of these cutting mentioned above machines. First, start to cut the gutter from any of the vertical planes following the marked line. Then cut the other vertical plane following the marked line. 

Now slightly bend the gutter by the marked line of the horizontal plane. It will give some space to operate metal shear or saw on the horizontal plane. Now use the metal shear or saw following the marked line on the horizontal plane. And then finish cutting.

Step 5:

If you are using a miter saw, then you should use a carbide-tipped blade with it. Different miter saws require other processes to change blades. 

It would help if you learned it from a user’s guide or an expert. Ensure that you have understood how to change the direction of cutting from the user’s companion because it varies with different brands. 

Now plug in the saw. Then squeeze the start button, and the blade will cycle. Now cut the gutter following the process mentioned in step 4. 

First, cut two vertical planes, then cut the horizontal plane. It would help if you used safety goggles and ear protection. While using a miter saw, make sure that you are not in loose clothing and wearing jewelry.

Step 6:

Now you will see the sharp edge of two-piece gutters that you have made during cutting. It may cause injury to you. Therefore take the fine tooth file and use it to rub the sharp edges so that the edges become safe and perfect. And the task is done.

It is the way to cut an aluminum gutter. During measuring, you should measure twice and cut once. A little fault may cause failure and wastage of money and time. 

Here the metal shear or pattern shear may cause pain to your wrist and finger. So be careful. A Miter saw is an electrical machine, so be cautious while conducting this machine. 

You know, an electric shock may cause death. If the saw touches your hand during use, your hands will be severely cut.

Step by step process to follow

Final Words:

Aluminum gutters are comparatively durable than any other gutters (such as vinyl gutter) out on the market. It will last over 20 years in most climates. They will not sag but corroded in coastal areas due to salt and moisture. However, cutting aluminum gutters is not so tough but fine work. Follow the process mentioned above step by step, and you may be helped.

How To Cut Aluminum Gutters?
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