How to Cut Unistrut [Easy Tips]

How to cut Unistrut

Are you looking for the most accessible way to cut Unistrut? You are at the right place to guide you with simple tips that will help you cut a unistrut in quick and straightforward ways. There is no doubt cutting the unistrut is a challenging task, but some of the easiest ways can help you cut unistrut with ease.

We will guide you with a simple way to cut the unistrut with the simple button push. We will use a Wilton strut cutter that is easy to transport and comes with hydraulic features to cut the unistrut. It does not only complete your job with ease but also does the job quicker than other strut cutters. Let’s learn how you can cut strut with a simple method.

What Unistrut Used for?

What Unistrut Used for

Strut channel used to mount, support, brace, and connect lightweight structural loads in your building during construction. Its use in electrical and data wire, pipes, air conditioning, other mechanical systems such as mechanical system as ventilation.

What Are the Simple Ways to Cut Unistrut?

Before using and finding the easiest ways to solve that problem, we have analyzed job sites to know what the better way to cut unistrut is.  

What do We Observe on the First Jobsite?

On the first Jobsite, we saw the users were using a band saw to cut the unistrut; the band saw was working awesomely. It did not take more than half a minute to cut the strut. After using the band saw, they use de-burring, which takes just 15 seconds. The total through that method for one cut was approximately 45 seconds.

We found this method relatively easy, and we also try this; after two or three tries, we also become skilled and do that job with ease and cut many pieces. It takes less time, less force, and also is a simple way to cut the unistrut.

What do we observe on the first Jobsite

What do We Observe on the Second Job Site?

During our visit to see how different workers cut the unistrut, we observe another site they were using a reciprocating saw. This was also an easy way to cut the unistrut, but it was time taking process than the above method. It took one and half a minute to cut the unistrut.

One minute for cutting the strut and half a minute for de-burring. But it was also a simple way that does not require many skills to cut the strut. Both were easy methods to cut the strut.

What Did We Observe on the Third Job Site?

At the third Jobsite, we saw the workers were using a drill to cut the unistrut. We found that way quite easy and fast than the previous two methods. While they cut one unistrut, it would hardly 3 to 4 seconds to cut one unistrut.

When we saw how efficiently drill is working, it was like a comparison of two things, one is quite difficult while the other was very simple. It was the same as mixing a bowl of cake with a fork instead of an electric mixer. There is no doubt saw is using for that purpose, but if you have bulky work, then you should use a drill to cut unistrut instead of a saw.

How to Cut Unistrut Using Drill?

Take any of the drills that you think best, we have used the Wilton strut cutting drill, but it is up to your choice which one you choose.

  • Choose the safe place to work; make sure you have chosen the place where there is a proper system for providing power to the drill machine.
  • Wear all the safety gears to work efficiently and smoothly
  • Switch on the Drill and choose the right place to cut the unistrut
  • Smoothly place the drill on unistrut and push the machine button to cut it.
  • It will take three to four seconds to cut. While you cut the unistrut with a drill, there is no need for de-burring.

Why We Choose Drill?

We choose drill due to the following reasons

  • Time is money and you always try to save your time. Using a drill is the quickest way to cut the unistrut.
  • It is pretty easy to use a drill machine instead of a saw
  • You do not need to apply any force
  • You do not need to do de-burring
  • Drill machines are simple to port
  • It is a quite easy and efficient way to work

What Can You Use to Cut Unistrut?

There are plenty of choices to cut unistrut; you can use a band saw, reciprocating saw, hacksaw, and the drill machine. They are all the best ways to cut the unistrut but using a drill is the most exceptional way and simple way to cut the unistrut. No doubt it is costly, but it saves your time and makes your cutting tasks easier and perfect.

Final Thoughts

You have gone through article unistrut are widely used in the construction industry. There are plenty of ways to cut the unistrut, such as band saw, reciprocal saw, hacksaw, and drill. You can use any of the tools, but the drill is better than all other tools.

How to Cut Unistrut [Easy Tips]
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