How to Deal with Being Disowned by Your Family?

How to Deal with Being Disowned by Your Family

Life is a story of worst experiences; we never see the person in the world who loves us more than our family.

People in the world even sacrificed their lives for their family members, and you never expect the cruel or worst behaviors from your family.

Sometimes, we may face the worst experience from our family, and our family disowned us.

How ridiculous and problematic will be your life when your loved ones show no concern, and even they announce that they do not have any relation with you.

It is one of the worst experiences in our life and very difficult to cope with that situation.

What can we do? Life is a cruel path that needs to pass with wrong and worst experiences. We cannot give up on our lives, and we need to put our lives in a typical way.

People do not know what to do in that situation when they are full of emotions, sadness, and hopelessness about disowning by family.

But here, we need to take some initiatives to survive in society. We will provide you with ways to help you learn how to deal with being disowned by your family.

How to deal with being disowned by your family?

being disowned by your family

Before discussing the ways to deal with disowning by our family first, we need to know some basics about disowning by family.

What is disowned by family?

Family disowning means that your parents or elders of your family announce that they do not have any relation with you. They do not concern with you, and they are not responsible for any of your actions.

Why family disowned a person:

Your elders or parents always have some expectations from their children. All the aims and expectations are not of the same level.

Sometimes people make these expectations their aims, but when their children do not meet their expectations, they got hurt and become so emotional.

Sometimes they cannot cover their emotions and take the worst steps, such as disowning their children.

Reasons for disowning a child or a person from a family may vary, but basic word expectations cover all the senses.

What to do when our family disowns us?

What to do when our family disowns us

Our intense emotions and feelings are attached to our family, our home and family is the person and place where we spend our childhood, and they give us love, care, and meet our needs.

But when they disown us, we may get confused and become tensed and sad with painful emotions.

But tension and painful emotions are not the solutions to our problem; we need the courage to face this cruel situation with patience. We need to live cool and calm and try to cover our painful emotions.

What are the typical responses when disowned by family?

When a person announced as disowned by their family, a wave of painful emotions emerges in him, and he behaves in different ways.

Responses of different people are different due to their culture, nature, and situations. When you are at fault, your emotions are less reactive, but when you feel that you are right and your family is on the mistake, then emotions can be dangerous.

You can feel anger, sadness, loss, feelings of loneliness, frustration, irritation, helplessness, depression, and numbness.

Think about the situation and its reasons:

When your family disowns you, take some time to sit alone and think about the entire situation. Why it happens, and what were your mistakes.

Please do not be frustrated, think positively about your family, and not feel wrong about them. Take it as it is a bad time and will pass and maybe in some days you will be again in your family.

So, deal with a positive and balanced attitude, no go for any quick action that may create more problems for you and your family.

Think about other family Members:

Think about your relations and what behaviour was of other family members on your disownment.

For example, sometimes your father disowned you, but your sister, brother, and especially mother favours and has a love for you.

Think about the conversation. Is it possible to converse with them or not if likely to remain in touch with them?

But you found no one is in the family who supports or wants you back in your family. Then you need to take some initiative that helps you to survive in society.

Plan how to deal with the situation:

Plan how to deal with the situation

You should need to make a plan for yourself, think about all the positive things that can help you. Is there any friend or your lover that can support you?

Contact with him, meet with him, tell him about all situations honestly, and request help. But most of the time, everybody avoids us in such a case.

No worry, there are many other positive things such as you may find a job and arrange a room and how to meet your needs.

Never give up on every problem; have a solution that will help you cope with the situation.
Think that it is a limited time that will pass. You need to wait with patience for the right moments.

Find some therapist for you:

It is a better idea to meet with a professional therapist who can handle such a condition.
He will help you with some plans to help you cope with your emotions and give you peace of mind with relaxation.

Seek a group of friends for your support:

Make sincere friends and find the people who match your mind and taste different things.
You can go with them to the cinema, play with them and can spend your time with them. You can share your feelings, emotions, and problems with them.

You also need to find a support group of people that can be professional therapists, counselors, and other good people. They provide you with a positive and secure environment where you can grow well.

The experienced and good people always give you better support even more than your friends and family members.

Find some loved one and get married:

Find some loved one and get married

The feeling of the family will give you more support to cope with that situation.
If you are a more than twenty-one major, then it is a better idea to find a loved one for you and get married to him or her.

Your wife or husband will be your family, and you can feel like a family by visiting with him or her relatives.

Write your experiences:

It is also a better idea to write about your experiences; you will feel relaxed by sharing your experiences with yourself.

Your experiences will become your strength and will help you to get out of that situation quickly.

Keep you busy in different activities:

Do not think more about your family and change your mind by keeping you busy in your activities.

The more you think about the family, the more problems you will face coping with the situation.

Delete contacts with family members:

If there is no chance to go back in your family and you continue messaging them?
But they do not accept you, then take some stern steps such as delete their contact numbers, block them and delete their photos, etc.

Be calm and patient with your process:

It is a tough time that you need to pass, and sometimes you become unable to control your emotions.

But it will be helpful for you if you make your mind that it is a hard time that will pass, and you need to remain calm and patient to meet that situation.

Make statements for answering people:

Do people ask more questions to the disowned people, like how many brothers and sisters you are? Where is your family? What does your mother do?

Be calm and reply to them gently, such as we are three brothers and two sisters, but I am not close with them. My mother is a teacher, but I am not living with her.

Leave the city:

You have tried well to cop the situation, but you feel too much difficulty when you see any member of your family in the street, market, or at a hotel.

How you will get rid of that situation is a better idea that you should shift to another city where most people do not know about you.

There you will find more friends and supportive people who do not know about your past and will not make non-sense questions to you.

Why is life so cruel?

Why is life so cruel

You may listen that life is not a bed of roses that always provide us with relaxed and peaceful sleep. Life never spares anyone; we face many sudden accidents and experiences in our life that destroyed us.

Some events, such as our family members’ sudden death or our lover, make us frustrated, alone, annoyed, sad, and tense.

But the worst and cruel is our life when our family disowned us and leaves us alone. Life becomes very rude and uneasy for us to spend.

We may lose our job at that time when we need a position to meet our family expenses and cannot find any solution. Things become so cruel when we feel helpless, alone, insecure, and guilty.

Emotional waves emerge in us and convince us to do some worst actions, such as committing suicide, killing anyone, and many more things.

Sometimes we feel that our life has gone and we do not have a single reason to live alive; we should die. But it is a famous statement that never gives up.

Many successful people share their painful past experiences that make their lives worse, but they never give up and survive and find ways to live alive.

We cannot write our fate, but we can take initiatives to mitigate such a situation with patience, courage, and hope.

All the dark paths lead us towards the brightness; we should live with courage and hope we will find success one day.

Final Thoughts:

Life is not so easy with time; we face different experiences; some experiences make our life paradise while others make it difficult for us to survive.

But calm and patience is our tool to deal with any situation. Our family’s love is unlimited, but sometimes we face some worst experiences such as disowned by family.

Indeed it is a harrowing experience, but we need some actions to cope with that situation for a better life. We have provided you with ideas in our article on dealing with being disowned by your family.

How to Deal with Being Disowned by Your Family?
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