7 Best Air Compressor for Blowing Out Sprinklers in 2022

Best Air Compressor For Blowing Out Sprinklers

When blowing out a large number of sprinkler systems at the same time, people constantly face the same problem of selecting a good air compressor. But it can be challenging to choose a quality air compressor for blowing out sprinklers.

Finding the best air compressor for blowing out sprinklers, it is important to know what types are available and what they are used for. Ideally, good air compressors should be able to handle large volumes without breaking them down.

Here are the top 7 best air compressors for blowing out a sprinkler system, their highlights, factors to consider when purchasing one, and a few frequently asked questions. So let’s discuss how to blow out a sprinkler irrigation system.

Craftsman Air Compressor

Dewalt Air Compressor

Porter-Cable Sprinkler Air Compressor

Best 7 Air Compressor for Blowing Out Sprinklers

Choosing the best air compressor for sprinkler blowout is important because each type has a specific job that it does. For blowing out sprinkler lines, you need a powerful air compressor. The following are the best air compressors for blowing out winterize sprinkler systems:

1. Craftsman Air Compressor to Blow out Sprinkler System

The Craftsman Air Compressor is proudly manufactured by Global Materials in Jackson, Tennessee, and weighs 32.5 pounds. This pancake air compressor has numerous accessories that are included with it including a 13 piece accessory kit.

It includes 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch, and 1/2-inch quick connect couplers, Teflon tape for your fittings, blow gun with attachments, oil funnel, gauge protector, and more.

The Craftsman Air Compressor is a durable, totally oil-free pancake compressor, made for long life and maintenance-free operation. This portable air compressor motor has a maximum pressure of 150 PSI for ample cut-inch pressure for various applications. 

It provides adequate cutting too much pressure for different applications. It features 2.6 SCFM at 90 maximum PSI for quick air compressor recovery time. 2 quick connections come with this stored air compressor to attach to the hose of the sprinkler system.

It has numerous accessories which include a blowgun with attachments, an oil funnel, and a gauge protector. The Craftsman Air Compressor is an excellent air compressor for working on lawnmowers, blowing out sprinkler systems, and inflating tires.

Highlight Features:

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Durable and oil-free
  • Suitable for various applications
  • Compressor recovery time at 2.6 SCFM at 90 maximum PSI
  • Includes quick connect couplers
  • Comes with numerous accessories

2. Porter-Cable Sprinkler Air Compressor

The PORTER-CABLE air compressor is the best choice if you have a lot of sprinkler systems. This product includes an induction motor and an extension cord for easy transport.

You shouldn’t have any maintenance costs concerns because this model operates oil-free rather than gasoline-powered. Plus, it’s lightweight enough at just 34 pounds that these features make transporting a breeze without excess strain on your back muscles.

It uses Corded Electric and runs on normal household circuits. The product is also powerful and efficient, thanks to its low-amp, 120-volt motor that’s optimized for a long life by starting easily in cold weather.

This product comes with a six-gallon pancake-style tank for stability and a drain valve for draining water and rubber feet. A convenient feature of this device is that it features an automatic thermal overload protector and it provides two regulated compressed air couplings for multiple users at once.

Highlighted Features:

  • Use Corded Electricity
  • Runs on normal household circuits
  • Automatic overload protector
  • Multiple couplings for users
  • pancake-style tank for stability

3. Dewalt Air Compressor for Sprinkler System

The DEWALT pancake air compressor specifications provide sensible, fast, and powerful airflow to keep up with all of your blow-out needs. There is 165 PSI maximum pressure in this 6-gallon model, so you do not need to carry an additional portable tank on the job site.

It also includes an electric motor for easy starting in cold weather or extension cord application which saves money on fuel/gas costs, which means fewer maintenance costs with a long life oil-free pump that provides round-the-clock performance maxed out at 78.5db less noise level productions for a quiet work environment.

This electric Dewalt pancake Air Compressor works with a wide array of air and pneumatic tools. This oil-free pump delivers 2.6 SCFM at 90 maximum PSI, providing long tool run times and quick recovery. The cord wrap included in the kit provides easy storage and convenience on the job site. The unit weighs 30 pounds and has two universal couplers.

In addition, the Dewalt pancake Air Compressor includes a ball drain valve for quick and thorough air tank draining along with a console cover that protects controls from debris while being easily accessible for maintenance costs.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy startup
  • Long tool run time & quieter
  • Convenient cord wrap
  • Universal couplers
  • 30-pound weight
  • Tank draining with a ball valve

4. Makita Air Compressor for Sprinkler Blowout

Makita small air compressors are best for blowing out a sprinkler system and removing water from surfaces. They provide a quick recovery time and are easy to maintain by all means. The low noise level is an important consideration when choosing one.

The Makita 1 HP, 2 Gallon, Oil-Free, Electric quiet air pancake Compressor features an ultra-quiet Series Design that incorporates both performance power & lower sound levels with only 60 dBA.

It has a 1 horsepower high-efficiency motor that delivers maximum pressure 135 PSI, runs at lower RPMs which results in extended oil-free pump and motor life. It also features a 44 lbs. lightweight design for increased portability with roll-cage construction for added protection during transportation or storage.

The dual-piston oil-free pump is designed to operate continuously without maintenance costs compared with other air compressors. It has features like a 4-pole motor, oil-free pump, overheat protector and more. The thickness of this product is 11 Inches. This product uses corded electric power.

Highlighted Features:

  • Only 60 dBA for ultra-quiet Series
  • A lower RPM and 135 PSI last longer
  • Portable lightweight design at 44 lbs
  • Oil lube dual-piston pump, overheat protector, 4-pole motor
  • Product thickness is 11 inches
  • Powered by corded electricity

5. Bostitch Air Compressor for Sprinkler System

The Bostitch Air Compressor has a 150 maximum PSI 6-gallon air tank that delivers 22.7 L of air at 90 maximum PSI for quick recovery time. Due to its lightweight of 31 pounds, you can easily carry and store it, which is especially useful when you don’t have outside help such as a utility company.

This great air compressor can be easily started in cold weather or with an extension cord. The product is equipped with a high flow regulator and couplers to optimize the performance of the tool. 

The 2 universal couplers included in this great size air compressor give you the freedom to use one quiet air compressor with more than one device. It also can make your workplace quieter with its 78.5 dBA dB rating.

This product uses Corded Electric. It will look great in your home or office while also simplifying your evening routine by reducing the time it takes to blow out your sprinkler system.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lightweight at 31 pounds 
  • High flow regulators & couplers
  • Starts easily in cold weather
  • 2 universal couplers
  • Quietness is 78.5 dBA dB.
  • Corded electric power is used

06. California Air Tools Air Compressor for Blowing Out Sprinklers

This blower is an excellent choice for farmers with large plots to maintain. California Air Tools designed the best air compressors to give large farms exactly what they need, without having to spend much money on extras.

The air tank has a 10-gallon capacity that keeps running times short between refills when doing heavy work. It has wheels that make it easy to transport from location to location around your farm because it only weighs 82 pounds.

Even if you do have a generator at home, this unit supports gas power as well so you can use whichever option is more convenient. They are designed to be as quiet as possible at 70 dB, so they are perfect for residential settings prone to noise pollution.

This model also runs efficiently and does not waste power. You will need some sort of vehicle to transport this quiet air compressor, whether it’s a truck or something else. A 2HP air compressor with a low amp draw of 7.0 amps makes it more powerful than other types.

Highlighted Features:

  • Heavy duty for large farms
  • Easily transportable on wheels
  • Noise level of 70 dB
  • Energy-efficient and uses little power
  • Operates on gasoline

7. Stealth Air Compressor for Blowing Out Sprinklers

The Stealth 20 Gallon Ultra Quiet Air Compressor has been proven to last three times longer than standard induction motors 80% quieter as well as save more money and time to replace the new device due to its long-life cycle working hours of more than 1000H which is very quiet at 68 decibels.

The working noise of the 20 Gallon model is just 68 decibels. The starter is available in low-temperature and low-voltage operation, and the output is 5 CFM at 90 PSI, making it compatible with most air tools and accessory accessories. 

Its Weight weighs around 121.4 pounds You can easily move it with its 8-inch rubber reinforced wheels for feature mobility even if the compressor is full of air. It has been ETL certified which you can use at your home, garage, or even job sites.

It has a powerful induction motor that generates 1.8 horsepower, and the air tank can be recharged from empty to full in 70 seconds. The 20-gallon capacity enables you to work without taking a break.

Highlighted Features:

  • 20-gallon capacity
  • Powerful induction motor
  • Includes two different nozzles
  • The noise level is 68 decibels

Let us look at some important factors you need to consider when you purchase your air compressor.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Right Air Compressor

Air compressors for blowing out sprinklers system

The compressor you buy should be a heavy-duty model, and it needs to be a portable one. When considering brands, you want to find out what makes their models different from each other. Here are some points to check when you’re buying an ordinary air compressor:

Tank Size

One of the ways manufacturers try to attract customers is by inflating the tank size on their labels, but this doesn’t work because it may not accurately reflect what you get. The best way to find out how much air capacity an oil-free air compressor has is to check the PSI about its tank size. If you have an air compressor with a 2-gallon tank, for example, this means it will be able to produce 120 PSI or more when used at 100 percent capacity.

Types of Motor

You will find a variety of motor types in an air compressor, and each has its benefits. The most commonly used high-efficiency motor type is the single-phase induction motor which works well for many tasks. If you need to power larger tools or equipment, then consider buying a dual-motor model instead because these have greater air pressure capacities.


Sprinkler system blow

The horsepower of an air compressor is measured in terms of PSI at 100 PSI or more so that it can handle most types of tools and accessories. You can use a compressor with up to 7 horsepower for household projects, but if you need more power than that, you will want to look at larger models.

Number of Outlets

Consider the number of outlets on your air compressor and whether they will be enough for the types of tools and accessories you want to use. For instance, if you want to run multiple nail guns, then you may need at least two outlets.

Decibel Rating

You should buy an air compressor that has a low decibel rating because this ensures the unit will not be too loud to use in residential areas. Quiet units are also better for extended periods of work, so they can protect your ears from damage.

Consumption Rates

Decide on the best air compressor by calculating how much air it uses during a work shift. The lower the consumption rate, the better off you will be because you can keep working without stopping to refill.

Fitting Accessibility

small sprinkler system

Look for an air compressor with a large inlet and outlet so that you can easily attach accessories and tools to it without having to struggle. You also want a unit that has easy-to-use air pressure gauges so that you know how much air is in the tank at all times, and it should have indicator lights for when it needs to be refilled.


You should buy an air compressor you can transport from place to place so that you aren’t stuck using it in one area of your home or farm. Look for lightweight models that include transportation wheels so that you can easily move them around.


There are several different brands of best air compressors available, and they all vary in quality. You should consider buying a brand that has been around for a long time because it is likely to be more reliable than less established brands.


Various websites and publications offer reviews of the best air compressors, so you will want to read them before buying your unit. You should always look for 4- or 5-star ratings because most people only take the time to submit a review when they are unhappy with their purchase.


Price is often the deciding factor when buying an air compressor, but do not base it on the price alone. If you want a compressor that is affordable but can do everything you need, look for an air compressor with high consumer ratings and low running costs.


Let’s talk about some frequently asked questions that people are interested in:

01. What Compressor is Good for Sprinkler Blowout?

lawn irrigation system

The air compressor for the entire sprinkler system should be able to produce 120 PSI or more when used at 100 percent capacity. The most commonly used motor type is the single-phase induction motor which works well for many tasks.

02. Do You Need an Air Compressor to Winterize the Sprinkler System?

No, you do not need an air compressor to winterize the sprinkler irrigation system. The only time you would want one is if it has been a while since your lawn or garden was serviced and you have a lot of sprinkler lines.

03. What is a Good PSI for a Sprinkler System?

One thing to consider when looking for the best air compressor for a blowout is that it should be equipped with a motor that produces high pressure. Some people use the 120 PSI mark, but this number will vary depending on what type of work you are doing.

04. What is the Difference between Single and Dual motors?

Dual motor models deliver twice the power as single motor models, which is ideal if you are trying to do more heavy-duty work. Single motor machines are usually on the cheaper side.

05. Are Quiet Air Compressors Better for Workplace Environments?

No, they are not. Quiet air compressors can be quieter on your hearing, but louder models will make you more productive in the work environment. If you want to keep up with high-demand production times, it’s better to purchase a less quiet compressor that will allow for more productivity.

06. Should I Get a Portable or Stationary unit?

Portable air compressors can go wherever you need them, so this would be a good choice for someone who has a lot of tools and isn’t tethered to one area.

Final Thoughts

We all know how difficult it can be to get the last bits of water out from your sprinklers. It’s not just annoying, but also time-consuming and even dangerous in some cases when that stagnant water is left for too long.

When you are thinking of buying an air compressor, always consider the size of the tank. This will determine how much air is inside the tank at any particular point. The best air compressor for blowing out sprinklers is going to depend on what you want the machine to be used for.

You know, if you want to get the job done right, sometimes it pays to spend a little more. We can help you find a good air compressor for blowing out sprinklers.

7 Best Air Compressor for Blowing Out Sprinklers in 2022

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