Best Drywall Taping Knives Review 2024 : Beginners Buying

Taping Knives

Drywall taping knives are essential tools for any drywall installer. You’ll need a sharp, durable knife that’s comfortable to hold and can be used to both cut and smooth joints.

There are many considerations to take into account when choosing the right drywall taping knife.

In this article, we’re going to explore the best drywall taping knives on the market today and give you some advice about choosing the right one for your project.

WORKPRO Stainless Steel Blade 4 Piece Putty Knife Set

7 Piece Set – 5 in 1 Multi-Tool & Razor Scraper – Putty Knife

The 10 inches putty knife (Level 5) Metal Hammer

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Top 10 Drywall Taping Knives Reviews

Here are a few of the best picks to choose from when buying drywall taping knives.

1. WORKPRO Stainless Steel Blade 4 Piece Putty Knife Set

The WORKPRO 4-Piece tape knife Set is a great option. This stainless steel joint knife set is a strong and durable addition to your tool arsenal.

This set contains four putty knives, three containing flexible blades and one with a stiff edge. This kit is perfect for homeowners and DIYers. This set can be used for a variety of tasks, including taping drywall, sealing seams, and applying the material.

You can choose from four width options for this putty knife: 1.5″, 3″, 4″, and 6″. Its thickness of 1.2mm is sufficient and light enough to be used for any activity.

The blades have a mirror-polished finish that resists rust and are ergonomically designed with a soft, comfortable grip.

Guide rails for your front and back fingers allow you to exert optimum blade control without requiring as much effort. This will enable, you to apply materials smoothly.

Putty knives are durable, flexible, and long-lasting. The sharp edges of stiff putty knives are great for scraping off dirt and paint edges.

This set will make your work look flawless and precise.

Highlighted Features:

  • Stainless steel blade
  • Four-piece set of putty knives
  • 1.5″, 3″, 4″, and 6″ width
  • Mirror polished finish that resists rust

2. 7 Piece Set – 5 in 1 Multi-Tool & Razor Scraper – Putty Knife

The Wall Putty & Tape Knife is an essential tool for anyone who has ever worked with drywall. The taping knife can be used for both precision cuts and smoothing joints, and you’ll need one that’s durable, lightweight, and comfortable to hold.

This 7 Piece Putty Knives Set includes putty knives in the following sizes: 1.5″, 2.5″, 3″, 4″, and 5″ plus a 2.5 inch 5 in 1 Multi-Tool & Razor Scraper.

It is specifically designed to have a comfortable feel & to prevent hand fatigue by weighting the handle at the bottom of the blade allowing you more control when cutting your joint compound or finishing seams on drywall.

The set includes a convenient hole on the handle for hanging or storing when not in use, and they are constructed of medium-flex steel to resist rusting in most conditions.

If for any reason, your putty knives or scraper are defective, contact the manufacturer for a full refund or replacement.

Highlighted Features:

  • 7 Piece Set putty knives
  • 5 in 1 Multi-Tool & Razor Scraper Putty Knife
  • Precision cuts and smoothing joints
  • Durable, lightweight, and comfortable to hold

3. Goldblatt Drywall Tool Kit

The Goldblatt Drywall Tool Kit includes everything you’ll need to get into drywall, from stirring and scraping putty, cutting joints, and taping them off.

This great kit lets you do it all without having to buy an expensive set of tools that can’t be used anywhere else.

The kit comes with a multi-purpose tool that can be used for scraping putty, opening paint cans, removing small nails, or anything else you might need on your next project.

The 6″ flex joint knife is perfect for cutting offset joints, and the 4″ and 8″ tape knives are great for applying joint compound.

The 12″ mud pan comes with a contoured bottom design to help prevent fatigue while you work, while the straight sheared edge allows you to scoop out joint compound efficiently and cleanly.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one kit to get into the drywall game, look no further than the Goldblatt Drywall Tool Kit.

Highlighted Features:

  • The kit comes with a multi-purpose tool
  • The 6″ flex joint knife is perfect for cutting offset joints
  • The 4″ and 8″ tape knives are great for applying joint compounds
  • 12″ mud pan comes with a contoured bottom design to help prevent

4. The 10 inches putty knife (Level 5) Metal Hammer

The 10 inches tape knife (Level 5) is one of the best drywall taper knives on the market. Featuring stainless steel polished blades and a high-quality grip, this knife is durable and easy to use.

The Level 5 tape knife features an alloy metal hammer end as well as large hang holes improving your set-up time and organization. It is perfect for those looking to maximize their productivity without suffering back pain or hand cramps.

Lightweight and comfortable to wear all day. Metal hammer also protects blades when dropped and a glass-reinforced nylon core that keeps you working longer.

LEVEL5 drywall tools are premium grade and perfect for both professional and DIY tasks. This drywall knife is designed and manufactured with nearly 20 years’ worth of experience from professional finishers, allowing you to finish more drywall jobs faster.

The Level 5 tape knife is an essential tool for anyone who has ever worked with drywall. With a strong blade and durable design, this knife is one you can rely on to get the job done.

Highlighted Features:

  • Stainless steel and a high-quality grip for durability
  • Metal hammer protects blades when dropped
  • The glass-reinforced nylon core helps you work longer
  • Perfect for both professional and DIY tasks

5. Blue Steel 12” Edward Taping Knife

Edward tape knife 12” is the premium taping knife. With better flex and rust resistance than stainless steel, Edward Tape Knives helps give you more control for corner-to-corner work without scraping your wall.

The handle is ergonomic and has high visibility, which makes it easy to spot (and find).

Blue Steel tape knife from Edward is a premium tapering knife that is far more durable and easier to use than stainless steel knives.

Besides being more flexible, the blue steel is rust-resistant. With the tapered blade, you can work closer to corners without scraping them.

Highlighted Features:

  • Durable and rust-resistant
  • Angled blade makes it easy to work close to corners
  • Ergonomic grip with high visibility

6. Red Devil 6″ Flexible Taping Knife 4218

The Red Devil Flexible Drywall Tape Knife is made for the ultimate satisfaction of professional drywall contractors. The solvent-resistant handle provides maximum protection and sturdiness while also ensuring that this tool meets your needs no matter how intense the job may be.

The high-quality metal blade will hold up to wear and tear, so you can count on it lasting through even the toughest project, all without needing any special cleaning or polishing at the end of each day.

If you’re looking specifically for one that’s sturdy yet lightweight, then this excellent choice will always come into play. The handle’s design ensures a perfectly smooth and sturdy grip which makes it easier to use for long periods without feeling fatigued.

Professional quality. They are designed to provide the highest level of safety and dependability. A high-carbon, lacquered blade prevents rusting. You can use a stainless steel nail setting head for other hammering tasks.

A solvent-resistant handle provides added protection from harsh chemicals while also ensuring the ultimate sturdiness of this tool.

Highlighted Features:

  • Professional quality knife for taping drywall
  • Designed to provide the highest level of safety and dependability.
  • A high-carbon, lacquered blade prevents rusting
  • A solvent-resistant handle provides added protection

7. ProGrip Warner 6″ Taping Knife 10916

The ProGrip 6-inch knife is designed for cutting the joint compound. The 6″ blade features an aluminium backing that supports the cutting edge without bending, while its flared shape reaches into corners of drywall joints effortlessly.

This knife makes it easy to dial in just enough joint compound to ensure a perfect tape base. Warner 6′′ Progrup tape knife is comfortable and durable, making this tool great for hours of driving screws or taping drywall with ease.

Being lightweight and ergonomic, the knife allows for hours of use without making your hand tired. This knife is designed with a stainless steel blade and a soft-grip handle to work long periods without getting fatigued or sore hands.

The handle is soft enough for a comfortable grip but strong enough to hold the knife in any position. The blade has a flared edge to allow you to fit into those tight spots.

The blade will not bend or crack and allows you to dial in the joint compound precisely. This makes it easy to get a perfect tape base and ensures that your drywall will be straight.

Highlight Features:

  • ProGrip tape knife features a soft-grip handle
  • Constructed with the stainless steel blade
  • Designed with an aluminium backing
  • A flared blade reaches around corners
  • Designed ergonomically for comfort and durability

8. DEWALT Mud Pan Set & Stainless Steel Taping Knife

Drywall tools from DEWALT are Guaranteed Tough and Sharp. Knives should be stored away from children.

These professional-grade DEWALT hand tools have been engineered and manufactured with input from industry professionals and will last through the toughest applications, including drywall taping for homes, schools, or offices without breaking or wearing down.

This set includes a 10″, 12″, and 14″ tape knife with a soft grip handle which can also be used as a mud pan liner to save you time on cleanup. Every blade is superior in performance and reliability, including corrosion resistance.

With so many features, it’s difficult to go wrong. Stainless steel can be used for years by professionals in the industry. DEWALT’s vast service network offers many more options, including an alloy metal hammer for setting drywall nails and blade protection for when they are dropped.

The soft grip handles can be used all day with minimal fatigue. They are lightweight, ergonomically designed, and comfortable. Double riveted blades ensure superior durability, even when dropped on concrete with large hang holes.

Highlighted Features:

  • Guaranteed quality provides peace of mind
  • Double riveted blades for durability and strength
  • Clean, professional appearance to your work
  • Comfortable and ergonomic grip for all-day use

9. Bates 12 Inch Drywall Knife

Bates putty knife is one of the top drywall tape knives on the market. This high-grade blue steel tape knife is constructed for performance and efficiency. It is lightweight, comfortable, and ergonomically designed to be used for all-day use with minimal fatigue.

The blade itself has a precision flex so that you can create a better finish faster than ever before with less effort.

One feature that makes this tool even more valuable than others is its ability to be used tightly along with corners without scratching them or the joint compound, just like nothing happened at all.

The high-grade blue steel blade is perfect for taping material ceilings or selecting wet materials on walls without excessive blade wear due to its corrosion-resistant qualities.

This product is a great purchase and comes with a hanging hole that makes storing it very easy. If you want to make sure that your drywall finishing jobs are better than they’ve ever been, this is the knife for you.

Highlighted Features:

  • High-grade blue steel taping knife
  • Precision flex blade for performance and efficiency
  • Lightweight, comfortable, and ergonomically designed for all-day use
  • This material is corrosion-resistant

10. USG Pro Blue Steel Drywall Knife

USG Pro Blue Steel Knife gives you an edge over the competition with their patented range of joint knives, balanced for best control, comfort, and grip. The tapered neck ensures easy handling.

The razor-sharp blades offer flexibility without sacrificing durability or precision. All these features come together to give you an intuitive tool that helps you finish your jobs faster than ever before. 

USG Sheetrock knives are known for their distinctive patented taper neck design, tapered handle, sharp blade edge retention, and rust-resistant high carbon steel blades.

The ergonomic Matrix-style handles offer comfort and balance for easier control. Other features include a full soft grip, a nail puller at the end of the handle, and also hammerheads at both ends allowing you to use it as a writing or striking tool, too.

You won’t find better quality knives than USG Blue Steel Knives because they’re made with professional drywallers in mind. With different-sized knives (6″, 8″, 10″, 12”), you can tackle any job that comes your way without compromise.

You’ll want to keep one of these in your tool belt at all times, which is why they’re packaged as a set that includes our 11-inch special mud pan mixer with a 2-inch wide blade for mixing mud straight in the pan. This is an extra bonus that enhances convenience and efficiency.

Highlighted Features:

  • Matrix-style handles offer comfort and balance for easier control.
  • Different sized knives (6″, 8″, 10″, 12”) you can tackle any job
  • Flexibility without sacrificing durability or precision
  • It comes with a unique 11-inch mud pan mixer

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Facts to Check While Buying Drywall Taping Knives

Facts to Check While Buying Drywall Taping Knives

Design of the Handle

The design of the handle is also vital to ensure that it fits appropriately into your palm, providing a steady grip without causing any pain or strain.

You’ll need something made of solid material that gives you good balance and control over the putty knife during use. A lightweight putty knife with ergonomic features will keep you working for more extended periods without fatigue.

To apply materials evenly with an even finish, the putty knife must have a comfortable grip that offers stability and balance during usage. The handle should have a design that makes it easy to maintain with no nooks and crannies that could harbor harmful materials.

The Sharpness of the Blade

stainless steel polished blades

A sharp blade can also make the job go faster as compared to using a dull blade.

It’s necessary to choose a tapered-edge tool sharpened enough to cut through drywall paper easily but not so much as to tear it apart. It should be able to apply pressure on joints without tearing them apart unnecessarily. 

A pointed edge can also help you get into tight spaces where flat blades are to access easily.  

In some cases, a curved edge can also be used to give you more clearance as well as allowing the tool to conform better with the shape of your material.


The blade of the knife should be tough enough to last for several years without becoming too brittle nor bending or folding at the tip when exposed to pressure during use.

For wet jobs, it’s important to choose a tool that doesn’t rust because this will only cause unexpected and irreversible damage and reduce its lifespan.


Choose a lightweight putty knife that is easy to handle and sturdy enough not to bend or let excess materials collect inside.   

Since you want to prevent unnecessary aches and pains while you work, choose a lightweight knife with ergonomic features for easier handling.

You’ll also want to keep your knife away from your body as much as possible because the drywall sheet can become quite heavy.



It’s important to use a putty knife that has the right size for your hand, which is why it must be proportionate to the rest of your body dimensions.

The length should also allow you to reach tight areas easily, so it’s important to choose one with a long handle if necessary.

A blade with an adjustable length is also convenient for people who use more than one size of drywall joint knives during project construction.


The price level of the putty knife should also be commensurate with the quality. It’s essential to choose one that offers the best value, compared to the other brands on the market.

To avoid overspending, make sure you do your research first to see which brand offers the best quality at an affordable price range.

There are lots of drywall putty knives currently available on the market. Most are manufactured for home use, but there are others that are designed for professionals in construction and carpentry.

It’s a good idea to go through a number of product reviews before you make a purchase to ensure you get the best quality at an affordable price.

Additional Tips

optimum blade control

Use Your Tapping Knife Right

Skimming blades level 5 adapter for mounting In order to get the most from your drywall taping knife, make sure you clean it every after use and keep it in a dry place to avoid rusting.

If you’re working with other people, make sure you all choose knives that can be easily identified from one another. This will help eliminate any confusion when it comes to choosing the right tool for the job.

In addition, you should also wear safety glasses to avoid any injury that can cause serious harm. Follow the manufacturer’s caution when it comes to using the knife in order to ensure that you don’t cause damage to property or harm yourself.

Drawbacks to Keep in Mind

Installation of drywall paper can be a tedious and time-consuming job, especially when you’re wading your way through the challenging choices in the market. Understanding the drawbacks of every product will help you cut down on this time considerably.

There are some disadvantages to using a putty knife that you need to consider in order to ensure you get one suitable for your projects:

A short handle makes it hard for taller users and forces them to rotate their wrist too much, which could cause discomfort or pain.  A blade that’s too wide will apply pressure on joints unnecessarily when it should be applied directly on the paper. It may also create an uneven surface due to the blade not being completely flat.

If you have a low budget, then investing in a top-quality knife that you’ll use only once or twice isn’t worth the cost. While there are budget knives available for low prices, they’re also not suitable for heavy use since they lack durability and comfort during long projects.

Selecting Options for Related Tools

putty knives features

You’ll need more than just a taping knife if you plan on getting a professional-looking result at home or on the job. A mud pan mixer will help you create a smooth finish that perfectly coats joints and provides an even texture before covering walls with paint or wallpaper.

That’s why it is important to consider purchasing these tools together from the beginning if they are compatible with one another.

If buying them separately, make sure they fit correctly into each other so as not to increase bulkiness during storage and transportation. 

Cleaning of Drywall Knife

There are different types of cleaning solutions for drywall putty knives. These include chemicals, tools, and other materials.

Chemical cleaners for drywall putty knives are usually pre-moistened clothes that can be used to clean the blades of drywall putty knives. After the compound is applied to the surface, you simply wipe it off and allow it to dry.

For more stubborn residues, you can use a brush or rag to wipe away dirt.

Another cleaning product for drywall taping knives is oven cleaner which doesn’t require you to heat it up. Simply place your tool in a plastic bag and spray the oven cleaner onto the blades, then allow it to sit for up to half an hour. Afterward, you simply rinse the compound and wipe the blade clean.

Lastly, you can use steel wool or high grit sandpaper to remove dried substances from the blades. Cutting edges should be sharpened with a grinder or honed on an oilstone, and the other parts should be polished with a flannel cloth.

Choosing The Right Drywall Taping Knife Without A Doubt

high quality trade tools

The right putty knife will help you reduce some time and effort when it comes to completing your project while leaving behind great results. A good tool can make all the difference in how quickly and easily you can prepare surfaces for painting or decorating so don’t underestimate its importance.

While there are many choices on the market, we’ve selected some of the most effective drywall taping tools that will help you complete your project and save you time and money.


What Size Knife Should you Use to Tape Drywall?

As a general rule, the blade size you use should be commensurate with the size of your hand.

The most common sizes are 6″ and 12″. However, the size you use will depend on your preference. As long as it’s comfortable, you can choose any size.

What’s the Difference Between a Drywall Taping Knife and a Scraper?

A taping knife is a multi-purpose tool used for smoothing as well as cutting. A taping knife has a sharp, replaceable blade for scraping off old layers of the compound from joints or other surfaces, and it’s also great for applying new compounds to the edges of the drywall.

A scraper, on the other hand, is usually made out of metal and is primarily used for removing dried substances like paint, wallpaper glue, caulking, etc.

Is there a Difference Between a Joint Knife and a Taping Knife?

Joint knives are generally smaller than taping knives. They are usually between 4″ and 6″ long but can be up to 8″. A joint knife typically has a wider blade than a taping knife which is used for applying compound into joints or seams.

Whereas taping knives are typically up to 12″ long, with blades that range from 3-5″ wide. Taping knives have a sharper edge and produce a smoother finish on drywall surfaces.

Will Using the Wrong Size Knife Damage your Walls?

Using the wrong sized taping knife will likely lead to poor results because you’ll have trouble properly smoothing out surfaces evenly. But using the right size tool should not damage your wall in any way.

If you’re in doubt about what tool to use, it’s best to go with the smaller option until you get more experience in drywall work and know more about the process.

What Should you use on your Hand when you’re Using a Drywall Taping Knife?

You definitely shouldn’t be using your bare hands since the tool contains blades that are meant for cutting or scraping through substances.

You can use protective gloves made from cloth or rubber since these materials provide protection while also flexible enough to allow you movement and dexterity.

How do you Tape drywall the Right Way?

To tape drywall the right way, you’ll need to apply a layer of a compound onto your wall. This can be done using an even coat with your taping knife.

After applying the entire surface of your wall, you then wait for it to harden and become tacky before smoothing out any imperfections. You may also use more compounds if needed.

What are the Pros and Cons of Glass Reinforced Nylon Core?

A benefit of a glass reinforced nylon core is that it’s durable. The glass fibers in the material make it strong without adding too much weight to the fixture.

The downside of this material is that it can be brittle, meaning it may crack or break when you need to cut through it. It also doesn’t offer a great range of design possibilities and colors like metal borders would.

It’s also worth noting that while you might think unbreakable, glass reinforced nylon core does not break down in landfills and has long-lasting consequences on the environment after we’ve discarded it.

Are Putty Knives the Same as Drywall Taping Knives?

A putty knife is typically not the same thing as a drywall taping knife.

A putty knife is usually around 4″ long and has a wide blade, while drywall taping knives typically range in size from 6-12″ long.

A putty knife is typically used for applying putty in nail holes, removing caulk from surfaces, etc.

What Does a Stainless Steel Blade do for a Drywall Taping Knife?

A stainless steel blade is resistant to corrosion and oxidation (rust) and is softer and more flexible than carbon steel blades.

This makes stainless steel blades ideal for any materials that naturally produce corrosive elements such as wood, metal, or stone. Stainless steel blades can also cut through heavy materials with ease.

Last Thoughts

When it comes to finishing your drywall project, you can’t afford to skimp out by buying low-quality tools. As the saying goes, “buy cheap, buy twice,” and that’s true for just about anything.

A high-quality taping knife will help you complete your next project in no time while also giving you great results.

We hope this article was good enough to give some good knowledge about drywall taping knives. Comment below to let us know what you think 🙂

Best Drywall Taping Knives Review 2024 : Beginners Buying
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