Best Grain Bin Paint : Top 5 Reviews of 2024

Best Grain Bin Paint

A grain bin is an important piece of farming equipment that can store lots of corn, wheat, or soybeans. Yet over time the paint on these bins begins to wear off and they start to rust. 

When this happens, it’s often difficult for farmers to find a good quality paint that will last on the metal surface without peeling right back off again. This is especially true if you live in a humid climate where rain and moisture are abundant. 

In this article, we will discuss the best grain bin paint on the market and review them at length to help you decide which one is right for you.

Majic Distempers 8-9400-2


Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant

Our Top 5 Grain Bin Paint

Paint is a critical component in the longevity and effectiveness of grain bin production. The type of paint chosen for this process needs to be high quality so that it will not wear out quickly due to environmental factors such as moisture, temperature changes.

In order to make sure that you have selected the best grain bin paint for your needs, there are several key factors that must be considered before making a final decision.

1. Majic Distempers 8-9400-2

Looking to refresh your grain bins, but not sure what paint to choose?

Majic distempers have the solution for the perfect outcome. With our specialized products that do not require priming or sanding, you can be confident in your new look with minimal effort.

Diamond Hard Acrylic Enamel is water-based and long-lasting both on external and internal exteriors (can be mixed and matched with other Majic paintings).

Chalkboard Acrylic Paint offers an ultra smooth matte surface that doesn’t buff off like chalk paint when rubbed against by furniture; it comes in a variety of colours.

This versatile “dual coat” formula can either be painted over your original colour or used as a primer, which can save you time and money in the long run.

Our distempers are designed to make all of our customers successful when completing their painting project with Majic Paints. We offer many different colours and finishes that will suit your unique preferences.

Once you’ve decided on a product, take into consideration how much room you have to apply it. Majic Paint products are highly concentrated so a little goes a long way, but if you’re short on time, you can dilute the paint before application for optimal results.

Our paints are available in 1L, 2L and 4L containers. Be sure to read the label for proper application and always wear the necessary safety gear and clothing during and after application.

Highlighted Features

  • Is high-quality, aqueous, and tough as nails paint.
  • Does not require priming or sanding which means minimal effort to get the perfect result.
  • Is long lasting on both external and internal exteriors which can be mixed with other Majic Paints.
  • Feature a matte finish that won’t buff on furniture, multiple colour options, and is versatile.
  • Offers a variety of finishes to ensure that every client’s painting project is successful.

2. Rust-Oleum’s ADHESIVE PRIMER 286258

Rust-Oleum’s ADHESIVE PRIMER 286258 is specially designed with experts in the field to offer solutions for every job.

Whether you require a premium primer or industrial-strength endurance, they have your needs covered.

These best selling primers come in traditional quart/gallon options as well as quick apply aerosols for tough jobs on most exteriors including difficult areas like plaster, drywall and metal just to name a few.

It guarantees better adhesion than ordinary paints so that your work does not easily scratch off topcoat paint while doing any of the following

A smooth base layer makes applying top coat painting easy by sealing problem spots, such as mold and water damage odors, so that paint does not have to be applied as many times. 

Covering dark and bright colours with clear or transparent paint to make painting easier and paint to last longer.

It is important to note that they can responsibly be used for both interior and outdoor applications. 

The water-based formula will dry to the touch in 30 minutes and is ready to recoat within an hour, which is  perfect for quick, efficient painting. 

The paint can cover up to 100 square feet and has excellent stain blocking resistance meaning it can be used over any oil or latex topcoat. 

The gray colour of this product works great under vibrant, vivid colours – saving you both time and money on paint by improving the hide and coverage of deep topcoats.

Highlighted Features

  • Premium primer with industrial-strength endurance
  • Clear or transparent paint to make painting easier and paint to last longer.
  • The formula is ready to recoat within an hour and is dry to the touch within half hour.
  • It provides a high level of stain resistance, so it can be applied over any oil-based or latex-based topcoat.
  • This gray undercoat improves topcoat color by concealing and covering blemishes.

3. Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant

Liquid Rubber is an eco-friendly and non-toxic sealant that provides an easy waterproof membrane.

The product can be used for commercial, industrial and residential markets which will solve the problems of sealing gaps, protrusions and joints around roofs or foundations which create vulnerability points to external exposure.

Buyers can choose from other applications such as metal roofs or wooden surfaces with which you would require 2-4 heavy coats to achieve 30 mil (0.76 mm) of protection.

Liquid Rubber will also work for any kind of damp spaces like basements by weathering the storm through its strong durability properties while providing UV protection to ensure your project lasts longer than expected without degradation in quality over time.

Make it a DIY project and save money without the need to hire expensive contractors.

Buyers can accomplish all kinds of projects by simply applying the product with either a paintbrush or roller, making this an easy process for anyone to take on big or small projects.

Liquid Rubber is safe for you, your family, pets and plants and creates a seamless membrane that resists water penetration and damage from moisture, sunlight, chlorides, and toxic compounds.

It is environmentally friendly with no diluents or VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Highlighted Features

  • An eco-friendly and non-toxic sealant that provides an easy waterproof membrane.
  • Perfect for commercial, industrial and residential markets.
  • Rain Proofs humid areas, such as basements, and provides UV protection.
  • Easily applied with a paintbrush or roller for a quick process on large or small projects.
  • Safe for you, your family, pets and plants with no solvents or VOCs.

4. Rust-Oleum 1976502 Painter’s Touch

Rust-Oleum 1976502 Painter’s Touch can be used on interior and exterior surfaces.

It dries quickly and provides an excellent hide, so projects are completed faster. The paint will not chip and fade on a variety of different types of surfaces; metal, wood, plaster or stone/masonry.

It can be easily cleaned up with water when it comes to the end of your project using this product!

This paint can cover 120 square feet when properly applied (roughly 12 steps by 10 steps in size).

This product is a high-quality latex formula which spreads easily and covers better than most brush-on distempers.

It provides long lasting color to enhance your indoor or outdoor living space. This thick paint will not chip or fade on over time making it durable against the elements.

This product comes in flat black with an elegant finish that minimizes surface imperfections. It is one of the best grain bin paint on the market

With this water-based varnish coating, you will have a mild scent, and it allows immediate use with no wait time before applying or re-coating.

The paint’s superior durability against chipping and fading makes it the best paint for grain bins on the market today.

Highlighted Features

  • It delivers a high-quality, reliable product.
  • The paint will not chip or fade on metal, wood, plaster, stone, and masonry exteriors.
  • When it’s time to finish your project, you can easily clean it up with water.
  • This paint can cover 120 square feet when properly applied.
  • The latex formula spreads easily and covers better than most brush-on distempers.

5. POR-15 45808 Top Coat Gloss Black Paint

POR-15 Topcoat is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for high quality paint that they can apply on both metal exteriors and wood. It has fantastic adhesion qualities so you don’t have to worry about any nicks or cracks on the surface of your item.

POR-15 Topcoat will protect any metal surface from oxidation and corrosion, so long as the metal; steel or Aluminum; is already in good shape. If there are any problems with your surface, you should probably consider POR-15 oxidization Preventive Coating instead!

It works great for preventing corrosion and can be applied directly to unpainted metal, which is great for protecting your product!

POR-15 has excellent adhesion and durability, so you know it will always stay on a Steel or Aluminum surface for your protection. With its generous coverage and opaque finish, POR-15 Top Layer looks as good as brand new after years of use.

This varnish is a tough, gloss finish that’s non-toxic, so it’s safe to apply in your home.

Highlighted Features

  • No necessity for primer
  • Covers large areas quickly and easily
  • Dries quickly for easy use outdoors
  • High quality paint that’s perfect for metal and wood exteriors
  • Provides excellent adhesion and protection against oxidize and corrosion

Factors to Consider:



Durability refers to the length of time before the color begins to peel or chip off. When you choose the best grain bit paint, make sure it will last long even when exposed to weather and other external factors.

All in One Coat

One layer coverage means that you only need to apply one layer of color, and it will cover the wall. Multi-layered exterior colors can lead to uneven finishes and issues with durability.

Mildew Resistant

Mildew and mould are what can happen when moisture is left to grow for a long time. If you are storing for longer than recommended, the grain is more likely to start harbouring mould and mildew.

You should select the best grain bin paint of your choice which has the quality to stop the grain from becoming mildewed or infested with mould.


Grain bins can be expensive to buy and difficult to maintain. You should select the best grain bin paint of your choice which can provide UV protection and lasts for years without chipping or peeling off as other distempers do.

Anti-fading Properties


If you plan on storing your grain for a long time, you’ll want to select the best grain bin paint of your choice with fade resistance capabilities. This will make sure your paint stays true to colour and doesn’t fade away over time.

Different Shades 

There are a lot of different paint shades on the market, but be careful to choose what one best matches your grain bin. If you find that it’s not possible to find an exact match, you can mix two or more paint colors together in order to get a color close enough to your needs.


Is it Really Necessary to Paint My Grain Bin?

The paint on your bin affects its performance in several ways. The paint protects your bin from weather, improving its life span. It also helps prevent corrosion, which reduces the amount of maintenance you want to do on your bin.

How Much Paint do I Require for a Grain Bin?

Assuming the average sizes of grain bins in North America, You’ll be needing about 150-180 litres of varnish to cover the outside with two coatings .

Natural or Synthetic Paint?

Both natural and synthetic distempers work well for this task. The difference is that the natural paint comes in colors like gray, while the synthetic one is available in white.

How Do You Coat your Metal Edge with Paint?

A sponge can be put wet around the edging and then using a circular motion you will need to paint it over, this will ensure that the paint is evenly distributed.


Be sure to use different types of paint on exteriors that come into contact with food items such as shelves and ramps in addition to determining how many layers of paint you will require.

Also, keep in mind that the paint is available in different colours and that it is usually recommended to scrub on the paint because the grains don’t show through.

Our goal with this article was to provide you with valuable information, and we hope you found the best grain bin paint that works for you.

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Best Grain Bin Paint : Top 5 Reviews of 2024
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