Best Lubricant For Electric Fan Motor : Top 9 Picks for 2024

Best Lubricant For Electric Fan Motor

The lubricant is a key component in the electric fan motor system. It will help to reduce the friction between moving parts and make it last longer. It also provides necessary cooling and protection for the gears, bearings, and other components that are exposed to high temperatures during operation.

The lubricant must be compatible with all of these components, as well as any sealants or gaskets in order to provide an effective barrier against moisture intrusion. There are many types of lubricants on the market, but only one type is perfect for your particular electric fan motor. 

This article will explore some of the best options for motor oils currently available on the retail market today.

3-IN-ONE 10038 Multi-Purpose Oil

WD-40 Multi-Use Product

CRC – 3045 Power Lube

Our Top 5 Lubricant for electric Fan Motor

For well-working and long-lasting electric fan motors, it is important to use the best lubricant.

There are many types of lubricants available in the market today. In choosing one for electric fan motors you should consider factors like viscosity, temperature range, compatibility with other materials used on the motor’s surface or exposed to its environment; and finally cost.

Our hand-picked products will help you to avoid the hassles of choosing from a wide selection and guide you to the right choice.

1. 3-IN-ONE 10038 Multi-Purpose Oil

If you’re looking for a product that has characteristics of all three, or even just one, then this 3-in-one 10038 Multi-Purpose Oil is what you need.

3-IN-ONE Multi-purpose Oil has been an essential household tool since 1894, and it comes with a fill gauge indicator letting users know when it’s time to replenish.

It is capable of lubricating, cleaning and protecting almost anything in your home with the help from its updated packaging.

With a pump dispenser design it ensures that you don’t waste any oil and get as much out as possible every time you use it to apply to your surfaces.

This Oil is formulated with natural ingredients like Alkylbenzene sulfonic acid (ABS) which protects your metal parts from rust as well as dispersing contaminants so they can easily be wiped off once applied.

This Oil is formulated for maximum performance and can be used on a wide range of surfaces, even rubber and synthetic materials.

The fact that it contains biodegradable ingredients means you will not have to worry about where the Oil will end up once it is applied around the house.

Moreover, Oil does not have an overpowering smell and does not have an overly chemical smell but rather a clean Oil scent which allows you to continue with whatever task you’re doing while your tools won’t get tired from holding so tightly or slip from Oil being all over.

Oil formula also contains a high-viscosity Oil, which means Oil will keep its shape and not be flimsy, so Oil can lubricate surfaces for a longer period of time without reapplying.

The lubricant properties of Oil, such as paraffin and silicone, help keep surfaces protected and lubricated, and Oil helps keep those surfaces protected.

Highlighted Features

  • 10038 Multi-Purpose Oil is safe for use with metal surfaces and a wide range of surfaces.
  • It protects against rust and disburses contaminants.
  • Because it is biodegradable, any spills won’t harm the environment or animals.
  • Oil has a clean fragrance, which prevents users from getting fatigued from inhaling it.

2. WD-40 Smart Straw Sprays 2 Ways

The WD-40 Multi-Use Product is a 50 state VOC compliant, safe and effective multi-purpose lubricant that protects against rust, penetrates to free stuck parts or removes adhesives and deposits.

The WD-40 Multi-Use Product is actually a “multi-use toolbox” equipped with a Smart Straw for 2 methods of spraying.

This new smart straw applicator enables the user to stream via the flip down tube or spray using the pressure from air exiting up through the straw.

The newly designed nozzle puts you in control of product flow by adjusting how much comes out for precise usage and accurate application to tight spaces.

In addition to its more than 2000 known applications, you can depend on it to meet your needs for 60 years because of its versatility, affordability, and superior performance on tough tasks around yard and home.

It Provides protection against rust on electric fan motors, tools, equipment, vehicles and more while providing a non-slip surface to help prevent falls and improve traction.

It Penetrates stuck or frozen parts to free them up and loosens rusted bolts and nuts to quickly get your job done. Furthermore, it Cleans sticky mechanisms like hinges or other parts that are hard to budge.

Highlighted Features

  • Affordable price
  • VOC compliant for all 50 states
  • Sticks and freezes stuck or frozen parts
  • Loosening bolts or nuts
  • Eliminates adhesives, corrosion, rust, sticking, corroding

3. CRC – 3045 Power Lube

There is a big selection of lubricants for your electric fan motors out there and it can get pretty overwhelming. If you are looking for one that has a little more bite, we recommend CRC – 3045 Power Lube.

Sitting in the top-tier 10 percent of lubricants on the market, CRC’s Power Lube is a high-performance non-Detergent oil that features exceptional anti-wear properties and outstanding rust protection.

One incentive for using this particular option over some of the others is its NSF H2 registered status which means it’s compliant with the Uniform Safety Standards in meat processing plants and pH balance friendly to food processing operations.

In addition, CRC delivers 4000 pounds per square inch along on falex load test ASTM D-3233 as opposed to just 350 pounds on most other products available which ensures your equipment won’t be less durable than when it was new!

You can also use it effectively for prolonged life and better operating efficiency for electric fan motor parts and equipment such as applying liquid bearings.

CRC offers customers NDAs (Non Dated Application) one of the benefits being easier storage due to it never expiring unlike other products which have expiration dates listed on them!

Use this lubricant for any machine’s internal moving components including gears, motors, linkages, chains, cables-rollers etc.

The Power Lube with PTFE is a high performance lubricant with an extremely versatile range of applications. From applying liquid bearings to meat processing plants, this product is a solid choice for any heavy duty task.

Highlighted Features

  • High-performance lubricant for heavy-duty tasks.
  • 4000 pounds on load test ASTM D3233.
  • Long-lasting and more durable than when it was new.
  • NDAs (Non Dated Application) saves space and never expires unlike other products.

4. Lucas Oil 10393 Penetrant Aerosol

Many electricians chose the Lucas electric motor oil for their own home or personal use, because it works reliably and will not give them any maintenance issues in the future.

Other popular choices include those with superior advertising campaigns such as 3in1, WD-40 etc.

But if you self choose your lubricant based on word of mouth or advertisement campaigns alone there might be consequences.

Lucas oil is a multipurpose lubricant that electricians across the country have applied successfully for electric fan motors, electric chainsaw motors or electric door chime systems.

Lucas oil is made of an advanced synthetic base fluid, blended to be formulated for electric motors used in ventilator and blower applications.

Lucas oil provides effective lubrication against wear and friction with a high degree of thermal stability at elevated temperatures.

It contains polymeric additive technology which will provide protection from rust and oxidation that occurs as metallic particles are generated on the armature surface.

This product also features special additives that inhibit degradation & wear by reducing drag film formation, minimizing friction between moving parts, and preventing solid metal to metal contact necessary for oxidation or thermal cracking failures.

The electric motor lubricants were designed for fans used in HVAC industry such as under-the-counter exhaust fans; electromagnetic fans (air movers) used in electric fan motors, electric heating units and electric furnaces.

Highlighted Features

  • Preserves electric fan motors used in blowers, fans and electric heaters.
  • Provides optimal lubrication against wear and corrosion.
  • Provide electricity during power outages while preventing circuits from burning. 
  • Formulated for electric fan motors from an advanced synthetic base fluid.

5. CRC 03081 Machine Oil Spray

For over 100 years, CRC has been a leader in manufacturing the best silicone and animal fat free lubricants (CRC 02167) to keep you operating at peak performance.

The CRC 03081 is a non-silicone  lubricant, with virtually no color or smell.

The EP oil helps loosen rust and scale on any machinery for everyday needs of an electrician.

The CRC 03081 is NSF H1 certified for unintentional dietary exposure.

With zero VOC, the product features no acrylic or colorant, and is safe for steel, timber, vinyl or coated materials.

The slick oil resists from sticking to any surface and will not hydrolyze like polyols or esters. The oil will stay slippery for hundreds of hours and can stay clean for up to two years.

The lubricant is designed for use on all kinds of machinery including electric motors with a high temperature rating up to 350°F (177°C).

It is also useful as a penetrant when loosening rusted parts that cannot be removed by mechanical means.

The lubricant will not get sticky or tacky and it can easily be applied at a temperature as low as 4°F (-16°C).

It is unaffected by UV radiation, chemicals, water and high humidity.

Worried about the environment? Their solvents, reagents and process chemicals don’t contain any carcinogens, reproductive toxins, electro-conductive compounds or heavy metals like lead to make them safe for use in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Highlighted Features

  • Non-silicone lubricant, with virtually no color or smell
  • Stays slippery for hundreds of hours and stays clean for up to 2 years
  • Lubricant is designed for use on all kinds of machinery including electric motors
  • Does not contain any carcinogens, reproductive toxins, electro conductive compounds or heavy metals like lead
  • Airtight, light proof and waterproof containers preserve the full viscosity of the product for years

Factors to Consider:

Factors to Consider

Easy to Apply

Some containers are built such that they are easy to squeeze, which makes controlling clear and light oil flow. There are also deep reach areas that this oil can access such as small electric fan motors inside devices like sewing machines and other equipment where you would ordinarily need a screwdriver or pliers for manipulation.

Power Consumption

First, you should consider how much power you use in electric fan motors. The more power it is going to take, the more heavy duty the lubricant should be.


You also have to consider which lubricants are compatible with electric fan motors. Some of them have a specific type that they recommend such as silicone which is best for electric fans with electric fan motors. There are some electric fan motors that require grease or lubricant oil so that they don’t wear out.


lubricant for electric

The best lubricant for fans will generally be oil based lubricant or silicone based lubricant. An electric fan uses a direct drive electric motor. That is, there are no gears between the electric fans and electric fan motors.


The fan motors are what spins the electric fan blades. Without a well-maintained motor, no electric fan would work and would eventually break down. It’s important to properly lubricate motors every year or two depending on how often the electric fans are used.

It’s best to change the lubricant in electric fans once a year on average, but if you use it every day and/or live in a very hot climate, you may want to do it sooner.


right lubricant

After you’ve picked out the type of motor lubricant to use, you may need to mix it with motor lubricant oil and coolant. Electric fan coolant will help your electric motor last longer, but electric fan oil is what lubricates motors.

Storage Option

When you buy a lubricant, read the label and safety instructions. These instructions might tell you how to store your lubricant. Different types of lubricants need different storage conditions. Additionally, lubricants should not be stored near sharp objects because they can pierce their casings.

No Harmful Emission

Oil based lubricants for electric fans do not produce any trace of gas or fumes that could harm people inhaling it, unlike ordinary oil. They are free from harmful chemical compounds and are less likely to cause environmental pollution.


good lubricant

Less Maintenance

Fans operating with lubricant will require less maintenance and will also cause less wear and tear on the electric motor.


Lube oil is less costly than ordinary oils that could be used to replace it. Depending on the amount of electrical fans you have operating in your home or office, this is a great savings because you will not be spending that much money on replacing fans.

Reduce Power Consumption

Lubes for fans will help to reduce power consumption. Cooling is an expensive process especially when done by air-conditioning units. Reduction of power consumption will help in the reduction of electrical bills and also help in saving our environment.

Reduce Noise Level

Reduce Noise Level

The best lubricant for a fan motor makes it run quietly, which is a great advantage especially in residential areas and if you are using a fan in your office that would be running 24/7. This is because noisy fans can disturb or distract people from work they are doing, and if they are in your office working all day long, the noise can cause a huge impact on them.

Long Shelf life

The fan motors work best for both home and industrial use and have a longer shelf life as compared to fan motors run on ordinary oil or fluid. 

Suitable for All Weather

Electric motor lubricants do not require electric fan motors to be used at specific temperatures, electric fan motors can be used in all weathers, including cold weathers.


How Often Should You Change a Lubricant in a Fan Motor?

Changing the lubricant in a fan motor can be done every 1-5 years, depending on how often the motor is being used. I would recommend changing your electric fan motor’s lubricant at least once every year to ensure that your electric fan motor remains well lubricated and working at its optimum capacity.

Is it Better to Use Silicone or Oil Based Lubricant on a Fan Motor?

It is usually best to use silicone lubricant on electric fan motors because it doesn’t get as old and cakey as oil-based lubricants do. It’s also a must to make sure you’re not using any type of lubricant that’s too greasy or toxic because it can cause problems with the bearing and coils in the motor.

How Much Oil do I Need for a Fan Motor?

For most fans, it’s only necessary to drop a few on certain points. It’s easy to be tempted by the larger oil quantity for sale, but nothing is more. If you don’t get enough machine components to clean out them you’re better off taking out a small squeeze bottle. Pour 2 or 3 drops for an exact result .If you’re using more oil than needed to start up a fan it can potentially cause problems.

How do I Tell Which Lubricant Works Best With My Fan?

All large appliances with a fan will show a good lubrication for the fan in their owners’ Manuals. If you are looking for something that keeps a handheld fan lubricated then you could just go for a generic product. The only thing that matters depends on the motor type and on what you’re trying for lubrication.

How to Get the Most Out of My Lubricant Oil?

Fans are assembled and disassembled in most cases. Thus, for lubricating the motor the grill and blade can be removed from the front of the fan. If the motor has been caught with a grille then you will reverse the action and free the motor immediately. 

Apply lubricants in the shafts and oil terminals of the motor. Pour 2 or 3 drops for an exact result. Then reassemble to get the right figure of the fan and give it a few minutes to recover. Give it a chance at recovery after the power engine recovered from the initial shock and a stress of power under pressure.


You can find the best lubricant for your electric fan motor available in our list of top 5 best lubricants for electric fan motors. These fluids will keep your motors clean and working like new. These products are of high-grade and quality. So you save your money while buying these lubricants for your fan motor.

I hope this article satisfies your queries in search of the best lubricant for electric fan motor and we wish you good luck with your repair works.

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