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Swimming pool heating can be expensive and time-consuming cause of all the money you spend on gas and electricity. Did you know there is a way to keep your swimming pool temperature high without hurting your wallet?

Due to their efficiency, the best pool solar rings are an excellent investment for any pool. Not only will they keep the water heated, but they’ll also filter out dirt and debris that can end up costing you time and money at the pool store.

Solar pool rings have been tested in many climates for long periods of time and have been found to be one of the finest solutions for heating pools, also easy to use, affordable, and environmentally friendly.

We’re gonna tell you the top 10 solar pool rings reviews. Also included are highlights of each product, choosing instructions, and a few common questions surrounding the best solar pool rings.

Solar Sun Rings Pool Covers Austin TX

Solar Sun Rings 10 Pack

Solar Sun Rings SSR 1 Pool Heater

Here are The Top 10 Best Pool Solar Rings

There are many different types of rings, and you’ll need to compare their features before deciding which one is best for you. We’ve listed our top picks below:

1. Solar Sun Rings Pool Covers Austin TX

Solar Sun Rings Pool Covers Austin TX is a pool cover that has ultraviolet-resistant vinyl and insulates air to focus sunlight onto the blue surface beneath. This is one of the best solar pool rings available.

The blue layer absorbs about 50 percent of sunlight, converts it to heat, and allows passage for deep water heating.

The solar pool ring covers are great because they boost the temperature in your swimming pool by up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit without exposing you or anyone else at home to harmful elements like chlorine chemicals like saltwater filters that don’t affect them either.

They’re also easy to remove when needed (and very easy to clean!) but will work regardless of weather conditions, so you’ll always have warm water even during the winter months. It’ll help retain solar heat and reduce swimming pool water evaporation at night as well.

The solar pool ring is made from durable, heavy-duty material to last a long time. They’ll even hold up in storm conditions with windy conditions or rain. They’re easy to remove and put back on and can be stacked out of the way when you store them.

They also have a weighting system that keeps them from drifting or being blown around when they’re outside of the water. They don’t require extra maintenance and will even function with saltwater systems too.

Highlighted Features:

  • UV and weather-resistant
  • Solar-powered, so no batteries
  • Heats up at night and reduces evaporation
  • Heats up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Easy to remove, clean, and stack

2. Solar Sun Rings 10 Pack

Solar Sun Rings 10 Pack enclose a pool and hide the components for passive solar pool heating. They are made from ultraviolet-resistant vinyl material that has a transparent top layer that is covered by water during daylight hours so that the heat can be converted into light.

The design allows the underneath to absorb sunlight which heats up the device fast and then it’s powered mainly through natural heat retention at night.

Each package contains six magnets, which are used to attach the best solar pool rings together so they don’t drift away. Each level of this product is designed to be positioned and removed easily by one person.

The main purpose of this Solar Sun Ring is that you can heat the swimming pool without overspending on energy bills which makes it a great alternative to solar covers.

The durability of these solar pool rings is of the highest quality with a polished top layer and a 50% density frosted lower layer which is able to withstand many seasons.

Designed for long-term use without creating unattractive green algae problems, this unit is considered one of the best investments you could make in your pool.

The weight of the product is 3.2 lbs. That can be easily handled by anyone to make placing and removal simpler. Designed for above-ground pools, the Solar Sun Rings are available in blue color only.

Highlighted Features:

  • Designed for above-ground pools
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Durable vinyl material with easy removal
  • Includes 6 magnets for easy placement
  • UV resistant for long term use

3. Solar Sun Rings SSR 1 Pool Heater

Solar Sun Rings SSR 1 Solar Pool Warmer is passive solar floating discs that provide heat from the sun to your swimming pool. Do remember that these Solar Sun Rings are only floating pool solar discs and do not function as covers for your entire pool.

The waves of these creatures support a large surface area with which the solar material absorbs sunlight and converts it into heat for your pool’s water temperature.

This product has a layer of blue on the bottom side, which provides a translucent blue appearance on top of your pool and each unit comes with 6 magnets that can be used to separate the rings.

This will provide you with a relaxing, warm swimming pool during the day and even at night when it is not covered by a solar panel or blanket. There are also rivets on the sides of these creatures, which allow for easy inflation and deflation.

These floating solar sun rings effectively heat your swimming pool through a passive heating system where they absorb sunlight and convert it into heat for your pool’s water temperature

You can swim comfortably as they help redirect extra costs on electricity bills. Stop using up energy, combating high utility costs all you need is the integrated solar pool rings and enough sunshine.

Highlighted Features:

  • The solar cover comes in a 3 pack
  • Comes with 6 magnets for easy separation
  • Comes with easy-to-follow instructions
  • High-tech super bright look that glows at night
  • Made of durable, innovative material
  • Size: 13.9 x 9.61 x 4.09 inches, weight: 2 pounds

4. Solar Sun Rings with Water Anchors

Solar Sun Rings with Water Anchors the SSRA-100 passive solar pool heating ring is made from two layers of UV rays vinyl to evenly distribute the sun’s rays.

The solar ring can be mounted on any swimming pool, regardless of their size or shape. They also don’t require a heater pump, unlike other solar pool rings.

The sun’s rays are directed from the upper layer to the bottom layer, which absorbs approximately half of the sunlight and converts it into heat.

Resting sunlight is filtered through the solar pool cover ring and into your pool water. These are an economical way to beat the heat, without spending a fortune.

They will not only keep the water warm but also filter out any dirt or debris that could end up costing you money at the pool shop.

The solar panel has been extensively tested in many climates and for extended periods of time. They have been shown to be one of the most effective heating solutions without causing a large increase in your utility bills.

You would have to run your filter pump 24 hrs a day without solar ring heating. These solar pool rings are powered by passive solar energy, so there’s no need to run pumps or filters.

Highlighted Features:

  • Keeps water warm and filters out dirt
  • Made from 2 layers of UV-resistant vinyl
  • Absorbs approximately half the sunlight
  • Mounts on any pool, no matter its size or shape

5. Solar Sun Rings Floating Pool Heater

Solar Sun Rings Floating Solar Pool Warmer has been created as passive solar pool heating devices.

Made from two layers of UV-resistant vinyl, the top clear layer uses a clear glue to direct sun rays to the bottom layer, which has an adhesive backing and soaks up around 50% of the rays to create heat for your pool.

You can see through the solar ring as they have a slightly cloudy appearance due to having no thermal barrier protecting them from water loss by means of waves or wind overnight (a necessity if you use one without adding a solar blanket).

The solar ring pool cover ring is 7.5 inches in diameter and comes with 6 magnets attached that will hold it together once positioned correctly on the side of your pool. Do not over inflate and do not put it underwater.

The most positive aspects of these solar pool rings are their extremely lightweight and if you have a pool that has a frame there’s no need for “solar covers” as the heat from the sun will be able to pass through into your pool.

They also come at a very competitive price. However, beware as some sellers advertise their products as being larger than they really are.

Highlighted Features:

  • 6 ultra-strong magnets are attached
  • Easy to install and maintenance-free
  • 7.5 inches in diameter, can be cut to size
  • 10 – 15 degrees increase in pool temperature

6. Solar Sun Rings SSR-1 Pool Heater Lily Pads

Solar Sun Rings SSR-1 Solar Heater Lily Pads are an affordable way to beat the heat without breaking the bank.

Solar rings have been tested in many climates for long periods of time and have been found to be one of the best solutions for heating pools without costing a fortune on your utility bills.

Rings cover 70 to 80 percent of the pool, and each unit provides 21,000 BTU per day. This solar pool ring attaches quickly and easily onto any threaded pipe or bar with included U-bolt clamping device.

Solar Pool warm devices are also priced well below most other heated pool alternatives such as gas, electric panels, and pump systems with no moving parts that can fail.

The solar pool rings are almost 60 inches in diameter and inflatable with a high solar heat retention bladder along with a two-compartment ballast system that holds over 1 lb. of sand each.

With this product, you can heat your pool from the top down instead of bottom-up saving you money on chemicals and water.

The solar pool rings are made with a flexible polyethylene material that contours to the shape of your pool providing a snug fit that won’t come off unless you want it to.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fits any threaded pipe or bar
  • U-bolt clamping device included
  • Flexible polyethylene material
  • Contours to the shape of your pool
  • Provides 21,000 BTU per day

7. Solar Sun Rings SSSA Solar Hot Tub Water Heater

Solar Sun Rings SSSA Solar Hot Tub Water Heater converts the sun’s heat into warm pool water. The hot tub heats faster than a traditional water heater and saves you time and money on energy costs.

The inner grid provides a complete thermal solar blanket for your tub and is guaranteed to never fade or deteriorate. Waterproof solar pool cover with heavy-duty handles provides safety and convenience for installation and removal of the system.

Blue colors with sunburst design that custom fits any hot tub or pool. This product comes in 5 Ft long with the same width. Simple 4.5 pounds provides great portability.

Not only will they provide a constant source of heated water for you to enjoy, but they’ll also filter out any dirt and debris which can clog up your pool filters and end up costing you more money at the pool store.

The solar pool heater ring is compatible with automatic cleaners. It is easy to clean & remove by one person on your own, which saves you time and effort.

This product is great for those with limited space because it doesn’t require much maintenance or set up to use. Breaks apart easily if it falls into the pool, which prevents any accidents or injuries.

Highlighted Features:

  • Requires no additional pump
  • Custom-fit for hot tubs and pools
  • Can be used with automatic cleaners
  • Grommets add strength to the outer seams
  • Keeps your pool or spa free from dirt and debris

8. Solar Sun Rings – Spa Cover Solar Sun Squares for Pool

Solar Sun Squares for Pool heating accessories for outdoor pools, spas, and hot tubs. They provide an easy solution to help you use solar energy to heat your pool during the day so you can enjoy it later in the evening or at night.

Their slotted design allows water to come through them while still covering your deck or patio area. Solar Sun ring Squares maximizes the swimming season starting 4-6 weeks earlier than without solar fluid circulating throughout it.

The Solar Suns not only protect your children, pets against the harmful ultraviolet radiation that the sun emits, but they also help reduce water evaporation. This is an important consideration when heating with flowing water during the summer months.

A thicker solar pool heater ring material means it can retain heat better than the thin, flimsy ones. The larger size covers more space than other brands while still fitting into most traditional deck boxes.

Simply fill these squares with water and hang them over the side of the pool where they will absorb heat from the sun’s rays, then simply drop their weighted bottom down into a below-ground or above a ground-style container of static temperature salt water so that all year round you have a refreshing heated pool.

Highlighted Features:

  • High-quality materials are used
  • Insulation is better with a thick mat
  • Covers more area than other brands
  • A weighted bottom falls into saltwater
  • Item comes in 24 x 12 x 3 inches

9. Solar Sun Rings Pool Heater

Solar Sun Rings Solar Heater is made of durable vinyl and can’t let water through. They’re ideal for pools that have automatic cleaners. The air inside the container acts as an insulation blanket at night to retain the heat from daytime.

To help keep the magnets in place on each Solar Sun Ring, they will also be separated in the event that a pool cover ring is caught by a pool cleaner.

Heavyweight U.V. six magnets provide extra strength and clarity, allowing for single solar rings for swimming pool removal or rafting. The blue layer absorbs approximately 50% of the direct sunlight and converts it into heat.

Solar Sun Rings can also be used to reduce evaporation and heat the pool once it has reached a comfortable temperature.

These solar pool heaters can be used with automatic pool cleaners. If the suction hose is caught, the solar sun rings will release from the pool cleaner and allow the pool to clean on its own.

Solar Sun Rings’ high-grade vinyl material is made up of two layers. The vinyl layers are inert and obstruct water from evaporating. This means that you won’t lose water or chemicals.

Highlighted Features:

  • Vinyl is resistant to pool chemicals
  • Solar Sun Rings can be used year-round
  • The air-filled bead chamber is non-toxic
  • Solar Sun Rings are resistant to UV rays

10. SwimWays Store – Swimways Thermaspring Solar Mat

The Swimways Thermaspring Solar Mat reduces ground pool water and chemical evaporation, while also maintaining and raising the pool’s temperature with natural energy.

The twist-and-fold technology of each Solar Mat is easily used by both children and adults, while the solar mat can be left out in any climate for a long period of time without any problems.

Multiple swimming mats are needed to achieve suitable coverage that should be between 70% -80% of your pool surface area. These inexpensive, high-quality mats make it easy to beat the heat this summer.

With this product, you can keep your pool clean and inviting. The adjustable-length springs provide easy storage, while the oval shape accommodates any size or shape of the pool.

This thermo spring solar mat ring is recommended to be used on a pool that covers at least 10′ x 20′. Ground swimming pools that are larger may need additional mats for optimum performance.

The oval shape of the mat makes it great for any pool shape or size. For maximum effectiveness, use multiple Solar Mats. This product includes the solar mat only and does not include any other equipment or chemicals.

Highlighted Features:

  • Help raise pool temperature naturally
  • Evaporates water and chemicals less
  • Easy storage and portability with springs
  • 70-80 percent solar coverage
  • Easy to use, the oval shape fits any pool

These are our top of the best solar rings for swimming pool. All of the best solar rings for pool have high ratings and reviews. You can confidently choose any of the solar rings for pool heating above as they are both high-quality and affordable.

There are plenty of factors to consider when choosing solar rings for swimming pools, along with a variety of different types and brands to consider. So how can you select pool solar rings easily?

A Guide to Choosing a Top Pool Solar Rings

solar blanket for pool water

Choosing the right pool solar cover is an important decision. If you’re not careful enough while buying solar pool rings, you may end up with a product that doesn’t work well for your needs or budget.

Here are some guidelines to help you choose pool solar rings that will provide both value and efficiency for your needs:


Before you ever purchase swimming pool solar rings, it’s important to consider the quality of the product. Even though most solar pool covers are affordable, for many homeowners they need to last several seasons before needing replacement.

The best solar ring choice is one that offers durability and longevity so you don’t have to continually replace them or spend money on repairs.

Fit & size

When selecting solar ring pool covers, it’s also important to consider the fit and size. Solar rings for pool, are available in various shapes (round, oval), sizes (small/large), and shapes (flat or dome-shaped).

It is important to consider not only what type of pool you have, but also how many solar pools covers rings you will need for your pool.

Environmental factors

swimming pools solar heat

Of course, there are environmental factors to think about before purchasing a swimming pool solar pool covers ring.

For example, you’ll need to consider the climate and weather of your area as well as whether or not you have trees or tall buildings nearby that will block the sun’s rays from reaching your pool.

Before purchasing a solar ring, make sure you know how many hours of sunlight you’ll get in your area.


Solar rings are extremely affordable, but that does not mean you should skimp on quality or efficiency. Some solar cover rings may be cheaper than others, but many don’t work as effectively and will require you to purchase more pool solar cover rings just to keep your swimming pool warm enough.

The best choice is one that helps reduce evaporation and water loss while heating your pool water to an appropriate temperature.

Size of the Pool

In general, solar rings are very flexible and can be used on many different sizes of ground pools. However, you’ll need to consider the size of your pool in order to decide how many pool solar cover rings you will need.

Your pool may only need a few solar covering rings or it may require more than one set of these devices. A small pool may only need a single mat whereas a larger pool may require several mats to generate heat equally.

Decoration and Design

sun's energy solar blanket

If you want high-quality pool solar covering rings, it’s also important to consider whether or not the product is attractive and will work well with your pool.

For example, some solar mats are flat while others have a dome-like shape that helps distribute the sun’s rays evenly throughout the water. Another thing to think about is whether or not the color of the product will blend well with your pool.


Before purchasing solar cover rings, it’s important to consider the thickness of the heating device you’re looking for.

Thicker products are typically more durable and will last longer than thin or flimsy options. However, they may also cost more money than thinner mats that wear out quickly.


Since you’ll be placing the solar ring pool heating device directly in your water, it’s important to think about the color.

For example, if you go with a black option, it will absorb heat quickly and could burn swimmers’ skin. Blue or gray colors may work better since they also absorb as much heat.


solar pool uv resistant vinyl material

Before you buy solar cover rings to generate heat in your pool, make sure to consider the product’s affordability. While these devices may seem like an investment upfront, they can actually help save money on heating costs during the summer months.

You’ll also be able to use your home’s natural resources (sunlight) and won’t have to rely on expensive electric solar pool heaters that are more difficult to operate.


It is important to consider whether your solar pool covers rings for pool product is durable and efficient.

For example, some products are more flimsy than others and may only last one season whereas other options could last for multiple years if they’re properly maintained.

When considering solar ring durability, think about the thickness of the solar ring, the color, and where it’s made.


Before you buy pool solar covering rings, it’s important to think about the product’s price.

While these products are typically affordable, it’s still important to get a good deal. Some options are incredibly cheap but may not be very effective for your pool or could break down quickly.

It’s also best to compare prices on different brands of solar cover rings to ensure you’re getting the best deal. While some may cost more than others, that doesn’t mean they work any better or are made out of higher quality materials.

Be sure to keep these tips in mind when selecting pool solar covering rings. With the right selection and proper use, your swimming pool will remain inviting all summer long.

How Can Solar Sun Rings be Used for Pools?

solar pool ring for above ground pool

If you are looking to use solar sun rings for pools, then let us share with you how you can utilize them.

Placing Them in the Pool

One of the most traditional ways to use solar sun rings is as solar pool heaters. All you need to do is stretch out these flexible solar pool rings and place them at the bottom of your pool.

As they sit at the bottom of your pool, they will begin absorbing sunlight and heat up. Once your pool water has reached around 95 degrees Fahrenheit, it will begin to transfer that warmth into your pool.

Removing Them

Of course, if you would like to stop your solar cover rings from heating the pool once it reaches the desired temperature, then all you have to do is remove them. After all, these are flexible and won’t do any damage when removed.

Using Them as Pool Filters

ground swimming pools solar ring

Another great use for solar sun rings is as pool filters. Since these products are fairly large and can be placed directly into the water, they can easily trap dirt and debris.

This is an excellent way to prevent dust and pollen from floating around in your pool and turning it a murky green color.

Not only will this make the harvesting process easier (no need to worry about stirring up the pool’s contents), but it will also keep your pool cleaner for longer.

Storing Them Away

If you would like to save your solar sun rings for a later date, then all you have to do is store them away.

Place them back in their storage bag and keep it somewhere safe before placing it in a shed or other out-of-the-way space until the next swimming season.

What are The Benefits of Solar Rings?

thick vinyl layers solar pool ring

There are several benefits to using solar rings for pool. A few of them are given below:

The Solar Pool Cover Transfers Heat

The solar cover rings transfer heat into the pool, which results in a pool temperature increase of 10 to 15 degrees.

Heat Retention

The solar cover rings will retain the heat for over 24 hours, so the pool water temperature should remain at an optimal level even overnight.

Reducing Evaporation

Using the solar pool rings will reduce water evaporation rates by about 20% and could save you up to 2,800 gallons of water.

Keeping Bugs and Debris Out

The rings will keep bugs and debris out of your pool water. This is especially helpful if you do not own a pool filtration system.

Chemical Costs are Reduced

Most solar pool rings reduce chemical costs because there is less evaporation, no need to use algaecide chemicals, and would require fewer loads of pool shock chemicals.

Other Factors of Solar Rings to Heat Pool

entire surface solar rings pool

There are a few other factors that you need to consider. While the above mentioned might help you get an idea about what pool solar cover rings are, here are some more points:

Solar Rings vs Solar Covers

Many pool owners make the mistake of purchasing solar covers instead of investing in pool solar cover rings. Although both products are used for heating, they work very differently.

Pool solar covers rings do not rely on technology or equipment to heat your pool water. Instead, they circulate the water’s natural heat with the movement of the air and evaporation from the pool’s surface.

In comparison, solar coverings work by trapping warm air near the pool to help cut down on energy costs. Aside from keeping the pool warm, this is a great way to save money on heating costs, it can also cause more evaporation and require more frequent pool maintenance.

Liquid Solar Cover

You might also consider investing in liquid solar coverings that are an evaporation suppressant. Liquid covers are made from a mixture of non-toxic solvents and water to help reduce the amount of water that your solar pool cover absorbs.

FAQs about Pool Solar Rings

If you have any more questions about solar pool rings, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We also have a list of other top questions that others have asked:

1. Do Solar Pool Rings Really Work?

pool's surface warm water solar rings

Yes, there is no doubt about that. Solar pool rings work by pulling heat from the surrounding air and converting that into a usable form of energy. Afterwards, they heat swimming pools by transferring the heat to the water.

This keeps your pool water at a comfortable temperature without having to invest in an expensive pool heating system.

2. How Many Solar Rings for My Pool?

Solar pool rings can be used in both small and large swimming pools. However, for best results, you should use a minimum of four, and a maximum of thirty solar rings to heat swimming pools..

Just remember that if your pool is smaller, then the amount of time to heat up will be less than for swimming pools that are larger.

3. Is It Possible to Use Solar Rings in an Inground Pool?

Yes, there is no reason why you cannot use solar rings in an inground pool. You can use solar rings as solar pool heaters just as easily as you would in an above-ground pool.

4. For How Long Will Solar Rings Heat the Pool?

Solar rings will heat a pool for a minimum of 4 hours and can provide up to 7-8 hours of heating if the water is cloudy.

At this point, the warmer water will have to be dissipated so that it does not damage any pool equipment.

5. Is Drain Holes Necessary for Solar Rings?

pool water warm solar rings

No, drain holes are not necessary for solar rings. You do not need to drill a hole through the plastic tubes because there is already a valve built into the center of the panel.

When that valve is opened, it allows water to drain out which then reduces its weight. This makes it easier to move the solar pool heater ring off the top of your pool in order to prevent damage.

6. Do Solar Rings Need Anchors?

No, you do not need to anchor the best solar rings to your pool because they are made from air-inflated plastic that will float on top of the water.

7. Is a Solar Pool Cover an Alternative?

A solar pool cover is a great option, but they definitely have their disadvantages. A solar pool cover is made with a large sheet of polyethylene that traps heat in the pool.

This is a great way to cut down on heating costs and energy, however, it can also cause problems with evaporation and require more costly pool maintenance.


Solar rings not only keep your pool water warm but also reduce the amount of dirt and debris that might end up in your pool. With solar rings, you won’t have to worry about any chemicals or electricity to maintain the temperature of your pool.

Most solar pool rings are cheap and easy to use. We hope after reading this article, you’ll consider the best pool solar rings as your primary pool heating option.

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