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Best Sewer Camera

Sewers are dirty, and nobody wants to crawl around in them. But when there’s a problem down there, you need someone who knows what they’re doing to get it fixed. 

Clearing blocked sewers is extremely dangerous as it involves crawling through small spaces with no visibility. In these conditions, the risk of injury or death is high if you do not use a sewer inspection camera. You can see what’s happening in the sewer line if you use the best sewer camera.

It is hard to find plumbing cameras. The market is crowded with low-quality products that break easily and don’t last long.

We finally have a complete list after our research of the top sewer cameras on the market. These cameras are durable, deliver great images, and you’ll be able to see all the nooks and crannies of your sewer lines.

NIDAGE Sewer Camera 1080p

Teslong Sewer Scope Camera

Oiiwak Commercial Sewer Camera

10 Best Sewer Camera Reviews on The Market

It’s not enough to just know that you want a sewer camera. You need to figure out what your specific needs are and what kind of camera will best suit them. The purpose of this section is to give you information about the leading sewer cameras.

We hope that it will help you in your journey towards finding a suitable product for your needs.

1. NIDAGE Sewer Camera 1080p

It offers a standard camera head that can fit in smaller spaces and 33ft long cables. The device has an HD TV quality lens (1920×1080) attached to it which means you’ll get crystal clear images of those crevices, pipes, and unseen issues your current tools cannot reach.

With a weight of only 1.08 pounds, this lightweight endoscope camera is easy to transport to any location for inspections. It is possible to use this Nidage sewer camera 1080p for one hour with just 30 minutes of charging.

You can run it on any android device if the android version is higher than 5.0. This camera also supports the iPhone IOS system when it is above iOS 9.0. It is designed for easy use with enough clearance, allowing users to get into tight spaces easier.

This water-resistant, durable borescope camera probe also features a powerful light source for viewing dark places without blinding the user. Thanks to its adjustable white LED’s, producing a minimum of 6500K lumens per meter possible.

You’ll be able to record HD video on the spot with its 1080P, take snapshots with its 2MP CMOS lens, and then watch on your monitor or share to a larger screen via the included long cable.

Based on its features and performance, we chose it as the best sewer camera on the market.

Highlighted features:

  • Ability to take snapshots and record HD video
  • 5.5mm camera head
  • 33ft long cable length for easy reach
  • 6 Adjustable LED light source
  • Low-light illumination up to 6500K
  • Runs on Android 5.0 or iOS 9.0

2. Teslong Sewer Scope Camera

It is built to last and provides a clear view of any dark place. All buttons are at your fingertips from the handle, so you have full control over your device.

The battery life of the endoscope camera is up to six hours, thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery. With the Sewer Scope Camera, you can detect problems in your sewer line before they become costly repairs.

With dual camera lenses, you have a complete view of the area in front of you at all times. A second HD inspection camera is integrated into the side of the main camera in order to provide a larger field of view.

A large 5 screen has 3 times the resolution of previous models and can be adjusted in angle and a 1.5x digital zoom. Its 16.4ft cable length works well for extended reach.

It comes complete with a 32GB micro SD card for storing images and videos. It provides crystal clear output with its 7 adjustable LEDs and a CREE LED flashlight for working in dark areas.

The USB connection can be plugged into either a Mac or PC, so no Wi-Fi is required. With its IP67 waterproof rating, this unit is designed to be used indoors and outdoors.

Highlighted features:

  • Rechargeable battery with a 6 hour run time
  • 16.4ft cable length for extended reach
  • Build-in 32GB micro SD card slot
  • 1.5x zoom for a closer look
  • IP67 rating for water resistance
  • Dual lenses with high resolution 7 adjustable LED lights

3. Oiiwak Commercial Sewer Camera

Oiiwak is an innovative company when it comes to diagnostic tools for professional plumbers. In the sewer, they have developed a cutting-edge camera for seeing what’s happening in areas that are difficult to reach.

The Oiiwak commercial sewer camera has a 4.3″ IPS screen, better image quality than the previous LCD screen. It also has an IP67 waterproof rating which means you can inspect even in wet areas.

A CMOS chip in this camera uses ultra-wideband to provide smoother live video in 1080P, while 3X zoom grabs closer for more accurate trouble detection.

Due to its ability to withstand immersion in water for 60 minutes, the industrial endoscope is an ideal tool for industrial applications that include inspection of drain pipes and HVAC equipment.

A multimeter can test this sewer camera system up to the military standard, so it gives you and your gadgets superior protection. This inspection camera has anti-fall features that support one-meter free fall.

The Oiiwak industrial endoscope has a 0.21″ in diameter camera with a magnetic tip, side mirror, and a hook.

You can choose from 3 different resolutions and 6 LED lights to illuminate the dark spots with the camera. This sewer camera can also rotate  360 degrees, which gives you a more flexible viewing experience.

Additionally, the Oiiwak sewer camera comes with a 3.5M semi-rigid cable length for easy navigation. This product also has an 8GB memory card and a user manual for easy reference.

Highlighted features:

  • Has an IP67 waterproof rating
  • Comes with an 8GB memory card
  • 3X zoom grabs closer for more accurate trouble detection
  • Supports one meter free fall
  • 3 different adjustable resolutions
  • 11.5 ft cable length for easy navigation

4. SKYBASIC Sewer Endoscope Camera

It is a Plug and Play, HD Endoscope device with a 4.3-inch color LCD screen for viewing and inspecting images.

This product is ideal for plumbing applications that require looking into tight spaces such as sewers and drains.

Its high-quality snake camera has IP67 waterproofing which means it can be submerged in water without damaging the electronics or seals on the exterior of the device. 

The SKYBASIC sewer endoscope camera comes with a high-quality 5M Semi-Rigid cable so that you do not need to bend down and hurt your back while working in dark conditions.

You can recharge the battery, and a full charge allows it to run for 3-4 hours. With a 3cm-10cm distance, you can do a live analysis of your application area more easily.

The industrial endoscope camera is widely used for many tasks, such as mechanical inspection, car maintaining, sewer pipe repair, household appliance inspection, wall structure inspection, house maintenance, and more.

With its 6 LED lights that allow a clear, in-focus image even in dark conditions, no need for additional lighting or installed lights in the area you are working in. Moreover, it has a 32GB TF Card to download your videos and photos directly to your computer.

Highlighted features:

  • 4.3-inch color LCD screen for viewing and inspecting images
  • IP67 waterproofing allows the camera to be submerged in water
  • 6 adjustable LED lights for a clear image
  • Runs for 3-4 hours on a full charge
  • Comes with a high-quality 5M semi-rigid cable

5. Oiiwak Pipe Sewer Inspection Camera

This sewer inspection camera is an easy-to-use tool that allows plumbers to inspect pipe ends without wasting time.

With a 50ft cable sensor and compact monitor, you can inspect any place easily with the Oiiwak pipe sewer inspection camera.

A 4.3” IPS handheld monitor houses the keys, making it possible for one-handed operation. The device employs a 2nd generation chip, improving the clarity and stability of images.

With six adjustable LED lights to light up dark areas, the camera is suitable for air duct inspection, heating vent inspection, furnace inspection, and water heater inspections, and more.

It comes with a 2800mAh rechargeable battery that supports 4-5 hours of long working time. The borescope inspection is equipped with 6500K LED lights, which greatly reduces over-exposure and offers a crystal clear output. 

The IP68 waterproof 8.5mm ultra-slim camera head, semi-rigid cable flexes to enable access to narrow and unreachable spaces.

It has a 3X digital zoom-in and 360° image rotation function for more convenient viewing. The borescope’s monitor has strong recording capabilities, allowing users to capture images or videos on a TF card with 1080P resolution.

Highlighted features:

  • Has 3X zoom for more convenience
  • Built with 2nd generation chipset for high quality images
  • Features IP68 waterproof design
  • 6 adjustable LED lights for lighting up dark spaces
  • Has 6,500K LED lights to reduce over-exposure
  • Comes with 2800mAh rechargeable battery

6. L LIMINK Plumbing Sewer Camera

It is a multifunctional inspection device that can see hard-to-reach places to help with repairs. With 6 dimmable LED lights, you can see more clearly in darkness. 

This 2.0 megapixel endoscope camera will offer you a great experience of recording full HD video.

Its 2200mAh high capacity battery offers you a long-time working time of 5 hours. The wifi endoscope has an easy wireless setup that creates its own Wi-Fi hotspot. 

This endoscope is equipped with an upgraded chip that will have an image resolution of 1920*1080, providing 30 FPS HD capture perfect for inspection work.

49.2ft semi-rigid cable ensures durability and extends your eyes to any hard-to-reach place, widely used for appliance repairing, vehicle maintenance, drain line, air conditioner inspection, etc.

Compatible with all IOS 6.0+ and Android 2.3+ smartphones or tablets. The picture of the L LIMINK plumbing sewer camera can be zoomed to 400%.

The cable and the camera lens on the endoscope are both IP67 waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about the endoscope breaking after submerging it.

It comes with a mirror that detects certain small spaces and a multifunctional grip that fits the curve of your hand.

Highlighted features:

  • 2200mAh high capacity battery for longer working time
  • 49.2ft semi-rigid cable extends eyes to any hard-to-reach place
  • IP67 waterproof and wifi transmission
  • Latest 1920*1080P HD video with 2.0 Megapixel image sensor
  • Multifunctional grip for easy to hold

7. Oiiwak Professional Sewer Camera

It is the perfect tool for the working plumber who needs to use a snake camera. The camera gives you footage of what you are inspecting, allowing easier searching through tight spaces.

The dual-lens endoscope is able to switch between a 90-degree view in a single click. It is easy to use in various situations because the cable measures 15 meters.

It uses the 2nd CMOS chip to capture 2.0 MP sharp pictures and 1080P HD fluent video. The Oiiwak professional sewer camera comes with a 32GB memory card, so it’s easy to copy data to the computer and to view the data.

With IPS technology, a screen can not only display brighter and more natural colors, but it can also display a clear image from all angles. The IPS screen uses a 2800mAh lithium battery to provide up to 4 hours of work time.

The 4.3-inch screen endoscope has three different resolutions. With an 8mm camera head, it can get to any tight or small area. You can transfer the files to your computer and open them, making them easy to analyze.

It has dimmable LED lights that make it waterproof. To ensure a correct look at an object, rotate the inspection camera 360° in settings.

Highlighted features:

  • 2800mAh lithium battery for 4 hours
  • 2.0 MP CMOS chip can be rotated 360 degrees
  • 32GB max memory card for a long time recording
  • Dual lens endoscope for 90-degree view
  • 3 different resolutions video
  • Waterproof Dimmable LED lights

8. Oiiwak Sewer Pipe Inspection Camera

When looking for a new sewer clean-out camera, this plumbing camera is another good option. It has a 4.3’ handheld monitor and a long-lasting battery for up to 4 hours.

The Sewer Pipe Inspection Camera is the newest and does not require a control box. Users can use the monitor to view live video with ease.

It can capture 720P HD fluent video and crisp 2.0 MP images. You can fast switch between the side-facing and front-facing cameras while recording. This allows you to capture different angles in one video.

You can rotate the camera in software 360 degrees to ensure you are always looking at the right part of an object. The drain inspection camera has adjustable lights on both lenses and is waterproof. It can work in both dark and humid environments.

This wire is just right in stiffness to be able to move it around tight spaces. To ensure you see the object accurately, rotate your camera in Setting.

You can switch the camera mode easily by pressing the BACK button within 2 seconds. Oiiwak dual-lens endoscopes can be used with both cameras simultaneously. Split-screen can be used to show both views simultaneously.

The battery comes with a small magnet tip and hook tip that can be attached to the camera. It’s easy to share and capture what you have seen on the 32GB card.

Highlighted features:

  • Captures 720P HD video and 2.0 MP images
  • Adjustable lights to work in dark and humid environments
  • Fast switch between side-facing and front-facing cameras
  • 32GB card for sharing and capturing video
  • Long-lasting battery life up to 4 hours on a single charge
  • Waterproof for use in humid environments

9. Oiiwak Sewer Snake Camera

It is a brilliant and innovative tool for installation in sewers and storm drains. The camera can capture images and video footage while it’s diving down the sewer pipes at any given time.

You can zoom the Oiiwak Sewer Snake Camera 3 times to grab a closer look at the problem area. It is widely used for sewer pipe clogs & inspection, car & home appliance maintenance, and checking aircraft engines, carbon deposition, cylinder checks, etc.

The Oiiwak sewer snake camera comes with a 2.0-megapixel 1080p resolution camera scope and 2 optional adjustable modes 720P or 1080P. The built-in 4.3 inch IPS screen displays the bright, vivid images from the snake camera grab.

Oiiwak’s industrial endoscope can be used up to 1 meter underwater and for 60 minutes. The 0.21 inch mini camera probe is equipped with a magnet at the tip, a side mirror, and a hook. It makes it easy to reach tight places and pick up items.

Rechargeable 2800mAh lithium battery that can work for 3-4 hours. 360-degree rotation of the screen allows for flexible viewing.

Ultra-wide-band CMOS technology chip to inspect camera makes live 1080P video smoother. Six adjustable LED lights allow inspection in dark areas. Clear image quality, 5.5mm high-sensitivity waterproof lenses for various working environments.

Highlighted features:

  • Can be zoomed 3 times to capture a closer look
  • 2 adjustable modes are available
  • Suitable for use up to 1 meter underwater
  • Rechargeable 2800mAh lithium battery for 3-4 hours work
  • Ultra-wide-band CMOS technology chip

10. Mophorn Sewer Camera

The sewer camera is a professional tool for plumbers for drain inspection purposes at homes, offices, malls, and hospitals. It has a 1200TVL TFT LCD monitor for clear images. The package also includes an 8 GB storage SD card, DVR function with 300 ft cable.

It is equipped with a 9-inch color LCD monitor that allows you to watch the images clearly. The Mophorn sewer camera is capable of recording high-quality images and is very easy to use with its 4500mAh lithium battery and cable reel.

Since it is IP68-rated waterproof, you can easily inspect the most difficult places in the drain or sewer system. This sewer inspection camera can work under 20m of water. You will not face any issues when working in the dark since the lights in the camera provide excellent illumination.

Using this battery, you can work continuously for 8-10 hours, so you won’t need to carry an additional battery. The 300ft cable length allows you to inspect places that are normally out of reach.

With the distance measurement function, you can clearly see how far it extends and how much area it covers. It can work between -20 °C and 60 °C, so you can use the camera to inspect places with different temperatures.

Highlighted features:

  • Has 1200TVL TFT LCD monitor
  • IP68-rated waterproof to work under 20m of water
  • 4500 mAh battery for 8-10 hours of use
  • Works between -20 °C and 60 °C
  • 300ft cable length for inaccessibility

These top sewer cameras are perfect for plumbers to inspect the drain and sewers. We recommend choosing one of the top 3 sewer inspection cameras because they are the best sewer cameras.

Factors to Consider When Buying The Best Sewer Camera

best sewer camera reviews

Simply knowing the camera features and functions is not enough. You must also consider important factors such as the cable length, video quality, waterproof, durability, and some others before purchasing one.

Cable Length:

The first thing you need to consider is the length of the cable as a short cable will not let you go deep into a drain or sewer system. Therefore, select a camera that will allow you to inspect underground pipes quickly and easily. You should choose at least a 15-foot cable.

Video Quality:

Having a clear and high-resolution video displayed on your screen is extremely important when inspecting a sewer or drain system. The higher the resolution, the better will be the video and that’s why you need to choose a camera with 1080p HD resolution or at least 720p.

Picture quality:

A sewer camera is also useful for taking pictures of places you can’t easily access. Image quality will be better with higher resolution. For better picture quality, choose a sewer camera with at least 2M pixels.

Water Resistant:

camera captures

The main purpose of using a sewer camera is to inspect underground drain pipes and tunnels. For this reason, choose a water-resistant camera. This way, you can access the sewers and drains without any hassle.

So it can work in the rain or under snow for extended hours. That’s why you should choose a sewer inspection camera with an IP68 rating.


Most people make the mistake of choosing a sewer camera that has good features but is not durable. You can’t inspect underground facilities and drains everyday, so you need to buy a product that lasts long. So choose a flexible camera for durability before purchasing one.

Battery Capacity:

It’s also very important to check the battery capacity of a sewer camera before buying one. If you do not have an additional battery, it is better to buy a long-lasting battery life model.

As a result, you will be able to work longer hours without experiencing any problems. So, select a battery with a capacity of at least 2000mAh.

Adjustable Lights:

camera head

There are some situations when you need more light while inspecting a drain or sewer. If that’s the case, then you need a sewer inspection camera with adjustable lights so you can work accordingly. So, choose one that has at least 4 adjustable LED lights before purchasing it.

SD Card Slot:

A sewer camera is also useful for storing images and videos of places you can’t easily access. For better results, choose one with an SD card feature to take pictures and record videos directly on the card. This way you can save them without any trouble.

Recording Time:

Many sewer cameras are available on the market that can record video for up to 4 hours without any trouble.

You may not always be able to replace or recharge batteries during work so make sure you get one with at least 2 hours of recording time. It should be able to run on its own so you can work for extended hours.

Monitoring Software:

A sewer inspection camera is useful for more than just inspecting sewers and drains. You can use it to monitor the progress of construction, installation of new equipment or replacement of old equipment as well. So choose one that has monitoring software so you can keep track of things accurately.

Mobile device Supported:

In this age of technology, many people want to use a sewer camera that they can control from their mobile phones. If you are one of them, choose a product compatible with both iPhone and Android phones before purchasing it. An inspection camera with wifi feature is the best choice.

Screen Types:

dvr recording function

This is a unique feature of a sewer camera that you need to check before purchasing it. Most of the products have LCD screens but some have LED screens as well, so you can see images and videos clearly on them without any trouble.

Camera Head:

Most of the models have head sizes ranging from 5.5mm to 8mm but make sure that the model you choose has at least a 6.4mm camera head before buying one. This way it can easily maneuver around corners and reach places where other cameras cannot go.

Ease of Installation:

You will not always be able to install a sewer or drainage camera by yourself. Sometimes, it is better to hire professionals for the task, so you need to check if anyone can easily install your selected model. That’s why choose one that doesn’t take much time for installation.


All the leading brands make sewer cameras for various applications. But not all of them are suitable for all situations so you need to check what a specific product offers before purchasing it. Among the various brands on the market, NIDAGE, Teslong, and Oiiwak are three popular choices.


The last thing you need to consider before buying a sewer camera is its price. This is because many brands offer similar camera features but at different prices. You need to do a bit of research and then buy a product according to your budget. This way you can save money while still getting the best quality product.

Community FAQs:

Do Sewers Have Cameras?

Sewers are primarily designed to allow for the free flow of wastewater. However, some sewer systems have been installed with small video cameras to send images back through cables or fiber-optic lines.

These cameras are made exclusively for flexible pipes. Most inspection cameras come with a cable that connects to your monitor to show you what it records. 

Some cameras, however, which are mobile inspection cameras, connect to mobile devices like tablets or phones through wireless connection since they offer live view so you can see where you’re going.

best sewer cameras

How Does a Sewer line Video Camera Work?

When a sewer line video camera is inserted into a drain or sewer, it can provide the operator with real-time images from the device.

The camera lens can swivel to allow an operator to get a clear picture of what may be blocking the flow in the sewer pipe. Most cameras also have LED lights that help illuminate dark areas.

How do you Find a Blocked Sewer?

Sewer video cameras offer an effective way to inspect and determine if there is any blockage in the drain system.

The device should be inserted into the small opening that enables it to reach different parts of the line. This will allow an operator to understand where the problem lies and how serious it may be.

Does a Sewer Camera use a Battery?

Some sewer cameras use a battery to provide the power needed to operate during an inspection. Other models, however, can run on electric current from an outlet in the home.

When choosing a sewer camera model, one consideration should be how long it will take you to inspect your system since some only run on battery.

How Far Can a Sewer Camera Go?

The length of the cord attached to a sewer camera will determine how far it can go into a line. Long cords allow you to inspect a system from a distance in order to get more details. Therefore, you should always consider a long cord rather than a short one.

Final Words

A sewer camera is a must-have tool for sewer inspection. It provides the operator with real-time images of blocked sewer lines so they can fix them accordingly.

We have outlined ten of the most promising options for the best sewer camera for seeing what’s in your drain. We hope that these sewer camera reviews have given you the necessary information to make an informed choice when the time comes.

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