How to Build Metal Trusses for Your Building

How to Build Metal Trusses

There are multiple uses of trusses in the building. However, metals are stronger than wood. So, it’s better to construct metal trusses. Nonetheless, hiring professionals can cost you a lot. Therefore today, we will learn how to build metal trusses. In this article, we’ve provided a detailed guide on building metal trusses.

What is a Metal Truss

What is a Metal Truss

A metal truss or steel truss is a framework or structure that bears the elements in making a building. Usually, a metal truss is constructed by connecting multiple metal bars in pinned nodes. However, the nodes and bars build a rigid structure that refuses to deform.

What are the Three Types of Trusses?

What are the Three Types of Trusses

There are different trusses available based on their position and usage. However, three types of trusses are most common in constructing buildings. They are:

  1. Roof Truss: It constitutes the structure of the roof. Besides, it is used for creating the roof of a building. 
  2. Floor Truss: Floor trusses act as support for the foundations of the building.
  3. Space Truss: Space trusses are used for overall stabilizing the building structure.

How to Build Metal Trusses

Building a metal truss is a heavy task. However, it’s not tough. All you need is some basic welding skills, and you’re ready to go. We’ve explained everything so that you don’t face any problem understanding them. Follow the instructions below to construct a metal truss successfully:

1.   Design Your Truss

The first thing is to design your truss. However, the truss can be for different purposes and multiple places. Therefore, you need to for which area you’re building the truss. After that, design the truss according to that.

Nonetheless, even professionals make mistakes while creating the designs. And a faulty design can bring devastating results. Therefore, be careful while designing. You also can take help from experienced people.

2.   Saw the Truss Metals to Ideal Size

So as you created a design, you also have to decide the sizes too. Therefore, in the second step, go for sawing the metals into required sizes.

However, you’ll be needing to use different sizes. Usually, a few large sizes with several small pieces make the joint stronger. Besides, if you cut each metal at an angle, then you’ll have stronger trusses.

3.   Lay the Metals on the Ground

Now, as all the metal pieces are ready, lay them on the ground. However, don’t do it in a messy style. You’re doing it to connect them together.

Therefore lay them down in a way that helps you to put them together according to your design. Ensure that all the pieces are in the correct position.

4.   Attach the Joints

Now you have to attach the joints together. Nonetheless, gusset plates are perfect for this job. Put the gusset plates on all the joints, and a few hammers will secure the joints.

However, ensure that all the joints are connected properly. Besides, check if the metal bars are set to each other well.

5.   Install the Truss

Well, you’ve completed constructing a metal truss. Now it’s time to install it. However, as it’s heavy work, we hope you’re not doing it alone.

So, now pull up the metal truss and set it for where it was made. Carefully check if everything is in good shape and connects well. And you’re done.

Constructing a metal truss is simple with these five steps.


Build Metal Trusses

How much do metal trusses cost?

Answer: Metal trusses cost almost double wood trusses. However, metal trusses are also stronger and more durable than wooden trusses. Hence, metal trusses can cost from $200 to $700 based on sizes and usage. Also, metal quality is an essential factor here.

What makes a truss strong?

Answer: Usually, trusses are pretty strong due to their engineering process and materials.  Nonetheless, the metal bars in a truss are structured uniquely. And the gussets are also vital tools to connect them together. Therefore, overall they make a truss so strong.

Which is stronger rafters or trusses?

Answer: Compared to trusses, rafters use more bars. Therefore they’re heavier. However, in the case of strength, trusses can bear more weight. Their unique structure and less use of bars make them lighter but stronger than rafters.

Do roof trusses need support in the middle?

Answer: Roof trusses for building homes usually don’t require any support in the center. They’re already pretty strong. However, for industrial usage, the truss may need central support. That’s because industry buildings are usually massive in size.


Constructing a metal truss can come quite handy in necessary times. However, now you know how to build metal trusses, you don’t need to hire a professional next time. Nonetheless, the work here is quite heavy. Therefore, the wise choice is to have at least one co-worker with you. It will make the process easier. However, if the work seems too heavy for you, the trusses are also available in hardware shops. Therefore, you can buy them from there.

How to Build Metal Trusses for Your Building
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