How to Neutralize Muriatic Acid?

How to Neutralize Muriatic Acid

You may not listen to that name in common, but it is the name of the popular chemical Hydrochloric acid. It is a vital corrosive chemical substance that uses for several industrial and domestic purposes.

Hydrochloric acid use in food items, polymer and metals processing, and the disinfection of different places such as swimming pools and other water resources. But it is also sometimes creating problems such as it can irritate your skin and eyes and cause many respiratory infections.

Suppose you encounter a large amount of hydrochloric acid in concentrated form. In that case, it can cause burning of your body parts, and even sometimes it becomes too dangerous such cause death or permanent severe disorders.

To protect us from any problems, we should neutralize hydrochloric acid by mixing it with various mild bases before you use it for cleaning or disinfection purposes.

How does base work with acid regarding neutralization?

When acid and base mix together, they reacted and produced salts, making the effects of acids lower and making them neutralize; the process is called neutralization.

There is hydrochloric acid in our stomach, which is essential for the digestion and cleaning the bacteria and other germs. But if the amount of hydrochloric acid increases in our stomach, it causes acidity, heartburn, stomach pain, etc.

For that purpose, doctors recommend using different syrups prepared by bases; when we intake syrup, it reacts with a high amount of acid and makes them neutralize.

Helpful Tip:

If you feel heartburn and do not have any syrup access if you have baking soda at home, mix it with 8 grams of water and drink it; you will get early relief from heartburn.

How can we neutralize the Muriatic acid?

How can we neutralize the Muriatic acid

We have brought a simple base which is available in-home, or you can purchase from local stores. We select baking soda, which is also known as sodium bicarbonate, which helps neutralize acids.

When we mix up the baking soda in a mild form with the hydrochloric acid, it reacts with the hydrochloric acid and produces harmless byproducts such as carbon dioxide and salts.

It is not a big deal, you can use it in easy ways, but we need care when neutralizing the hydrochloric acid because it is also a powerful acid that can cause a burn or other issue when we deal with it carelessly.

Steps to neutralize Muriatic Acid:

First of all, prepare and perform neutralization with proper steps to get proper and safe neutralization results.

Arrange personal Protective items:

As we already explained that muriatic acid could be dangerous in a concentrated amount, so it is essential to arrange all the personal protective items for your safety.

You should arrange safety goggles and rubber gloves to protect your hands and eyes from direct contamination with muriatic acid.

Wear gloves on your hands and goggles; make sure you have adequately covered your face to keep you protected from any emergency.

Prepare for ventilation

When you do neutralization the acid, a proper ventilation system is available for easy and smooth breathing.

Sometimes fog release from the acids; if the amount is higher, it can cause severe breathing problems and affect your eyes if it is not ventilated quickly. Ensure the place where you are neutralizing the hydrochloric acid is appropriately open, or minimum sufficient ventilation is available.

Determine the Amount of muriatic acid

First of all, decide the amount of hydrochloric acid that you will use for the neutralization purpose. It is better to read the instructions on the bottle to know the concentration of the muriatic acid.

With a proper understanding of the needed amount of muriatic acid, you will better prepare baking soda for that purpose. In most industries, muriatic acid uses less than a bottle for washing one item with muriatic acid.

So, get the proper amount of muriatic acid that you need to wash the item; you can also get consent from the experts.

Prepare a solution of baking Soda.

Now keep in mind the amount of required muriatic acid and prepare a baking soda solution for neutralization. You can add 5 to 6 pounds of baking soda in the bucket to neutralize one gallon of muriatic acid.

When you need to add water to the bucket with 1 part of baking soda, add ten water parts in the baking soda to prepare its solution.

Mix up Muriatic acid and baking soda solution

Mix up Muriatic acid and baking soda solution

Once you have prepared the baking soda solution according to the amount of muriatic acid, add it slowly to the muriatic acid. Do not add whole or higher amount; it will create smoke, which can cause a respiratory problem.

Please do not add more than ½ gallon at a time; when added, leaves it and wait for five to ten minutes; after five minutes, add the remaining half gallon.

Check the neutralization

When you pour the last gallon, wait for ten minutes, and after that, perform a test to check the neutralization of muriatic acid.

Take a little amount of baking soda but not more than three- tablespoons in half a simple water cup. Shake it gently and prepare its solution, and pour it in a small amount of muriatic acid.

Now put the mixture on that item that needs to wash; if there you see the fizzing reaction after adding water and baking soda, pour some more amount of solution on the item to neutralize it from the actions of muriatic acid.

If you see there is no reaction on the surface, it means you have correctly neutralized its effect. Now you can safely handle the washed items.

But if you feel there is doubt, then add some more baking soda to make it safe.


Never touch the muriatic acid with free hands; it can cause burning of your skin; if you encounter HCL, immediately apply baking soda; if it is severe, then call an emergency.

Final Thoughts:

Muriatic acid is a useful chemical that uses for commercial and domestic purposes. It widely uses for cleaning machinery and other items. But it is also dangerous if you touch it directly with your hands. So it is necessary to make it neutralize to make it safe to touch. Baking soda is the simple and readily available base that will help you to neutralize muriatic acid.

How to Neutralize Muriatic Acid?
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