How To Remove Exhaust Studs

How To Remove Exhaust Studs

Every owner of a car has to face challenges like fixing problems with different parts of the car. The most common problem is exhaust studs breaking. But what exactly is the meaning of an exhaust stud?

Every engine has an exhaust manifold that helps to gasses back out from the exhaust valves through the exhaust system. It is mainly connected or bolted with studs. These studs break inside the head or flush.

To fix this issue,  you need to just follow some easy techniques that we’re discussing here through the full article. Let’s know the easy steps on  how to remove exhaust studs. Read on.

How to remove exhaust studs: Step by Step guidelines

How to remove exhaust studs Step by Step guidelines

To remove the exhaust studs, you need to use the proper tools with exact techniques. Here we’re trying to give two easy methods of how to remove exhaust studs. Hopefully, it will help you out.  Let’s get started –

Method 1:Two Nuts Method

The easy method of removing exhaust studs is the Two nuts method. Here you need to just simply doing some easy steps with proper technique, and all will be done in a few minutes. Let’s check out the process-

Step 1: Gather the necessary tools

The first thing you need to do is make sure that all the necessary tools are by your side. This will save your time and energy. Or, they’re gonna get messy during the project work. So, know the tools and gather them.

In this method, you have to need-

  • Two nuts
  • A pair of wrenches

Step 2: Inspect the broken studs

Now, find out from which point exactly the studs are breaking. If the studs are breaking from above the head, then it’s really a simple job you need to do.

Step 3: Thread the bolts

In these steps, you need to thread the bolts as much as you can on the studs.  Continue this process until it is done perfectly.

Step 4: Twisting the nuts with a wrench

Take a pair of a wrench in order to pull out the nuts. Here, you need to take the wrenches and hold the top nuts first simply. Then, twisting the bottom one. This technique makes the process easier to pull out the studs in a short time.

Reverse this process when you install the new studs.

Method 2: Drilling the Broken Bolt Out of the Head

In this process, you need to do comparatively extra work than method 1.

Let’s check what is waiting-

Step 1: Prepare your tools

As I said before, preparing your necessary tools is helping you to ignore messy things during work. You’ll work more comfortably when the tools are around you.

In this method, the necessary tools you must need are-

Step 2: Tapping the broken stud

The first step you need to do is tapping the broken studs with the help of a metal punch. Also, using a hammer will make sure that not all engine bays are included in this stage.

Here, one thing you have to note down, that there will need to be a small divot in the broken studs before doing a drill out on the broken stud, it’s a necessary part to do.

Hence, it can help the drill not ruin the all-over place of studs. Only, the drill will be perfectly done by the small divot.

Step 3: Drill out the stud

After completing the tapping of studs, you have to drill out the broken stud. Here, take the small drill, which is a little bit smaller than the stud diameter.

Now, drill a pilot hole in the stud. At the midpoint of work, try reversing the drill out from the stud. That technique will help to remove the exhaust studs.

These all are things you need to do for the removal of exhaust studs. Follow this guideline and choose the method depending on the stud’s breaking point.

Frequently Asked Question: How to remove exhaust studs

Question 1: Can you drill out exhaust studs?

Answer: In order to drill out exhaust studs perfectly, you need to take a metal block as a drill guide. Drill the metal block in a larger bit size and then use it as a drill guide on the exact spot. Then drill out in the side of threads of the manifold.

Question 2: Can I use bolts instead of studs?

Answer: For better performance or heavy-duty, the choice of using studs is preferable instead of studs. Also, the torque ability of studs is much better than bolts. So, the uses of studs are much easier than the uses of bolts.

Question 3: What are the different types of studs?

Answer: There are different types of studs. These are given below-

  • King studs
  • Trimmer or jacks
  • Cripple stud
  • Post or column.
Remove Exhaust Studs


Removing exhaust Studs wouldn’t be a hassle if you know the exact process since there are so many alternative methods available if you want to do the simplest job of removing exhaust studs.

Finally, if you think that the job is not for you, call an expert who can easily help you. This will help you to save money and time. Otherwise, the problem will extend to the worst job. Hope, you successfully remove your exhaust Studs.

How To Remove Exhaust Studs
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