How To Form Concrete Steps with Sidewalls?

How To Form Concrete Steps with Sidewalls

Deploying concrete steps with sidewalls might be difficult to do. But if you follow certain rules, then it is possible to form concrete steps with sidewalls. Having sidewall steps is important.

If you want to make them by yourself, then this should be a drag. But it is not a hard job to do. So, you don’t have to worry about it and follow the rules and regulations. Also, you have to maintain safety first. 

Well, now most of the people have a nice peaceful house where they used to live peacefully. Most of the homes have second floors now. That is the reason for thinking about nice and well-finished sidewall steps. Other hands some of them are made new on the second floor. At this rate, they also need steps with sidewalls. 

Now the question is how to form concrete steps with sidewalls? This article will inform you of every word of what you need to know for developing concrete steps with sidewalls. 

Things to know before deploying concrete steps:

Things to know before deploying concrete steps

If you want to make sidewall steps all on your own, at first, you have to clear your basic concepts about concrete steps and the measure of its dimension and pepper use of cement.

If you can learn these three things, then deploying sidewall steps will be very easy for you. But it’s not over yet. You need to know a few more things. You need to calculate the total number of stairs you need.

After that, you have to figure out the height and depth of tread and the riser’s size. And the length of stringers is the most important topic. If you make these all and note them, that will be a great advantage for you. 

Managing equipment:

If you are collecting information about your concrete steps, you need some equipment for this job. But be sure that you are ordering the best ones. So, let’s see what you need to collect. 

Measuring tape

Among all the tools measuring tape is the most important piece of equipment. If you can’t count the things, then how can you do all the other things?

That is the reason you need to collect a measuring tape first. There are so many kinds of measuring tape.

A cloth, ribbon, fiber stick, metal rod, etc., with a measuring mark, can be used as a measuring tape. These are the tools. You can choose one of them but make sure you take one. 

Table saw:

Table saw is also an important tool. When you have to cut the wooden board, then you will need this thing. If you are doing bamboo work to make concrete sidewalls, you need a table saw. It’s quite an essential tool. 

Nail gun:

For making the structure of your concrete sidewall, you need to adjust your wooden board to each other. Nails are the best way to change wooden boards or bamboo.

So, if you can afford a nail gun, it will be very easy for you to make a rigid structure. But if you don’t have a nail gun, you can use a hammer to adjust the wooden board and bamboo.

Using a hammer is dangerous. Be careful when you are using a nail gun or a hammer. Make sure when you are using these tools, you keep children away from you. 


Now don’t ask me why I put the name of cement. If you want to make any concrete thing, then at first you need cement. Because cement is the main concrete thing, I know it’s not a piece of equipment or tools. It’s an essential thing. So, don’t forget. 

Construction sand:

Construction sand helps cement to be more strong. After mixing the adhesive, your concrete will be very hard and long-lasting if you mix construction sand in it. It will not break in normal hits. 

Iron rods:

It is not so necessary that you have to use iron rods in your sidewall steps. It is an optional thing. But if you use this material, then your object will be very long-lasting. Besides, the iron rods help cement and sand mix to be more concentrated. 

How To Form Concrete Steps with Sidewalls?

Till now, we were busy learning about what we need to do. Now the time comes to know about the main topic. You have to follow the rules given below. So then, let’s get started. 

Step 1: Learn Basic

There are a few many topics you have to follow. Among them, at first, you have to make sure about the design of your sidewall steps. If you make a mistake in the geometry of the invention, then you will not be able to make good-shaped steps. So, it is quite important to make your plan properly.

Step 2: Measure dimensions

You have to figure out the total rise of the stair that you will build in the starting. You need to measure the full height of the planned base. Measure from the basement to the top level you want to build up. 

So, now you have to find out the measurement of the run of the steps. You can do that by metering the distance between the front part and the back part of the steps. After that, find out the distance between the left to right bounds of the designed steps to find the width of your stairs.

Step 3: Calculate The Number Of Stairs

If you are done figuring out the measurements, then go and calculate how many stairs you can make. Because it is an unavoidable part of making stairs. 

Step 4: Mark All The Measurements

At this moment, your job is marking all the measurements. You have to find out the length of the stringers, the height of the riser, and the height and depth of tread. After figuring out all these things, you have to mark the positions. 

Step 5: Cut and Place The Wooden Form

Now the real part is beginning. We know you marked all the positions. You just have to cut the bamboo and wooden boards and place them in the right position. Use a nail gun or hammer to adjust the prices of wooden boards and bamboos. Make the structure of stairs. 

Step 6: Lubricate The Frame

You can use old lubricating oil or engine oil. Otherwise, you can use new branded oil for this kind of construction. If you don’t find any oil or something, you can use polythene sheets to spare it. You should make sure to use lubricants or polythene to ensure that the concrete pour will not stick to the wooden frame. 

Step 7: Pour in Concrete

Now you have to fill the wooden frame by pouring the cement mixing. Make sure that you fill all the gaps properly. 

Step 8: Pull The Wooden Frame Away

If the concrete has already been dry, then poll the wooden frame from it. Make sure you don’t mess up with that. It could be a break. 

Step 9: Give It a Finishing Touch

Give a trowel after removing the wooden frame. It will make them so smooth. Either you can set tiles on them, it’s your decision.

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Concrete Steps with Sidewalls

Final words

That was the full discussion about how to form concrete steps with sidewalls. If you are a newbie, it doesn’t matter. Just follow the rules properly. You can do it by yourself. Keep faith in yourself.

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How To Form Concrete Steps with Sidewalls?
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