How to Remove Shower Handle without Screws

How to Remove Shower Handle without Screws

We use the shower handle for a shower every day. The use of shower handles in our daily life is remarkable. Excessive use of the shower handle often results in various problems with the handle. Many times a lot of substances come with the water and stick to the handle. Moreover, as a result of turning the handle repeatedly, the handle becomes loose and water starts falling.

This is an annoying problem that those who have had this problem can understand. To solve this problem, many people hire a worker by spending money. But if you know this job yourself, your experience will increase as the cost decreases. You do not have to worry about this.

The Process of how to remove shower handle without screws

 If the shower handle is loose or there is a problem with the shower handle, we have to wear a lot of problems. But we also have some solutions to this problem. Those who do not know about this take the help of an experienced person.

If an experienced person does this job, they take a separate payment for it. If you can open a shower handle without any screws, it will not cost you. If you do this, you need to know and do it. It’s not that difficult. You can solve it with a little idea.

1st method: Turn off the water supply

 You must first close the waterline with the line that is your sower. You have to close the line where this water is supplied. If you do not close it, water will continue to fall when you open the handle so that your work will be interrupted. So be sure to turn off the water line before starting work. If you can’t find the line, you can turn off the main supply water line.

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2nd method: Take the necessary materials at hand

 You will need a tape for the handle you will be working on. If your shower handle is leaking a lot, you need to keep a rubber band for that problem so that you can stop leaking with it. Put tape with it so that it can be tightened. Now you take a screwdriver. With which you can loosen the stiff handle.

3rd method: Observation after opening the handle

Now that you have everything you can start your work. You must first leave the handle to see if the water is later. Then you keep turning the handle in the opposite direction so that the top end of the handle will open. After looking around, you will see that it has become different. If it is too stiff, you can rotate it with a screwdriver. Then you will see that it has become different. Now you look at the problem inside. Observe whether the tape inside is torn or loose.

4th method: Add the necessary materials

Now if you see that the tape inside is not right or torn, then you can separate the previous tape and put a new tape. When applying, make sure that the tape is wrapped around it. Do not throw away the rubber after opening the handle because without it you can’t reattach the handle.

5th method: Fix the handle as before

Now after you work the inside of the handle, put the handle back as before. You make sure that everything inside the handle is in the same condition as before. Apply the rubber that you got in it. If the rubber is damaged, you can apply the new rubber again. Now put the shower handle as before.

6th method: Check it out

After installing everything properly you see if it is working properly. For this, you turn on the waterline. After turning on the waterline, see if there are any like them. This way you can solve the problem with your shower handle.

What to do if the handle is old

What to do if the handle is old

If your shower handle is too old. But in that case, you will open it very carefully. You need to be careful when opening it. If you can’t open it, you can use vinegar in it. Give a little vinegar to clean the side that is getting dirty or damaged.

Adding vinegar will make it easier for you to loosen. Wait a while after using vinegar. Because vinegar can take time to start its work. After a while, you can open it again with a towel. If the handle is damaged, you can replace it with a new one.


It will be a pleasure for you when you learn to remove the shower handle. You can also reduce your waste by knowing this job. We don’t try to find out about anything or feel annoyed that we have to find a mechanic who increases our costs. Finding a mechanic is also a matter of time. If you do not want to waste any of your time and money, this is the right medium for you. With a little material and knowledge, you can solve your problem on your own.

How to Remove Shower Handle without Screws
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