How to Secure Furniture to Wall Without Holes

How to Secure Furniture to Wall Without Holes

Are you living in a rented house? You are bound in an agreement “no modifications” it does not allow you to make holes in the walls for hanging small furniture items.

Some people also do not like holes in the walls, because holes look very bad and give a tedious look. If you rearrange the items in the room, then these holes will need proper repair.

What to do when you want to secure some small furniture on the wall, but without holes? It looks impossible to hang a furniture item to the wall without holes, but you will wonder to know that it is possible.

Can I secure furniture to the wall without holes myself?

Can I secure furniture to the wall without holes myself

The answer to your question is ‘yes’ it is not a tough task with some simple steps support you can easily secure your furniture to wall without holes.

What are the steps?

Here are some simple ways to hang furniture to the wall without holes.

Step one:

For example, you want to secure a wooden shelve then; adhesive mounted strips make it possible for you to secure the shelve to the wall.

When you want to secure a shelf or other furniture without a hole, then try to purchase a light wood manufactured material. It will be lightweight that will be easy to hang on the wall.

You can secure more than eight kg of furniture, but for safety, purpose does not hang more than 5 kg to the wall without holes.

Step two:

Now purchase the mounting strips, but before purchase, it would be helpful to check the weight of your furniture item. Always purchase the mounting strip that can support the weight of your furniture item.

If you take a more weight supportive mounting strip, it is a better idea for safety purposes. Check the adhesive strips from both sides; one side should be rough while the other side should be sticky.

After taking the adhesive mounting strips, take a clean cloth and isopropyl alcohol. Now dip the cloth in the alcohol and clean the surface of the wall where you want to secure your furniture.

Clean it and make sure that all debris, dust, oil, wax, or other stains properly removed. Now, wait for five minutes to make the surface dry.

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Step Three:

Now uncover the strips and press the newly uncovered side on the shelf and hold the strips press down for a minimum of 30 to 45 seconds.

Apply the remaining adhesive strips on the furniture mounting area by following the same process. Please do not make a distance of more than two inches between each adhesive strip; it will give more strength to hold the furniture.

You can also use the staples to firmly attach the adhesive strips to the furniture that is made of wood.

Now take the furniture item and secure it to the wall, but for doing that, you need to remove the remaining strips liner.

After removing the liner from the strips position the furniture with the wall and hold it for a minimum of 45 seconds. It will help to fix the furniture at the proper place.

You can also add other two adhesive strips on both sides of the furniture to make it more firmly attached to the wall.

Step Four:

After five minutes remove the furniture item from the wall gently, you will see each pair of the strip will separate. One part will attach with the wall, and the other will attach with a furniture item.

Now check all the strips attached to the mounting area of the furniture item. If any strip is misplaced then replace it with a new one.

Press each strip for a minimum of 45 seconds to make sure it attaches properly with furniture.

Step Five:

In the end, reattach the furniture item after one hour to the wall, But make sure that you have placed the strips in their proper place while securing the furniture.

Check the furniture from all sides and make sure that there is no loss of support from any side. Your furniture item has secured to the wall without holes.



Some precautions will help you to complete your work with perfection.

While you are reattaching the furniture to the wall, keep a soft pillow under it if it falls do not damage.

Never keep heavy items on the furniture, because it is suitable only with light or small pieces. More weight can cause damage.

Final Thoughts:

You can secure your delicate furniture items to the wall without drilling in the walls with the help of adhesive mounting strips.

With adhesive mounting strips, you can secure pictures, art sceneries, small shelves, boxes, and anything that you want.

Keep your beautiful walls secure from holes and rearrange the furniture items anytime without worrying about agreement or damage to the wall.

How to Secure Furniture to Wall Without Holes
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