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How to Seal Concrete Basement Floor From Insects: 5 Methods

The basement floors are an important part of your home, and they should be kept in good condition. Most people don’t think about their basement floor until they notice a problem, like a crack or an insect infestation. Not only are they a nuisance, but some insects can cause serious damage to your home.  Basements […]

How to Calculate Sealant Quantity Required in Expansion Joint in Concrete?

Many buildings and structures have expansion joints installed in them. These control joints allow the concrete to expand and contract without cracking.  But what is the quantity of sealant needed? To measure the quantity of sealant required for an expansion joint, you’ll first have to determine the dimensions of the joint. Once you have those […]

How to Seal a Concrete Sink | Simple DIY 5 Steps

Concrete sinks are highly favored among homeowners because of their sturdy construction and unique appearance, but as concrete is a penetrable material, it can absorb liquids and accumulate bacteria without being sealed. Consequently, a concrete sink needs to be adequately sealed. By sealing the sink, you prevent water and other contaminants from seeping into the […]

How to Remove Cured Flex Seal From Concrete: 4 Methods

Flex Seal is a popular product that is used to seal cracks and gaps in a variety of surfaces, including concrete. When cured flex is used for sealing concrete surfaces, it creates a waterproof barrier to prevent moisture from seeping into the joints and causing damage. While a flex seal is designed to be durable, […]

5 Best Sealer for Exposed Aggregate Concrete in 2023

Exposed aggregate concrete is beautiful, but it’s also vulnerable to staining and weathering. If you don’t seal your exposed aggregate concrete, you may notice discoloration and fade over time. In extreme cases, the aggregate may become loose from the concrete itself. A sealer protects your exposed aggregate concrete to create a barrier between the aggregate […]

How to Seal Gaps Between Sides of Concrete Steps and Brick Walls?

We all know that construction projects don’t always go as planned. Whether it’s a faulty foundation or improperly cured concrete, there are many things that can go awry during the building process. A possible obstacle you may confront is gaps between concrete steps and brick walls.  These can cause a number of problems, including Trip […]

How to Seal a Shed to Concrete | 6 Easy Steps Guide

Every shed owner knows that proper maintenance is key to keeping your shed in good condition. But did you know that one of the most important parts of maintaining your shed is sealing the floor? If not sealed correctly, moisture and rain can seep in, rotting the wood and rusting the metal. You can protect […]

Best Sealer For Concrete Curbing: Top 5 Choices in 2023

Concrete curbing is a great way to add some curb appeal to your home, but over time it can start to look a bit worse for wear. Because concrete is a porous material, it is susceptible to water absorption, which can lead to the growth of mold, mildew, and efflorescence. Sealing your curbing will help […]

Can I Seal Glass In Concrete with Polyurethane: 5 Steps

You want to seal glass in concrete, but you don’t want to use regular concrete sealant because you’re worried it will damage the glass. Aside from that, you’re also worried about the aesthetic appeal of your project. Recently, you’ve heard about polyurethane sealant adhesive. And now you are wondering, can I seal glass in concrete […]

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