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Can You Use Flex Seal to Waterproof a Basement: 5 Steps

When your basement is not waterproof, water can pool on the floor after heavy rain, causing long-term problems such as fungus growth, wood rot, and even structural damage. Flex Seal is one option that promises to do the job. But can you use a Flex Seal to waterproof a basement? A small leak can quickly […]

How to Seal Screw Holes In Shower Wall Waterproofing Membrane?

Have you ever had a screw come loose in your shower wall and leak water? It’s not only annoying, but it can also lead to serious damage if left unchecked. If water gets into these holes, it can cause all sorts of problems, including peeling paint, mold growth, and structural damage. So, It’s essential to […]

Best Concrete Sealer for Shop Floor in 2023 | Top 5 Picks

The concrete on your shop floor will gradually degrade because of welding, heavy vehicles, and chemicals & petroleum products. Over time, concrete becomes more prone to deterioration from impact, abrasion, and vibration.  Spills absorb in concrete, which makes it harder to clean and a slip hazard. Without sealing the surface, these problems will only worsen. […]

Best Sealer for Stamped Concrete: Top 5 Choice in 2023

You just spent a lot of time and money on your new stamped concrete patio, driveway, or walkway, and you want to ensure it lasts. Because stamped concrete is a porous material, it’s crucial to seal it to protect it from the elements and prevent staining. But with so many sealers in existence, how do […]

How to Seal Concrete Basement Floor From Insects: 5 Methods

The basement floors are an important part of your home, and they should be kept in good condition. Most people don’t think about their basement floor until they notice a problem, like a crack or an insect infestation. Not only are they a nuisance, but some insects can cause serious damage to your home.  Basements […]

How to Calculate Sealant Quantity Required in Expansion Joint in Concrete?

Many buildings and structures have expansion joints installed in them. These control joints allow the concrete to expand and contract without cracking.  But what is the quantity of sealant needed? To measure the quantity of sealant required for an expansion joint, you’ll first have to determine the dimensions of the joint. Once you have those […]

How to Seal a Concrete Sink | Simple DIY 5 Steps

Concrete sinks are highly favored among homeowners because of their sturdy construction and unique appearance, but as concrete is a penetrable material, it can absorb liquids and accumulate bacteria without being sealed. Consequently, a concrete sink needs to be adequately sealed. By sealing the sink, you prevent water and other contaminants from seeping into the […]

How to Remove Cured Flex Seal From Concrete: 4 Methods

Flex Seal is a popular product that is used to seal cracks and gaps in a variety of surfaces, including concrete. When cured flex is used for sealing concrete surfaces, it creates a waterproof barrier to prevent moisture from seeping into the joints and causing damage. While a flex seal is designed to be durable, […]

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