Why Do Old Houses Have Two Front Doors

Why Do Old Houses Have Two Front Doors

Houses earlier built used to have two exits separated by window or siding. Homes built in the 18th and 19th centuries had two front doors.

Even in the early 20th century, people followed the tradition while building a house, both the doors used to have their purpose. Even now, if you own an inherited home, possible that have two front doors to keeps the legacy going on.

The reasons behind making double doors in a single home may leave you amused. As this form of the house has a glorious memoir, it gives birth to the mystery in today’s time also.

History And Origin of Two Front Doors

History And Origin of Two Front Doors

Let’s go back to the last time of human history as this kind of house raises our curious mind active. We must find out the root of this house style to ease our curiosity. History is always mysterious with full of suspense.

From research, it is found these twin door houses appeared in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey around the 1700s to the early 1800s. At that time, the Georgian style was most popular for building the house.

People made these twin door house during the Georgian style was popular. This style was famous for its visual balance. Also, it features like strict symmetry, central entrance, the central hall in the middle of the room, and window on the facade’s place.

This double entrance house arrived from Pennsylvania in Germany from 1800 to 1870. This style was used in farmhouses at that time. This style was also followed in other areas of Germany by ethnic group.

During the 19th century, English people also built houses with two front doors. Surely German’s spread this tradition to the West and South in the late 19th century. In the west also this style becomes famous, especially among wealthy people. They keep this manner of building the house for a long time.

Some Explanations of Two Front Doors

Some explanations of two front doors

• As mentioned earlier, in Georgian or Adams style, houses have to follow rigid symmetry rules. Every home must have a front facade, hall in the middle of the room. To follow the symmetrical form of a building house, two mirror front doors are a must. This strictly imitated house rule allows making two front doors of every home.

• Back then Air Conditioning was unavailable. Doors and windows are the only ways for the ventilation of the house. Hence double entrances in a home are necessary for keeping the house cool in the heated summer season. In bungalows, front doors lead directly to the bedroom of the house. Therefore, couples could enjoy fresh air while sleeping.

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• That era, people used to lead a classy lifestyle. They own things and properties for several purposes.

The first door is for daily events, and the other one is suitable for formal occasions.

They used it for having guests at home, on Sunday’s parties etc. I guess this makes sense to welcome your guests at home through a formal entrance.

• One amazing advantage of having a double door house is that you can rent your home often. If you are having a hard time in financial matters, rent one of your rooms with a completely different entry. People at that time used to rent a room to which it needed. This seems like a humble way to help people.

• In winter places, central hallways are essential components in homes for keeping drafts from going outside the home. Besides, hallways are expensive to have in any low-income family. For this reason, in well-to-do families in warmer places have double doors at home.

• Using glass for making doors was not present in the 17th to 18th centuries. This also makes the reason for two front doors.

• Families used to have numerous people; subsequently, two exits were needed in case of emergency.

• The other door was for servants in many homes. As the owners used the first door, servants are instructed to use the second one.

Design and decoration are also considerable for having two doors at the old house. For designing, people desire to have twin doors in that era.

• Churches used to have two entrances and exits based on gender. This tradition also practiced by people at their house.

• The second one was used for funerals. People strongly maintained this belief. That was the door, people dedicated to the soul to receive salvation from Earth’s bond and the loved ones.

There seems to have plenty of explanations for these two front doors in the last time of living. These causes truly sound valid, reasonable, and worthy to follow. Lifestyle, places, weather, everything affects your houses.

Therefore, these things are must considerable for building a house. Even in this modern time, people can follow this traditional form of building a home.

Why Do Old Houses Have Two Front Doors
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