Author : Robert Sikora

How to Fix Concrete Sealer Turned White: Four Steps [DIY]

If you’ve noticed that your previously clear concrete sealer has turned white, you may be understandably frustrated and confused. But you can take steps to fix this issue and restore your concrete to its original look. To fix the concrete sealer that has turned white, you must determine the type of sealer you’ve used. Then, […]

How To Seal Concrete Hot Tub: 4 Steps [Easy DIY]

Concrete hot tubs have recently emerged as a favorite among homeowners due to their durability and customizable design options. However, to ensure that your concrete hot tub stands the test of time, it is crucial to properly seal it. The first step involves preparing the surface by cleaning it thoroughly and removing any existing sealant […]

How To Seal Concrete Leaves: 2 Methods [DIY ]

Nothing enhances the beauty of a garden quite like unique and creative decorations. One popular choice among garden lovers is the concrete leaf. These intricate and detailed leaves come in various shapes and sizes, adding a touch of elegance to any outdoor space. However, as beautiful as they may be, they are prone to staining […]

Can You Use PVA to Seal Concrete: Detail Discussion [Worthwhile]

Concrete is a widely used construction material due to its durability and strength. But, it is porous and can absorb moisture if not sealed properly. So, can you seal concrete with PVA?  You can seal concrete surfaces with PVA to keep them dry and protect them from moisture. This remarkable material forms a protective barrier, […]

How to Seal a Concrete Septic Tank Lid: 5 Steps [Easy DIY]

Septic tanks are often overlooked but essential for properties not connected to a municipal sewage system. Not only do they safely dispose of wastewater, but they also require careful maintenance to prevent disasters. One often overlooked maintenance aspect is ensuring the tank lid is securely sealed.  Properly sealing a concrete septic tank lid is important, […]

Can You Epoxy Over Sealed Concrete: 5 Steps to Success

Epoxy coatings are becoming increasingly popular for concrete surfaces due to their durability and ability to withstand harsh conditions. But, if you’ve already sealed your concrete surface, you may wonder if applying an epoxy coating over it is possible. While sealing can help prevent future damage, it may create adhesion issues for the epoxy coating. […]

How to Seal Hairline Cracks in Concrete: 6 Steps [DIY]

Like a missing puzzle piece can ruin the whole picture, hairline cracks can ruin concrete and cause bigger problems. Those hairline cracks may seem small, but they can weaken the structure and lead to water damage and mold growth. But don’t stress, sealing those cracks is easier than you think. To seal hairline Concrete cracks, […]

How to Seal Between Concrete and House: Easy Steps [DIY]

Sealing between your concrete and your house is essential, and you should never be overlooked. This is because, without proper sealing, water and moisture can seep into the gaps and cracks between the two surfaces. It can cause damage and rot to your home’s foundation and interior walls. To seal between the concrete and the […]

How To Seal Concrete Planters: 8 Steps[ Easy DIY]

We all know that concrete planters are the unsung heroes of our gardens, standing guard and showcasing our beloved plants all year long. But like all soldiers, they need a bit of protection. Sealing your concrete planters can do wonders in ensuring they stay beautiful and sturdy for years to come.  With a little bit […]

How to Seal Cracked Concrete Bird Bath: Eight Steps [DIY]

As bird lovers, maintaining a functional and aesthetically pleasing bird bath is crucial. However, the concrete structure may begin to crack over time. This can cause water leakage and ruin the birdbath’s overall appearance. Consequently, if you wish to ensure the longevity of your bird bath, you must seal cracks. To seal a cracked concrete […]

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