Best Drills for Hole Saws : Top 5 Selection in 2024

Drills for Hole Saws

Drills for Hole Saws are a type of power drill that is specifically designed for making holes in a variety of materials. There are a few different types of Drills for Hole Saws, and each has its own specific use. For example, some Drills for Hole Saws are designed for use with metals, while others are better suited for drilling holes in wood.

The drill you choose should be powerful and torque-driven. You’ll also need a variable speed trigger that will allow you to adjust the pressure to suit the material you’re drilling.

The best drills for hole saws provide a clean, even cut and can handle a variety of materials. With a weak drill, hole saw teeth can break and blunt, or even slip out. A lack of power can slow down the cutting process. Here we share some of the top 5 drills for using hole saws to make your work easier.

Black+Decker dr260c 3/8″ 5.5 Amp Corded Drill For Hole Saws

Workpro Pink Cordless 20v Lithium-ion Drill

Dewalt 8 Amp 3/8 Corded Drill for Hole Saws

Top 5 Reviews on The Best Drills for Hole Saws

Drills with hole saws are an incredibly versatile tool for cutting holes in various materials. When both of them are good quality, you are assured of getting precise and even cuts every time. Here are reviews of top leading drills for hole saws.

01. Black+Decker dr260c 3/8″ 5.5 Amp Corded Drill For Hole Saws

This corded drill by Black+decker is a great product if you want to cut holes without continuously pressing the button. With the lock-on button, the drill stays on, making the job easier. This drill is also made with quality materials, making it very durable.

Key Features:

  • 5.2 Amp motor for plenty of power
  • Lock-on button for drilling material without pressing
  • Has variable speed control
  • Comes with a Phillips/Flathead bit
  • Enough strength to drive hole saws through 2x4s with ease
  • Ergonomic design for ease of use
  • Lightweight handle to cut material over your shoulders
  • Keyless chuck for a quick and easy hole saw changes
  • Anti fray housing for cord protection

Powerful Motor and Variable Speed:

With 20 volts of power, it can perform a wide range of drilling applications. The 5.2 Amp motor provides plenty of power for drilling holes in wood, plastic, and metal. Its variable speed control allows you to adjust the speed to suit the task at hand. You can start slowly to avoid damaging the material and then increase the speed as you go.

Lightweight and Ergonomic Handle:

The ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold, and the lightweight handle means you won’t get too tired when cutting holes over your shoulders. Having a corded design also means you won’t have to worry about batteries dying during a project.

Keyless Chuck:

With its keyless chuck, it is quick and easy to replace hole saws. The chuck prevents over-tightening, making it easy to keep the hole saws in place. It can also accommodate a wide range of hole saws so that you can find the perfect one for the job.

Accessories Included:

It comes with a Phillips/Flathead bit, making it perfect for drilling holes. As it accommodates 1/16-inch to 1/8-inch bits, it can drill through a material without a problem.

Versatile Tool:

The Black+decker dr260c 3/8″ 5.5 amp corded drill for hole saws is a versatile tool that can handle most household projects. With enough strength to easily drive hole saws through 2×4 wood, the drill is perfect for everything from building a simple bookshelf to hanging artwork.

Cord Protection:

One notable feature is the anti-fray housing, which helps to protect the cord from damage. This is a particularly useful feature if you need to drill through tough materials such as concrete or metal. The standard cord length is also a handy feature, as it provides plenty of reach for most drilling projects.


  • It is a little heavy for one-handed use which can make it difficult to control, especially when drilling into hard surfaces.
    • You can solve it by holding it back with your other hand.
  • At the bottom of the handle, there is a holder for the drill bit. Using the handle incorrectly can cause the drill bit to poke your hand.
    • By moving the Flathead over just a bit to the left, you’ll get a flatter Phillips tip instead. You can also take it out completely from the holder. 


The materials used to make this product are of great quality and very durable. It comes with a lock-on button for drilling without pressing. With these many features and benefits, it is a reliable drill that will be able to meet your drilling needs.

02. Black+Decker 20v Max Cordless Drill Driver with 30-Piece Accessories

The cordless drill driver is another model from Black+decker that has long battery life. You can work with this hole saw for a long time. It is a powerful tool that is perfect for heavy-duty work. It will be able to tackle even the most challenging projects.

Key Features:

  • It is durable, so great for heavy-duty work
  • 20V battery system has a long battery life
  • 24-position braking system to prevent stripping and overdrive hole saws
  • Has great torque for drilling or removing hole saws
  • Lightweight and ergonomically designed
  • gives you more freedom and flexibility to move around
  • Drives hole saws easily into the backer board

20V battery System:

Black+decker 20v max cordless drill driver with 30-piece accessories features a 20V battery system capable of cutting holes. The battery is interchangeable, so you can always have a spare on hand.

24-position Braking System:

With its 24-position braking system, it can prevent stripping and overdrive hole saws. With such high torque, it’s great for drilling or removing hole saws. Its speed and power are more controlled than other models, giving you more precision over your work.

Durable and Lightweight Designed:

This powerful little drill is durable, lightweight, and ergonomically designed, making it a pleasure to use. Due to its compact size, it gives you more freedom and flexibility to move around, and its lithium-ion battery ensures that it will always be ready when you need it.


It comes with a variety of accessories, including steel bits that make for easy drilling through a variety of materials. With its high-torque motor, it can easily drive hole saws into the backer board.

Whether it’s a large or small project, you can tackle it with ease. When you’re cutting holes to hang pictures or tightening door handles, a cordless drill makes the job easier. And when it comes to putting together furniture, a cordless drill can make quick work of the job. The powerful motor is perfect for drilling through wood, metal, and plastic.


  • Battery drains quite quickly when performing high-energy tasks such as drilling through thick metal.
    • You may need to recharge the battery on a semi-nightly or nightly basis.
  • The drill does not come with a case to keep it away from dust.
    • You will need to purchase one separately.


The included 30-piece accessories kit includes everything you need to get started, making it suitable for both professional and DIY users. Whether you’re drilling holes for new shelving or driving hole saws into tough lumber, this cordless drill driver will help you get the job done quickly and easily.

03. Workpro Pink Cordless 20v Lithium-ion Drill

Whenever you need to cut material in low light or dark areas, this cordless drill from Workpro is an essential power tool. It comes with a light on the handle to brighten the workspace. The attractive pink color body makes it stand out from other tools in the market.

Key Features:

  • The handle has a light to do work in dark areas
  • Attractive color and powerful drill
  • lightweight, durable, and safe to use
  • Has more than enough power for personal use
  • Comes with multiple drill bits and a screwdriver bit
  • The drill is 20v for heavy-duty projects 
  • Suitable for people with MS or back problems
  • Can be used to install a curtain rod with included drywall screws
  • Comes with a holster clip, a plug-in charger, and a bag

Designed for Back Pain Sufferers and Durable:

It is lightweight and durable, making it easy to maneuver, and the compact design means it can be used in tight spaces. For those with back problems or MS, the cordless drill is also suitable for them, which helps to distribute weight evenly and prevents the drill from slipping.

Designed for Women:

The Workpro pink cordless 20v lithium-ion drill is a great choice for any woman who enjoys working with her hands. Women will appreciate this power machine because it is specifically designed for them. Its pink color makes it unique and girly.

Multiple Drill Bits:

With multiple drill bits and screwdriver bits, you can tackle any job besides cutting wood plugs, no matter how big or small. Its 3 brick screws and 2 wood screws let you quickly and easily attach the drill to any surface. The one handful of deck screws lets you finish the job without having to go back to the store for more supplies.

20v for Heavy-Duty Projects:

It has a 20v battery, making it powerful enough to tackle heavy-duty projects, but it also has more than enough power for personal use. Due to its attachments and accessories, it can be used for numerous tasks. The drill can be used to install a curtain rod with the included drywall screws.

Components Included:

The drill includes a battery, making it easy to use without the need for an electrical outlet. It also comes with a charger and a holster clip, so it’s easy to charge the drill up when needed. With its pink color tool bag, it is easy to carry and store the drill.


  • The drill bits can become sticky and smelly if residue from the drilling process is allowed to build up. 
    • For instance, you can clean the drill bits after each use to prevent residue from building up.
  • It does not come with a level, making it difficult to charge the battery.
    • Levels can be purchased separately and used to ensure that the battery is charged.


This drill is not only powerful, but it also features a flashlight. It reduces discomfort with its ergonomic grip. Overall, the Workpro 20v Lithium-Ion Drill will appeal to anyone who wants a powerful and versatile drill that is stylish and fun.

04. Dewalt 8 Amp 3/8 Corded Drill for Hole Saws

The corded drill from Dewalt is a robust machine that is designed for one-handed use. You should choose this option if you dislike holding a drill with two hands. It accepts larger hole saws for cutting wood plugs in thicker logs.

Key Features:

  • Ball-bearing construction and appropriate for larger hole saws
  • Suitable for one-hand use with even a small hand
  • Centered handle position for less fatigue
  • Has up to 2500 rpm with VSR trigger
  • The drill is easy to use in tight areas
  • Suitable for a drill brush for heavy-duty cleaning
  • Has a quick-change chuck to change out hole saws
  • Has a better wire management system
  • Comes in a hard case

Well Balanced:

It is not too big, making it easy to handle and maneuver. The drill is well balanced, with a centered handle position that helps to reduce fatigue. It is light enough to be easily held by users with small hands.

Easy to Control:

Dewalt 8 amp 3/8 corded drill for hole saws features multiple speed trigger that makes it easy to control the speed of the drill. The quick-change chuck simplifies changing any hole saws. When using screws, you can set the depth stop to prevent over drilling by setting the drill to stop at a certain depth.

Storage System:

One of its best features is its wire management system, which keeps cords tidy and organized. This drill also comes with a decent wire length so that you won’t need an extension cord. It comes in a hard case, convenient for transport and store.

Suitable for a Drill and Heavy-duty Uses:

It is a robust tool that is designed for heavy-duty construction projects. With its 8 amp motor, it easily drills 2×4 redwood cedar wood. The drill is also suitable for using a drill brush for heavy-duty cleaning.

With its compact size and powerful motor, it can accomplish even tough drilling jobs. You drill under the patio grill without removing the entire unit.


  • Hard to use one-handed for heavy-duty use.
    • You need to hold it back with another hand.
  • The drill bit holder releases itself when it rubs against anything during the operation.
    • You need to be careful of this and keep an eye on it.


With its all-metal gearbox and variable speed trigger, it can handle tougher projects. The ergonomic handle provides comfort and control during use. Whether drilling through plywood, engineered wood, metal, or concrete, this drill has the power and performance you need to get the job done right.

05. Porter-Cable Corded Variable Speed Drill for Hole Saws

The corded drill from Porter-Cable is a high-powered, ergonomic hand tool ideal for everyday tasks. As the drill motor operates at a higher speed, it requires less force to operate. It will fit comfortably in your hand and won’t cause fatigue on your hands and arms during extended use.

Key Features:

  • Has a high speed of 3500 rpm and 6 amps of power
  • Ergonomic and requires less pressure to operate
  • Keyless chuck designed for old men
  • Long-term use is easier with a lock-on button
  • Sturdy body design, and the cord is thick
  • Can drill a large hole using an appropriate hole saw
  • Can drill through thick stock easily
  • Can sand crown molding with a flap sanding wheel
  • can drill 2×4 and 4×4 pressure-treated wood
  • Suitable for using Forstner bit to make a pegboard

6 Amps and 3500 RPM:

With six amps of power, this drill can easily drill through thicker and tougher materials. The high speed of 3500 rpm makes it easy to work quickly. By setting the depth stop, you will prevent damage to the material during drilling.

Sturdy body and Tool-free Tightening:

It’s made of heavy-duty metal so that it won’t break easily. Due to its thick and durable cord, it won’t fray or get tangled.

The keyless chuck makes it simple to swap hole saws, and the tool-free tightening means that you can quickly and easily adjust the tension. It is also very durable, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking or wearing out.

Drill Big Holes:

You can use this power machine to cut large holes quickly. With a 6” lag screw and star head screw, it can easily drill through 6” of material. Drilling 1/2” holes are also super easy with this drill.

Application Types:

With its powerful motor, Porter-Cable corded variable speed drill for hole saws can easily cut laminated wood and drill through thick stock. The drill also features a depth stop to ensure that you achieve a perfect finished product. With a flap sanding wheel, you can sand crown molding with a corded drill.

You can use it to drill 2×4 and 4×4 pressure-treated wood for a greenhouse base. It is also ideal for using Forstner bits to make pegboards for a nursery.


  • The trigger can’t be locked at any speed.
    • You have to hold down the trigger the entire time you’re using the drill.
  • The plastic gear housing can be stripped if you over-tighten it.
    • Tighten it normally to skip this issue.


Overall, the Porter-Cable corded drill is a great tool for anyone who needs a powerful and user-friendly drill. Because it has a high speed and torque, it easily drills through tougher materials. Its multiple features and applications make it a must-have tool for any homeowner or gardener.

Drills for Hole Saws Comparison Chart


Power Source
Item Weight
Black+Decker dr260c 3/8″ 5.5 Amp Corded Drill5.5 Amp1500 RPMCorded Electric‎3.25 Pounds
Black+Decker 20v Max Cordless Drill Driver1.5Ah750 RPMBattery Powered‎4.25 Pounds
Workpro Pink Cordless 20v Lithium-ion Drill1.5Ah1500 RPMBattery Powered4.07 Pounds
Dewalt 8 amp 3/8 Corded Drill8 Amp2500 RPMCorded Electric‎6.54 Pounds
Porter Cable Corded Variable Speed Drill6.5 Amp2500 RPMCorded Electric‎4 Pounds

Factors to Consider When Buying Drills for Hole Saws

right tool

Drills are a vital tool for many home improvement and construction tasks, and hole saws are a common attachment that can be used for a variety of applications. When shopping for drills for hole saws, several factors should be considered to find the best tool for the job.

Size and Weight:

Smaller drills are more maneuverable and can be used in tight spaces, making them ideal for detailed work. But they may not have the power needed for larger hole saws. On the other hand, Larger drills provide more torque and power and can handle larger hole saws. As a result, they are better suited for more demanding projects.

Drills for hole saws come in a variety of weights, depending on the material they are made from. Plastic models are usually the lightest, while metal models tend to be heavier. Drill weights can range from around 3 pounds for a small drill to over seven pounds for a large industrial drill.

This weight difference can be significant, especially if you are using the drill for extended periods of time. The heavier metal models can be more difficult to handle, but they will often provide more power and durability. 

A lightweight drill is much easier to handle and doesn’t put as much pressure on the hand. This is especially important when using a hole saw, as the added weight can make it difficult to control the drill.

Corded Electric or Cordless:

When it comes to choosing a power source for your drill, there are two main options: corded electric or cordless. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so choosing the option that best suits your needs is important.

Corded Electric Drill:

Corded electric drills are power tools that use a rotating drill bit to make holes in a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, and metal. They are commonly used for tasks such as drilling pilot holes for screws and dowels, boring holes for plumbing or electrical conduit, and enlarging existing holes.

With the ability to drill holes of various sizes, they suit a variety of projects, from hanging pictures to assembling furniture.  They require a constant supply of electricity, which can be limiting if you’re working in an area without an electrical outlet.

Cordless Drill:

Cordless drills offer a number of advantages over their corded counterparts. They are much more portable, making them ideal for use in remote locations or for projects that require a lot of movement. They are much quieter than corded drills, which can be a major benefit when working in sensitive areas such as hospitals or schools.

These drills are less likely to overheat, making them safer to use continuously and relatively inexpensive. They also allow you to drill in tight spaces without the risk of tangled cords. These drills are not suitable when you need to work for a long time.

Power Output:

best drill

When selecting a quality drill, there are three key factors to consider: ampere (amps), voltage, and watt.

This amp rating indicates the amount of electrical current the drill can handle and is a good indicator of the power and durability of the drill. A drill with an amp rating of 3-5 is sufficient for most home improvement projects. A higher amp rating may be necessary for more demanding projects, such as drilling through tougher materials like concrete.

Voltage is another important factor to consider, as it determines how long the drill can run before needing to be recharged. The higher the voltage, the more power the drill will have and the easier it will be to use hole saws. For most hole saws, a 12-volt drill will be sufficient.

If you plan on using larger hole saws or working with tougher materials, you’ll need a drill with more power. An 18-volt or 20-volt drill will provide the necessary torque and speed.

Watt is a measure of the drill’s overall performance. It takes into account both the amp rating and the voltage and provides a good indication of how well the drill will perform under a variety of conditions. For most home projects, a drill with 250 watts should be sufficient. For larger projects or for professional use, at least a 300-watts drill may be necessary.

RPM Speed:

Depending on the project at hand, the right RPM speed for a power drill can make all the difference. A high RPM speed is essential for making clean, precise cuts. A drill with too much power can cause the hole saw to heat, while a drill with too little power may bog down.

When drilling holes for a thin log, it’s important to use a drill with an RPM speed of around 750. This will ensure that the hole is the right size and won’t damage the log. 

If you’re drilling holes into thicker material, you’ll need at least 1500 RPM. This will help to prevent the bit from getting stuck in the material and will create a cleaner hole. 

For drilling into harder materials such as metal or concrete, a higher speed is typically needed. In these cases, speeds between 1500 and 2500 RPM are typically used.

Clutch Position:

best hole

The clutch is what prevents the drill bit from stripping the screws, as well as overdriving them. It’s important to select a drill with a good range of clutch positions to find the right setting for the task at hand.

If drilling through soft materials like wood, you’ll want to use a lower clutch setting. This will help prevent material damage. On the other hand, for harder materials like metal, select a higher clutch setting. This will help to ensure that the drill bit doesn’t slip or break.


The handle of a power drill plays an important role in its overall performance. A good handle should be soft-gripped to reduce fatigue and comfortable to hold. A well-balanced drill will be easier to control, making it easier to drill precise holes and operate the drill for long periods.

Some drills come with handles that are centered, while others have offsets. Centered handles are more balanced, making them easier to control. Offset handles provide more leverage, cutting through tougher materials. Avoid models with handles that are too small or too large. Also, make sure the handle is made from high-quality materials that won’t break easily.

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Q: Do You Need a Special Drill for a Hole Saw?

You can actually use any drill that you have on hand.  All you need is a standard drill with a good Chuck. It is the part of the drill that holds the bit in place. You want to make sure that your drill has a good, tight Chuck so that the bit doesn’t slip while you’re drilling. Screw the hole saw onto the drill bit, and you’re ready to start drilling.

Q: Do Hole Saws Attach to Drills?

It is possible to attach hole saws to drills. This is because hole saws have a pilot drill bit in the center that is used to keep the saw steady as it cuts through the material. The pilot drill bit also helps to create a starting point for the saw. 

For a hole saw to attach to a drill, it must first be attached to the drill’s chuck. Once it is in place, the hole saw can be attached to the drill and used to cut through the material.

Q: How to Attach a Hole Saw to a Drill?

Pick the right size hole saw for your project. Then, using a wrench, tighten the chuck of your drill so that it is snug against the shaft of the hole saw. Insert the pilot bit into the center of the hole saw and tighten it firmly in place. Position the hole saw over the material you wish to cut and slowly start the drill.

Q: Can You Use a Hole Saw with a Cordless Drill?

Yes, you can use a hole saw with a cordless drill. You’ll need to ensure that the hole saw is compatible with the size and type of drill bit that you’re using.

For example, if you’re using a small cordless drill, you’ll need to use a smaller hole saw. When using a large cordless drill, use a larger hole saw. Hole saws are also available in different materials, such as metal or carbon steel. Be sure to choose the right material for the job at hand.

Q: Can I Use a 4″ Hole Saw with 18v Cordless Drill?

A 4″ hole saw can be used with an 18v cordless drill. This cordless drill is powerful and can handle the heavy-duty work required for a 4″ hole saw. The size of the hole saw is appropriate for the size of the drill, making it a good fit for the job. It can handle the high speed required to make a clean cut with the hole saw.


After reviewing various models of drills, you might have to understand which are the best drills for hole saws. Our reviewed drills are powerful, precise, and easy to handle so that you can make perfect clean cuts.

From our buying guide, we have explained which features to look for when choosing a high-quality power drill and the different types of drills available. You also learned about the importance of handling comfort and balance.

Our FAQs section answers some of the most commonly asked questions about hole saws and power drills. We hope that this guide was helpful in your search for the top drill for your hole saws.

Best Drills for Hole Saws : Top 5 Selection in 2024

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