Best Indoor Wood Furnace in 2024 | Top 6 Picks by An Expert

Best Indoor Wood Furnace

The easy way to heat your home with wood is by installing an indoor wood furnace. An indoor wood furnace will save you on energy costs while keeping your home warm and cozy all winter long. It is the perfect solution.

An indoor wood furnace will let you enjoy the convenience of heating your home with the wood you can find in your neighborhood. Plus, it’s easy to install in any room of the house.

With the increasing cost of energy, it’s no wonder people are looking for ways to save money. One way is by installing indoor wood furnaces. This article will give you a quick overview on how to choose the best Indoor wood furnace for your home and needs.

US Stove US1269E 900 Sq. Ft. Log Wood Cast Iron Stove

Ashley Hearth AW1120E-P 1,200 Sq. Ft. Pedestal Wood Burning Stove

Fltom Camp Tent Stove, Portable Wood Burning Stove

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Top 6 Indoor Wood Furnace

There are different types of furnaces that you can buy, however, not all of them will work in your home. Before you consider buying any kind of wood furnace, make sure that it can be installed in your house by checking the specifications.

These are some of the products hand picked by us which will save you the hassle of choosing from a plethora of products and guide you in the right direction.

1. US Stove US1269E – Log Wood Cast Iron Stove

Looking for an affordable yet durable indoor wood burning furnace? The US1269E is the type of stove you buy when you take pride in what you do. It’s heavy duty, has style and is made to last. US Stove 1269E indoor wood burning furnace has an integrated cooking surface on top, and can hold logs up to 19″ in length. 

This sturdy unit is made of rustic, cast iron and can keep your home warm. It uses 54,000 BTU’s to heat approximately 900 sqft.  With a 2-Piece protective lid that is cool to the touch when the stove is in use and heavy duty construction of  this timeless classic will suit those with a vintage aesthetic or anyone seeking a durable, energy efficient heater solution.

This portable wood stove meets U.L Standard 1482 by Warnock Hersey International for greater peace of mind and safety assurance.

Highlighted Features:

  • 2-Piece safety handle remains cool while the stove is burning
  • Heavy duty cast iron construction provides classic style with modern technology.
  • Meets U.L Standard 1482 by Warnock Hersey International for greater peace of mind and safety assurance
  • Can insert logs up to 19″ in length inside US Stove US1269E indoor wood furnace.
  • Perfect for log cabins, large garages and shops

2. Ashley Hearth AW1120E-P (EPA Certified Pedestal)

The hot, dry summers and cold winters are now more bearable in your home with the help of an Ashley Hearth AW1120E-P Wood Burning Stove. This model is available in black nickel finish to keep it modern and fashionable. The door has an air washed ceramic glass that offers a view of the burning fire inside the stove. The heat output and BTU level for this wood burning furnace are 68,000 BTUs and 2-1/2″ X 18″, respectively.

This means that it will generate heat equivalent to a 10 foot diameter fireplace with a backup rate of 915 cubic feet per minute (cfm). The stove is made of an air tight steel plate and it has a large ash pan with an ergonomic handle. Ash removal is easy so you won’t have to deal with ash spills when you don’t want to. To provide thermal protection and improve efficiency, all wood stoves require a continuous supply of fresh air.

The AW1120E-P wood burning stove has a blower (model CB36S or B36) that is sold separately that will help you with this and make sure your stove burns safely and cleanly all the time, every time.

Highlighted Features:

  • This 68,000 BTU stove is capable of heating up to 1,200 sq. ft.
  • It has a steel plate construction and a large ash pan with an ergonomic handle
  • Ash removal is easy when you have the removable ash pan
  • When burning wood, there needs to be a continuous supply of fresh air
  • To provide safety and efficiency, all wood stoves require a blower that can be bought separately (model CB36S or B36)

3. Fltom Portable Stove with Stainless Wall Chimney Pipes

Outdoor camping furnaces are not something new. They have been in the market for a long time and many specialist outdoor retailers would know about these things. Often, they would be referring to firewood or charcoal based outdoor camping furnaces which work on heat power or battery charge power, respectively. 

FltoM Camp Tent Wood Stove is the best product for anyone looking to heat their tent for camping. They are able to cook just about anything on the top and use wood as a fuel source. This wood stove is easy to install and use. It is portable and can be taken anywhere, so campers do not need to worry about cooking outdoors with this stove by their side. It is made from carbon steel with folding legs that are collapsible for easy storage. 

The stove has 6 pieces of pipe and the highest height is 4.69 feet while the diameter is 2.36 inch / 6cm. It has attachments to cook on the top and comes with a removable design. The materials are stainless steel and fire retardant cloth material. FltoM Camp Tent Stove is comfortable for cooking, heating, and food-burning.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made from carbon steel with folding legs that are collapsible for easy storage.
  • Stove has 6 pieces of pipe and the highest height is 4.69 feet while the diameter is 2.36 inch / 6cm.
  • Has attachments to cook on the top and comes with a removable design.
  • Materials are stainless steel and fire retardant cloth material.
  • Comfortable for cooking, heating, and food-burning.

4. WINNERWELL Nomad Portable Stove | Includes Chimney Pipe

The WINNERWELL Nomad View Large Wood Burning Tent Stove is a great option for preparing food and heating in confined places such as outdoor tents, domes, cabins, shelters, small dwellings, and more. It is a perfect solution for outdoor adventures who don’t want to carry around heavy, fuel-dependent camping equipment.

It is also ideal as a recreational wood burning stove and not intended for residential use. It’s lightweight and highly portable with a compact design with a nesting four-leg design that folds flat under the stove. The sides shelves also double as a carrying handle, while the chimney pipe sections stow neatly inside the stove body.

In addition to the stove body, the WINNERWELL Nomad View Large Tent Stove is equipped with five sections of pipe with a diameter of 3.5 inches, one spark arrestor, and one ash scraper. This wood burning stove features two glass viewing panels in the door and side panel for ambiance and fire management with side shelves for cooking utility.

Winnerwell tent stoves have ornamental metal handles, and are made of 304 STAINLESS STEEL which ensures that it will never rust or corrode in harsh outdoor environments. It is 34 pounds in total weight with its compact size.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dual glass viewing windows in the door and side panel for ambiance and fire management.
  • Side shelves for cooking utility.
  • Dual dampers for controlling airflow and burn rate with decorative twisted metal handles.
  • Compact size, making it a wood stove built to travel.

5. GladyStore Portable with Large Firebox

GladyStore Camping tent Wood Burning Stoves is ideal for those cold camping trips where you need something to cook on and keep yourself warm at night. In addition, it is practical to use as an outdoor wood furnace. In the morning, you don’t have to leave the warmth of the tent to make coffee by putting a camp stove or coffee maker on the stove.

The flat top of the stove makes it perfect for cooking anything from breakfast pancakes to bacon-wrapped salmon steaks. The vertical flue pipe is what makes this camping stove so unique. The flue pipe allows it to be vented directly out of the top of a tent or any temporary structure that you may be staying in during a camping trip.

You can also use the stove outside as long as there is enough draft to get rid of the smoke from the chimney. It has a Folding size of29*38*31.5cm, 11.4*15.0*12.4 inch and has an expanded size of 56*29*37cm, 22.1*11.4*14.6inch. You can use it in any outdoor environment, such as campsites, fishing trips, trail walking and hunting.

Highlighted Features:

  • The flat top of the stove is your cooking surface.
  • The wood burning stove can be used to cook just about anything you can cook on the range in your kitchen.
  • Camping wood stoves use natural fuel sources like firewood, twigs, wood chips etc.
  • The whole stove adopts a detachable design scheme. You can easily remove the chimney pipe, four legs can be folded,, easy to store and carry.
  • You can use it in any outdoor environment

6. Drolet Escape 1500-I (DB03137) with FacePlate (Medium 2020 EPA Certified)

The Escape 1500 is the ideal solution of a wood stove for houses as far as 1,800 ft². In addition to 1.26 g/h of particle exhaust, this natural timber product produces approximately 65,000 BTU/h, thus exceeding EPA standards. The Escape 1500 is an excellent way to modernize the aesthetics of your stone fireplace and improve its efficiency. It features a 29” x 44” faceplate, a blower, a ceramic glass ash lip, and an air damper.

The maximum burn time is around 6 hours while maintaining a decent efficiency. Keep warm with just firewood in near perfect winter conditions using only 19 kW max from this fireplace insert. It is one of the most reliable Canadian made models available. This model has Steel thickness = 3/16” for the body and 5/16” on top making it easy to drill through walls when required. 

It can accommodate logs up to 18″ in length delivering a stable heat that always fills up all parts of your home with warmth and enjoyment. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Faceplate 29” x 44”, Blower, Ceramic Glass, Ash Lip, Air Damper
  • EPA 2020 Approved-1.26 g/h of particulate emissions-Non-Catalytic
  • Maximum log length 18″ and Heating area 500 – 1,800 ft2
  • Recommended maximum heat output 65,000 BTU/h (19 kW)  
  • Maximum burn time 6 hours  Steel thickness 3/16″ for the body and 5/16″ on top
  • Proudly made in Canada – Limited lifetime warranty

Factors to Consider Before Buying an Indoor Wood Furnace

Factors to Consider Before Buying an Indoor Wood Furnace

There are numerous factors you need to consider when buying an indoor wood furnace, but three of the most important ones include:

Type of Wood Furnace

Type of Wood Furnace

Do you want a free standing model or one that is mounted on the wall? Generally, a mounted model is easier to install. This will make your life easier.

A free standing model is easy to move from place to place. If you don’t like the cabinetry or other features of your current setup, you can simply pack up your free standing model and find a new place to install it.

Installation Costs

You may have to pay for installation if it’s not included in the cost of your new furnace. Depending on your heating needs, it might be worth spending a little more for installation if you’re going with a free standing unit.

 If you need more than one installed at a time, the price will go up significantly. When considering installation costs, make sure you know what type of fuel you’ll be using. 

A traditional free-standing furnace requires a natural gas line for operation, while an insert can use other fuels as well from propane to oil or pellets.

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Wood Type

Wood Type

What type of wood are you planning to use? The type of wood you’ll be burning is very important when shopping for a furnace. The majority of furnaces burn wood pellets, which do not contain chemicals like sawdust or bark. 

If you want to be able to burn larger pieces of wood, such as logs, you’ll need a different kind of furnace that can handle the more difficult fuel source.

Appliance Type

If you plan on using your new furnace with an existing forced air heating system in your home, make sure it won’t interfere with other units. If not, simply find one that will fit properly in the space you have picked out for it.

Size of the Wood Furnace

Size of the Wood Furnace

The size of your new wood furnace is another important factor to consider when purchasing an indoor unit. The bigger it is, the more heat it will typically put out which means a less likely chance that you’ll have to adjust the thermostat during those winter months.

 Smaller furnaces are great if space isn’t an issue but you should choose one that has enough heating capacity to take care of all your home’s heating needs. There are 3 sizes of wood furnaces. Small, medium and large. You need to decide which one would fit you best.



How efficient is the new wood furnace? The more energy your stove uses for heat, the less energy you have left over for other things in your home like lighting and television viewing.

You’ll also want to make sure the unit is powerful enough to heat all the rooms in your house so you won’t have to adjust the temperature every day. Be sure to also check each model’s efficiency rating before making a final decision.

3 Types of Efficiency Ratings Include:

Heating Efficiency Ratings (HERS)

This is the most common type of rating system for furnaces. It’s a standardized measurement that tells consumers how efficient their new furnace will be. 

The ratings are based on an average house across America and they are assigned to each model so consumers have a choice when looking for a certain heating capacity for an oil or gas furnace in their home.

Radiative Efficiency Rating (RER)

This is also called “heat loss” measurements, it helps determine how much energy your new wood furnace will use to heat your home compared to its size – meaning you can compare two furnaces with different BTU ratings and find out which one would be more effective at putting out heat.

Radiative Fraction Rating (RF)

This is basically a rER measurement that takes into account how well the unit traps heat inside your home. A rating of 1 indicates an inefficient furnace, while one that measures closer to 0 means it’s going to perform better and put o.ut more heat inside your home.


The cost of an indoor wood stove or furnace can range from $1,000 to more than $20,000. The price will depend on size and efficiency as well as brand name and the type of stove. You’ll also have to factor in your installation costs, which can be anywhere from $750 to more than $10,000 (depending on the model).



What accessories come with the wood furnace you’re considering? Wood furnaces use chimneys to distribute heat throughout your home. Some models may come with one included while others will not. You can choose which type you want to buy, although a chimney that is too large won’t work as efficiently. Other accessories are dampers and wood racks.

Safety Features

You should also think about the safety measures of your new indoor wood furnace before making any final purchasing decisions. Wood furnaces have a number of safety mechanisms that reduce the risk of the unit overheating or causing carbon monoxide poisoning, so look for those options when comparing different models.

Space you Want to Heat

Space you Want to Heat

If you plan on installing it in a basement or garage you will need a sealed room with a ground-level location.

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Alternatively, if you have a chimney then you should definitely buy one with an optional direct vent kit designed for installation in a chimney system. Also, make sure to consider the type of wood logs that are recommended.

Energy Output

The output of your wood furnace should be at least 30,000 BTUs. While a smaller furnace with an output of 8,000 to 15,000 will work for some users, you should go for the higher output if you want to save on energy costs.

Advantages of using Indoor Wood Furnace 

Advantages of using Indoor Wood Furnace

The following are some of the advantages of using an indoor wood stove or furnace for heating:    

Saving on Energy Costs

Indoor wood furnaces will save you on your energy costs. Since wood is a renewable resource, this is a cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly way to heat your home. A wood stove will lower the heating bills and keep it steady at a low level instead of going up and down every few minutes as electricity does.

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Independent to Power

When the power goes out or when the gas goes up in price, there is still a way to stay warm with a timber burning furnace. You can use it as your outdoor grill as well as for cooking and heating.

No Ducting Required

A wood stove is also great for those who don’t want to go through the hassle of installing or repairing existing ductwork in the entire house, which would be required with an oil- or gas-based heating system.

It’s Easy to Install

It’s Easy to Install

Unlike oil and gas furnaces, wood stoves are easy to install in any room of the house.

Ease of Choice

A homeowner can also choose from several different brand name models that vary in size and shape. They come in box shapes, barrel shapes, tower shapes or even round towers depending on how much space you have available for the unit. 

Adjustable Thermostat

Most models have an adjustable thermostat, which helps you control how much heat comes out of the unit. This is a great addition because it allows you to reduce your overall heating costs while still maintaining a comfortable living space. 

It also makes it easier for you when changing climates throughout the year as you can easily adjust the temperature to help maintain a balance inside the home.

Low Smoke System

Low Smoke System

You don’t need a chimney or venting to use a wood stove as it produces very little smoke and odor when used properly.

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Minimal Fuel Usage

Fuel use for a wood stove is nominal and will last for a long time, which saves you money on fuel costs over the years.


The types of wood that can be used for a wood stove are virtually any type of wood. You will find the perfect piece of dry wood from your own backyard to use for a wood stove, which is eco friendly and more convenient.


Wood stoves are quite a bit quieter than other heating sources for homes. This is a great benefit when you have little children or elderly in the house who are sensitive to noise because it means that they can sleep soundly without being disturbed by your furnace.

Clean Burning

Clean Burning

An advantage of a wood stove is that it provides a clean-burning fuel. Wood is a renewable resource, which means that a wood stove burns sustainably and without the need for fossil fuels. A wood stove is also perfect for those who want to avoid the pollution created by other heating systems like oil and gas.

Low Maintenance

Wood stoves are very low maintenance. All you need to do is keep the vent pipe clear of debris. You can also clean the glass doors and inside of the unit.

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Wood stoves are very environmentally friendly. The typical indoor furnace is 100% wood-burning, so it produces no toxic pollutants to create air pollution. They also burn cleanly and without emissions, thanks to the use of renewable resources like firewood.


How much space is required for the installation of a wood stove or furnace?

You may need to clear out an area of about 12-18″ around the furnace. This is for safety and maintenance reasons. In most cases, you can install the furnace on a floor or wall. If you are installing the furnace into a wall, it will require at least a 10″ by 30″ space.

Do you require a chimney in the desired area where a wood furnace can be installed?

Yes, a chimney must be present in the desired area. You will also need to make sure that the chimney is not blocked by anything and that it can go all the way up to where the furnace is located. The height of the chimney will depend on what type you choose. An average height for a wood stove is about 15-20′ tall.

What type of wood is best suited for a wood stove or furnace?

Any type of hardwood or softwood will do just fine. The type of wood you use should usually be your choice. However, if you are trying to save money it is best to choose hardwoods. Hardwoods are usually less expensive and easier to get than softwoods.

How Much Wood Does a Wood Stove or Furnace Burn Per Hour?

It depends on the size of the unit. Most units can burn 2-4 cords per day.

Is a Wood Stove or Furnace Expensive to Operate?

Wood stoves or wood furnaces are not expensive at all. If purchased and installed properly, wood furnaces can save you money. In fact, many people find that a wood stove can save them over $100 each year on their energy bills. Additionally, you’ll be heating your home with a renewable resource.

Is a Wood Stove Expensive to Maintain?

Is a Wood Stove Expensive to Maintain

No. If you use the furnace properly and keep it clean, you will find that it doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. It also helps to clean the chimney occasionally.

Are Wood Furnaces Safe?

Yes, it is very safe. Most indoor wood furnaces have been tested and approved for safety by the appropriate authority of your country.

Is Buying a Wood Furnace Considered a Good Investment?

Yes, it is a great investment to buy a wood furnace if you enjoy saving money, staying warm, and feeling safe. If you feel that this is something that your family could use then it would be worth looking into.

What Type of Warranty Does an Indoor Wood Furnace Come With?

Most indoor wood furnaces come with a one-year warranty. Some come with as long of a warranty as five years. If the furnace is installed properly, it should hold up well for this length of time.


To conclude, an indoor wood furnace is the best way to heat your home with wood. An indoor wood furnace will keep you warm and cozy all winter long while saving you on energy costs. It is the perfect solution.

An indoor wood furnace will let you enjoy the convenience of heating your home with the wood you can find in your neighborhood. Plus, it’s easy to install in any room of the house.

Follow the information in this article to find out how to find the best indoor wood furnace of your choice. You’ll be glad you did!

Best Indoor Wood Furnace in 2024 | Top 6 Picks by An Expert
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