What are the Differences Between Black Oak vs Red Oak

Black Oak vs Red Oak

Living on earth is absolutely a blessing. Whenever or wherever to look, it’s amazing to see and feel every natural thing around us. If it comes to plants our trees, then nature, given its all the beauty towards us. Is it ever sounding like this tree hasn’t a good look? Never! Every little plant is the best gift of nature on earth. Similarly, different types of trees growing up and surrounding us are magical to have.

Here, we’re finding this kind of tree called oak around us!  Very few trees are amazed us like it. Different shapes, different color, different leaves are attracted one easily to oak trees, no doubt here! Types of oak trees are divided for their genesis, name, and so many little differences. If it comes to analysing the difference between black oak and red oak, we have to find out that every little term belongs to them.

Let’s move forward and find out the exact differences between them.

A guide to Black oak vs red oak:

A guide to Black oak vs red oak

Black oak

Black oak is known as Quercus velutina in her species name. It is previously known as yellow oak-for the yellow pigment in the inner bark. Black oak is a middle or larger tree with wide-spreading,  crown and tall, greyish leaves and uniform trunk.

Black oak generally grows up in Eastern and central North America.

Red oak

Red oak is known as her species name as Quercus rubra. It’s usually grown up from the northern area; hence, it is also known as northern red oak.

Red oak is found in North America, eastern and central United States, and southeast and south-central Canada. It’s also seems cultivated in small parks or gardens for its beautiful shiny look and vibes.

Difference between black oak and red oak

1. Types of leave

Black oak: Black oak leaves grow up from 4 to 10 inch long each. The black oak green leaves are generally green color with brown hair its younger age. During the fall season, it becomes red. It seems to consist of 7 to 9 lobes or fingers, which have a pointy bristle on the tip end.

Red Oak: Red oak consists of green leaves with about 7 to 11 lobes or fingers with pointy bristle on each. The green leaves size is about 5″ and 9″ (12cm- 22cm).  It consists of two edges of shapes; teeth like edge and smooth edge.

2. Height and size

Black oak: Black oak trees generally grow 66-82ft (20-25m) long and diameter of 90cm(35inch) with a sizeable flat-top crown.

Red oak: Red oak grows up at the height of 60-70 feet, and about 40-60ft spread width. It also grows 90ft above in the native woodland areas.

3. Types of bark

  • Black oak: Black oak  Burk is usually shiny and consists of dark brown to reddish-grey color.

Black oak bark is identifying by the horizontal cracks and little broken pieces on it. It seems full of rough and fragmented looks.

  • Red oak: Red oak tree Burk is completely slighting grey color look with vertical on it. Also, having an unbroken and smooth Burk is opposite from black oak to identify easily.

4. Types of Acorns

Black oak: Consists of smaller acorns with a nut of one-third (1/3th) or (1/4th) enclosed caps.

Red oak: Consists of larger acorns with a nut of almost half of the enclosed caps.

5. Flowers

Black oak: Black oak is produced both male and female flowers as staminate and illustrates in the same trees. The flower is 4 to 6″ long with a cluster of dropping yellowish catkins.

Red oak: As same as black oak, it is also producing male and female flowers both. It’s consists of dropping yellowish-green catkins about 2-4″ long.

6. Types of Wood

Black oak wood is more hard and rough. It also seems to have defects sometimes. It’s a low-quality wood than other oaks wood.

On the other hand, the nice constructing wood of red oak is a popular choice for its hard, well texture, strong and stiff quality.

7. Uses of oak

Black oak: The oak wood is usually used for furnishing or firing. Thus, there are also a few advantages of the oak uses-

  • Medical uses: The oak is used widely to treat indigestion, respiratory, fever, sore eyes, chills, and more. It’s also used for antiseptic and emetic.
  • Excellent firewood: Black oak is widely used for firewood than any other oak wood. As it has great fuel uses, it produces a lot of ash and a long-lasting coal bed.
  • It’s also used for construction, build furniture, or very few purposes.

Red oak: As red oak wood is mostly hard, stiff, and excellent constructing wood, so for designing furniture, it’s widely used. It’s also popular for outdoor use as it’s so easy to stain and has instant dry naturally. Other uses of red oak are plywood, decorative boxes, woodenware, millwork, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions: Black oak vs red oak

Frequently Asked Questions Black oak vs red oak

Question 1: What is Black Oak good for?

Black oak wood is good for excellent firework. It also provides long-lasting bad coal and more ash. Besides, it’s also used for medical purposes.

Question 2: Do red oak trees grow fast?

Red oak trees are growing much faster than any other oak. Its height reaches more than 24″ every year.

Ques 3: Is Oak toxic?

Oak is particularly toxic in the spring, as it’s an opening time of flower and leaf buds. When the leaves become mature, and the acorns become ripe, then the oak is considered less toxic.

Are question 4: Are red oak trees messy?

Red oak is occasionally called northern red oak, as it’s messier than any other oak.  It’s not only seen in autumn also in spring.

Question 5: Why are oak trees so strong?

 We see the long-living oak tree around us. It’s just because the oak trees are of tannic acid, which easily prevents the defect of fungi and insects. The oak trees always give us a new look, new vibe in autumn as well as spring. It now seems complete to make your outdoor space, yard beautiful with a plant or being furniture. Thus, all differences are represented for you. Hopefully, it works!

What are the Differences Between Black Oak vs Red Oak
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