How to Build an Exterior Door Jamb

How to Build an Exterior Door Jamb

The door jamb belongs to the two vertical positions of the frame that help the door to hang. Most of the people get confused between the door jamb and door frame. Where these two are not the same at the point of mechanism.

In a simple word, the door jamb is a component of the door frame. The door jamb provides more advantages on behalf of the frame. That’s why it seems the prehung door is completely ready with the pre-installation of the door jamb.

Let’s come to the point! Whether it’s a new replacement or repair of the exterior door, you would have to ensure your door level up towards the floor. Besides, an inspection of the door’s easy push and pulling without troubling with the surface of the floor.

These all are required within the accurate fitting of the door jamb. Building your door jamb of an exterior door isn’t so tough as you’re thinking. Just a few basic steps and important tools are needed to complete this entire task.

How to build an exterior door jamb: Step by Step

Looking forward to the project with the help of a few basic steps that are are given below:

Step 1: Gather necessary tools

The project is constantly dependent on basic tools following the instruction. Just before starting the work process, find out the required tools and gather them in front of you. It will save your effort and time to prevent mess.  The following tools are needed to complete this task successfully

  • Measure tape
  • Wood or jamb kit
  • Nail gun
  • Wood shims
  • Circular saw
  • Utility knife
  • Level

Step 2: Select the door jamb material

First, learn what types of material you’re want to work with. You can buy the material of both softwood and hardwoods. One-half of the advantages and disadvantages,  the softwood is preferable to hardwoods for easy and convenient door jambs work.


  • Sometimes, people are also select fibreglass. But wood is the best choice for the or jamb.

Step 3: Mesure the door frame size

Considering the exact fit and levelling with the wall or surface,  you have to take the door frame’s accurate size before installing the door jamb.

Firstly, take the measuring tape and hold it on each of the top and the sides of the frame. Now, find out both sides of the frame and write it down for later.


  • For opening the door, the frame size should be bigger than the door size. There should be added a few inches to each of the side (width and length)
  • Usually,  most of the frame size is probably as-

 2×4 wall doors- 11.4cm (frame size)

 2×6 wall doors – 16.5cm (frame size)

  • Make sure about the measurement starting from the bottom of the door or the surface.

Step 4: Cut the jamb piece and set them

According to the measurement, markdown on the wood with a pencil or marker. Then, cut the two studs with the electric saw.

Now, cut one again for the top of the door opening. It’s called a header. Then, use a nail gun to make a proper frame.

As you make the jamb pieces with earlier measures, they will easily fit up with the wall or surface properly.

Place wood strips to level up perfectly towards the frame. Check the levelling, how it works. Hold the door against the jamb( using a hammer and few nails). If it works well, then move on to the next step.

Note :

  • Safety precautions must be needed in this step. Wear safety glasses, gloves, and a visor, meanwhile cutting the jamb pieces.

Step 5: Nail the stud side doorjamb

Nail one wood on the hinge side to the frame. Use a nail gun to level it from top to bottom. Be carefully nail through each shim for ensuring the accurate level up.

Now, as before, nail the other jamb side on the frame. Repeat it with the opposite of the hinges.

Step 6: Hang the door

In this step, first, mark with a pencil’s help on the desire location to screw on the hinges. Then, use a drill to screw on the hinge.

Now, hang the door attached with the hinges and inspect it twice. Make sure the door is completely level up and works well.

If it doesn’t make trouble opening or closing instantly,  then that means you’re completely done this project successfully.

Frequently Asked Question: How to build an exterior door jamb

Frequently Asked Question How to build an exterior door jamb

Question 1: How much bigger should a door frame be than the door?

A door frame is always having bigger than the door size. There should add 2″-1/2 ” extra with the actual door size. Again, check the door’s fit and measurement by open or close instantly, without troubling towards the wall side or surface.

Question 2: What kind of wood should I use for an exterior door frame?

When it comes to select an exterior door frame, factors such as long-lasting, durability,  strength is considered. The combination of teak can give your exterior an excellent look. Besides, if the cost is a major issue, then the oak can make your work efficient and also save you time.

Question 3: What material is used for door jambs?

Softwood or hardwood can f  door jambs. If you want easy and convenient work, then using softwood such as hemlocks, pine or fir is a better choice. You can also use hardwood (oak) for stain-grade jambs.

Questions 4: How thick should a door jamb be?

The exterior and interior door jamb’s thickness is almost the same. If your house belongs to a 2/4 door wall, then the door jamb’s size is 4-9/16inch required. Again, if your house has a wall door of 2/6, then the size is 6-9/16 inches.


Building an exterior door jamb isn’t a tough project. If you need a helping hand, then choose anyone to hold or alternate the component. If you’re not capable of doing this project, then call a professional one.  It will be wiser to save money as well as time.

How to Build an Exterior Door Jamb
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