Semi Chisel Vs. Full Chisel: What Are the Key Differences

Semi chisel Vs. Full chisel

Are you looking for a permanent chisel? You can get an overall idea from this article. Semi chisel vs. Full chisel enables you to select one of the best chisels. You can get three types of essential saw chains in the market. Among them, the Semi chisel and full chisel are the most popular ones.

Semi chisel chain is one of the market-leading products. But a Full chisel chain also takes market with the performance. There are no doubt two chisel chains able to show incredible performance. 

Semi Chisel

Semi chisel

It is a round-cornered chain. Moreover, the semi-chisel chain has a round edge. This grid round edge can make it easy to cut the wood. This chain is cutting slower than another chain. But this chain contains the sharpness for a long time during rough sawing.

Mostly semi-chisel can be used for softwood, frozen and dirty wood. Semi chisel chain is not aggressive. There is less risk of kickback. Moreover, you can sharpen it easily. Many companies offer a warranty. 


1. You can use it for cutting frozen wood, dirty wood, and softwood.

2. Has excellent longevity of sharpness. 

3. There is less risk of kickback. 

4. It is not aggressive. 

5. You can sharpen it easily.


1. It can’t cut fast. 

Full Chisel

Full Chisel

This chain is made for the faster cutting of any wood. The full chisel chain has a square-cornered tooth. The excellent feature is the aggressive cut of timber. Full chisel enables to cut any wood fiber fast and easily. It has excellent value to the consumers.

A full chisel is a sensitive chain. You can’t use it on dirty wood. This chain has a high risk of kickback. Moreover, it is perfect for clean softwood. You may be offered a warranty. 


1. It enables to cut fast.

2. High aggressiveness in cutting.

3. It has a sharp square-cornered tooth


1. High risk of kickback

2. It is not easy to sharpen.

3. Very sensitive on dirty wood. 

4. Loss the sharpness very fast. 

Semi Chisel Vs. Full Chisel

  • Semi chisel and full chisel chain have not the same cutting actions. The full chisel needs a few times to cut any wood. But a semi-chisel is not faster than a full chisel. 
  • Although a full chisel works faster, it can’t contain the sharpness for a long time. Semi chisel chain has worked slowly, but it high longevity of sharpness.
  • Sharpening of semi-chisel is easy. It is not easy to sharp in the full chisel. You need to sharpen the full chisel regularly. 
  • The full chisel is sensitive to dirty wood. It is perfect for softwood. Semi chisel perfectly works for dirty, frozen, and softwood
  • Semi chisel has less risk of kickback. Full chisel has a high risk of kickback. 
  • Semi chisel has no aggressiveness on cutting. The full chisel is aggressive on cutting. 
  • The full chisel is costly than the semi-chisel. 

FAQ: Semi Chisel Vs. Full Chisel

FAQ Semi chisel Vs. Full chisel

Why do You Use a Chisel?

Answer: A chisel is a sharpened tool for cutting wood, heavy metal, and stone. The sharpest blade is excellent for cutting these very easily.

What Makes a Good Chisel?

Answer: A craftsmanship can create a huge distance in the lifespan of the chisel. Many companies use 01 carbon steel for making the blade. It can increase the sharpness and durability.

What does a Full Chisel Chainsaw Chain Mean?

Answer: Semi chisel and full chisel chain have not the same cutting actions. The full chisel needs a few times to cut any wood. A full chisel is made for a faster and aggressive cutting process.  

What is the Best Way to Sharpen Chisels?

Answer: You can sharpen your chisel by sharpening the stone.

What is the Correct Angle to Sharpen a Chisel?

Answer: You can get one bevel in a chisel. It is about 25 degrees. You need to 30 degrees to sharpen the tool.

How do you Sharpen a Chisel Without a Honing Guide?

Answer: Keep the bevel down on the stone. Then you push gouge to it. It’s a small choosy until you improve a roll.

How do you Maintain a Chisel?

Answer: Keep the chisel within protective caps. It covers cutting edges when you don’t use it. Exchange any chisel which has bent, chips etc, then place them safely in a drawer. 


You can’t get a clear answer about which the better one between semi-chisel and full chisel. It depends on your preference. You can research about the product than you will buy. If you do fast, you will buy a full chisel. If you keep the sharpness for a long time, you will buy a semi-chisel.

Semi Chisel Vs. Full Chisel: What Are the Key Differences
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