How to Sharpen Bush Hog Blades

How to Sharpen Bush Hog Blades

 Whether it for a small farming garden or landscape on your apartment, bash hog is a must-have tool to use. It’s also known as a ‘rotary cutter,’ attach to the farm tractor. If it comes to cutting or shaping, the sharpness is the most important to clear out first.

Due to heavy work uses, the bush hog blades become easily dull. Working with the dull blades will not work properly. Besides, it requires more efficiency, time, and pressure to work continuously with this.

So, make sure your bush hog blades are working properly. If you find out insufficient sharpness,  then you should sharpen your bush hog blades as early as possible without any delay. So,  what’s the method?

There are multiple methods to sharpen the bush hog blade. Manually or mechanically, both choices are upon you. But continuing the project with a machine’s help is highly recommended because it requires less effort and time to do a project successfully.

Let’s get to the main point and following the instruction and steps as given below –

How to sharpen bush hog blades: Step by Step (Manual Method)

How to sharpen bush hog blades Step by Step (Manual Method)

Step 1: Gather necessary tools

To prevent a mess in the working process,  it’s good to find the required tools and collect them properly. That will also save your time and effort to get proper attention to the work. So, let’s see which tools are needed to collect for the following project-

  •  WorkbenchWorkbench
  •  wire brush.
  • Clean rag.
  • Safety gears
  • Screwdriver/ wrech
  • Lubricating oil
  • Bucket.
  • Sharpening machine.
  • Metal file

Step 2: Turn off the switch and remove the blade

Before starting the project, don’t forget to disconnect the brush cutter. Ensure that it’ll not be started in the middle of work.

After that, removing the blade from the brush cutter carefully. Make sure there is no chance of injury to put off the blade. Just purpose of re-installing blade without any mess, mark down the below point of the blade. It’s become easier to correct the side installation of the blade.

You can also use a screwdriver and wrench to get off the rotation, just need a wood piece between the blade and the duck.  It’ll help to immobilize the blade properly. Unscrew the bolt and remove the blade instantly.


  • Use before removing the blade from the brush cutter.
  • Don’t touch the blade in a sharper slide.  It might cause injury to the hand.

Step 3: Clean the blade

Due to the blade’s long uses, you can find out that with full of dirt, grass, mud, and so many things. So, first, you should have to clean the blades with soapy water.  After that, rub the blade with a dry rag.

Step 4: Prepare the blade for sharpening

Now, it’s time to sharpen your bush hog blades sharpen manually. Here, firstly you’ve to ensure the stability of the blade on the workbench. If the blade moves one or half an inch, it’s having a ma ess.

Use a few newspaper or sheet pages to catch all the metal filing left that gather here after sharpening.

Step 5: Sharpening with a metal file

After, prepare your dull cutting edge of a blade and pick some metal file on it. Now, rubbing the blade continuously on both sides. When you have to stop? Until the cutting edge shining brightly, you have to continue.

If it’s come out a sharpening new cutting edge blade, let re-install the blade on a cutting brush.

How to sharpen bush hog blades: Step by Step (Machine Method)

There are two methods of using the machine for sharpening bush hog blades-

1.Angle Grinder Method

2. Bench Grinder Wheel Method

Angle Grinder Method

  • Turn off the switch by disconnecting the spark plug wire.
  • Remove the blade as a manual method
  • Take safety precaution before using a grinder(like safety gloves, face shield, long sleeve shirt)
  • Place your blade in a workbench or a vise.
  • Before grinding, use a heavy grit piece of sandpaper over the blade.
  • Then, pass the grinding stone disk into a 90° angle along the blade’s cutting edge. Make sure to hold the grinder against the blade.
  • Continue this process until the cutting edge become shining brightly.
  • Repeat the same process on the other side

Bench Grinder Wheel Method

  • The same as the grinder method, take safety precautions, remove the blade, and prepare the cutting edge clean.
  • Hold the blade 45° along with the bench grinder wheel, then move it securely.
  • Sharp it until the cutting edge’s proper shining
  • Next,  repeat the process over the other side.
  • Let,re-install the blades again in the brush cutter

Frequently Asked Question: how to sharpen bush hog blades

Frequently Asked Question how to sharpen bush hog blades

Question-1: When should I change my bush hog blades?

 It depends if the blades properly work or not. Due to long uses, it can be dull, crispy, or a little broken. You have to inspect the bush hog blade regularly. Then you should be concern about the repair or changes of the bush hog blade.

Question 2: How low can a bush hog cut?

 The bush hog can cut about a minimum of 6″ of the ground. Even, it’ll not cause the ground to be teared up or cut back at all.

Question 3: What is the difference between a rotary cutter and a bush hog?

There is not an exact difference between the two of them. They are the same tool; just bush hog is a “brand name.”

Question 4: Do Bush Hog blades need to be balanced?

To prevent injury and mess, it’s must be needed to balance the bush hog blade as they have designed with a swing-arm. So, when it comes to sharpening the cutting edge of the blade manually or mechanically, it should be stable first.


Here, three methods are describing and given every importance to do the project properly. Do it with your having tool as your requirement.  Though it’s not so tough, you’re not confident about that, then let’s call a professional one to do the job carefully.

How to Sharpen Bush Hog Blades
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