Best Wallpaper Liner Reviews in 2024 : Top 6 Picks

Wallpaper Liner

Wallpaper liners are the best way to protect your wall from damaging adhesive and make it more durable. It is an investment in your home, so you want it to last as long as possible. 

But wallpaper also has a tendency of sticking too hard to the adhesive on drywall, which can lead to pulling off during installation or worse still, bubbles or wrinkles that will affect its presentation for years. 

A great solution is a paper-backed layer called a wallpaper liner that’s attached before applying any design at all. This helps keep the glue from becoming too strong and makes removal easier without damaging anything else on the wall!

In this article, we’ve gathered some of the best rated wallpaper liners on the market today and reviewed them.

HaokHome 93005-1

PracticalW Self Adhesive

Yancorp Matte Black

Best 6 Wallpaper Liner

It’s hard to choose the right wallpaper. Everyone has their own opinion and taste, and you need to make sure that your choice will work for both you and your space.

The following guide will help you figure out what type of wallpaper liner might be best for your needs. 

1. HaokHome 93005-1

Promote beauty and health by decorating your home with designs that excite the eye, but do not harm animal welfare. 

This lining paper can be applied to smooth walls, cabinets, and drawers, countertops, bookshelves to transform any space! Optimum quality is ensured with a 17″ x 9.8ft long roll.

The patented design is gentle on surfaces and water-resistant so it won’t bleed or fade out when or after you cut it down for a decorative wall in any room of your house (Take note: H20″xW17.7″ Straight Match DIY)!

Be sure to purchase enough rolls from the same batch such as HAOKHOME 93005-1 to avoid colour differences like this bright yellow roll.

Haokhome will constantly create unique, exclusive products. Our product is unique in composition and has a diversity of styles to pick from! Make your room a charming and cosy setting in the simplest route.

Printed with safe and high-quality materials that are water-resistant so it won’t bleed or fade out when or after you trim it down for a patterned accent wallpaper anywhere.

Our peel and stick wallpaper is easy to clean and remove, won’t leave behind a sticky residue when removed and can be reused on another surface or repositioned with heat as many times as you like.

Highlighted Features

  • High-quality, durable adhesive with non-woven backing for easy installation and removal on a wall or appropriate surfaces.
  • Prints will not bleed or fade away when being trim down to fit your specific needs
  • Patterns are available in a variety of styles including geometric shapes, line designs, floral patterns and more.
  • Can be reused to create patterned accent walls in any room of our house by being trimmed to size and applied with heat.
  • Paste is water-resistant so it won’t bleed or fade out when you remove it from walls.

2. PracticalW Self Adhesive 

I would suggest PracticalW Paper as a good quality paper. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or just a regular homeowner who needs an adhesive that will stick to your stubborn walls, then you’ll love it!

So what’s so great about this product? Let us count the ways-

The first thing is that our paper includes multiple applications for various surfaces or any kind of wall. 

Want to put up lining paper in your kid’s wall but didn’t account for how rough their little fingers are? 

Here’s your answer! In fact, this seller can be used on furniture and tables too. 

Not only has it been utilized as covering for walls before, but smartphones and laptops have been coated with their protective powers too!

Who knew such versatility could exist?

Using the product is also a breeze. All you need to do is roll it out on the table and apply with ease! 

You won’t have to struggle with bubbles and wrinkles after applying to a wall as it’s been tested to combat such things. 

The manufacturer even threw in a smooth texture for applying to walls so you won’t have to worry about it looking like a crumpled newspaper.

Why do we recommend this? Because of the value it brings! Save time and money with this roll of adhesive. 

Investment funds can be better allocated elsewhere so don’t hesitate to place an order today!

Highlighted Attributes

  • 15in×118in rolls and can be pasted by one person.
  • Custom high end design on walls or furniture with minimal effort.
  • No color difference between rolls.
  • Affordable and easy to use.
  • Save time, don’t need to hire a professional.

3. Yancorp Matte Black 

Yancorp lining paper is a new contact paper with an added grid backing that facilitates sizing and slicing it effortlessly. 

Wallpaper with this type of surface uses a PVC coating process which will be able to prevent dirt or stains. 

Use a damp cloth to wipe down this matte black self-adhesive lining paper. 

This lining paper is made from detachable adherent PVC sheets, is not hazardous and is not likely to cause harm to walls. 

There is a minimalist black pattern in this lining paper; it has a matte surface, and it matches perfectly with another piece. 

Use it on walls, kitchen countertops, hearth surrounds to update worn walls with a gorgeous, sophisticated finish. 

You can easily trim this lining paper into any shape or size you want without the help of tools, making it perfect for kitchen counters or regular worktops; no need to buy individual tiles!

If you don’t like the colour, no worries! 

We’ll send replacements right away if you ever happen to stick all of it to one another or ruin it in any way that makes it all unusable. 

All you need to do is let us know, with no additional hassle.

It’s totally waterproof, too, so that it can be used for countertop surfaces or standard worktops.

Give your home or workspace levity through an easy installation process! A new way for you to refurbish your living space! 

Its creative simplicity brings contemporary decor modern minnow to come alive without requiring much effort on the side of the installers.

Highlighted Features

  • No need for a measuring tape, the grid on the back makes it very easy to measure and split.
  • Matte black repositionable PVC material that will effectively block dirt or stains.
  • Made from removable sticky PVC material, it is non-toxic and will never damage your walls.
  • Waterproof surface for kitchen countertops or regular worktops.
  • Creativity meets simplicity with this lining paper project.

4. Marble 

The problem with peeling and sticky tapes is now solved by Abyssaly. Choose from a wide range of designs that will transform your walls into high-end marble at a fraction of the cost!

For those who enjoy DIY, the process is as simple as taking off the paper backing and sticking it to any flat surface you want; easy peasy!

The durability of this lining paper proves to be excellent as well. It will not come on easily if peeled, so there is no need to worry about damaging your furniture or drawer while trying to take off the lining paper.

Thickness wise, the 0.18mm white/gold marble contact paper beats ordinary lining paper hands down. Running your fingers over our sticky white/gold contact paper yields an impression of thickness which helps avoid tearing apart.

The standard white/gold marble contact paper measures 23.6 by 78.7 inches each roll so if you have bigger furniture pieces or walls that need decorating you’ll definitely want to purchase more quantities in order to avoid any color difference.

In case you don’t like the product, rest assured that we’ll issue a full refund immediately, no questions asked!

Installation is also a simple process with grid lines and instructions included on the back of each roll so it’s user friendly.

It is sticky too, so all you need to do is peel off the backing paper, stick it onto your surface and smooth it out with a ruler. No glue required!

The surface of our white/gold marble lining paper is a PVC material, which makes it perfect for kitchens and countertops. It is very easy to clean and also is wear-resistant.

So, No more worrying about peeling tapes as well as sticky surfaces.

Highlighted Features

  • Adherent white/gold marble lining paper for walls.
  • At an affordable price, your walls will look like top-of-the-line marble.
  • It is easily glued to any even area with a ruler. 
  • White/gold marble lining paper has a PVC surface, making it suitable for kitchens and countertops. 
  • It is very easy to clean and also is wear-resistant.

5. Livelynine 

The Livelynine store’s wallpaper is the best there is! They’re made of durable PVC and adherent so you can stick them onto any sleek surface.

The Livelynine lining paper is a fast, easy way to jazz up your room without the hassle of painting.

The smooth finish and oil-resistant properties allow you to wipe any spills or smudges right off after it dries for future decorating adventures.

The large size makes it perfect for your big walls & ceilings or hallways that need a decorative touch!

Made with durable PVC material that resists tears and stains; this product can be trimmed into any size while also applying at an affordable price.

Add a bit of colour to your kitchen cabinets, furniture, shelves, whatever you want! and look fabulous doing it with this peel-able lining paper.

Its patient free installation will have you ready for more fun in no time!

Wood contact paper has never been so lively before! With an even paintable surface, you can wipe any spills or smudges right off after it dries for future decorating adventures.

The oil-resistant properties allow you to wipe any spills or smudges right off after it dries for future decorating adventures.

This lining paper is made with durable PVC material that resists tears and stains; which also makes it easy to trim into any size without worrying about frayed edges or sealant seepage.

Contact them anytime if we aren’t delivering what we promised because sometimes things happen and they really want to make sure you have an excellent experience from start to finish.

It’s patient free installation will have you ready for more decorating adventures in no time!

Highlighted Features

  • This wall liner is made with durable PVC material that resists tears and stains.
  • If spills or smudges happen, you can wipe them away after drying for future decorating adventures.
  • This wall liner can be trimmed into any size while also applying at an affordable price.
  • Add a bit of colour to your kitchen cabinets, furniture, shelves, whatever you want! 
  • It’s patient free installation will have you ready for more decorating adventures in no time!

6. Oxdigi Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Meet the newest addition to Oxdi’s cleverly-named detachable lining paper line; Peel and Stick lining paper.

They are made with premium PVC vinyl, which is more dense than most wallpapers and highly resilient.

Oxdigi self-stick contact paper can be applied for a  smooth finish onto a flat or textured surface with ease; we designed a peel off easy installation process that makes this decorating mess-free.

Suddenly those old fashioned vinyl flooring options seem dated as the answer to your design dilemmas has become alive and kicking in the form of Peel and Stick lining paper. You can even use it in the bathroom, children’s bedroom and playroom!

This lining paper is easy to cut and install and clean up. You can wipe it down or paste and leave it as your desired look, which you want to achieve.

It’s perfect for the living room; bedroom; kitchen; office; children’s bedrooms and playrooms as well as even in the bathroom!

This versatile lining paper is perfect for all sorts of projects like countertops and door polishers, cabinet liners and shelf liners as well.

Highlighted Attributes:

  • Provides a one-time solution to all your decorating needs
  • High quality product with premium PVC vinyl that is denser than most lining paper and highly resilient
  • 24″ x 192″ (length by width which covers 16.4 ft) sheets with gridlines to measure area properly that help you decide how much coverage the sheet will give you.
  • Oxdigi self-adhesive contact paper can be applied to a smooth and flat surface with ease;
  • Designed a peel-off easy installation process that makes this decorating mess-free.
  • Perfect for the living room; bedroom; kitchen; office; children’s bedrooms and playrooms as well as even in the bathroom!

Factors to Consider



There are different types of material available as wall liners. Some of the materials include vinyl, paper and cloth. It is essential for homeowners to evaluate what suits them best.



It is good for customers to check on the pattern of the lining paper before purchasing the lining paper. They should make sure that the size of the pattern fits their room. The cost can also vary depending on which type of pattern a customer chooses for his home.


This is an important consideration for aspiring decorators as they want their lining papers to last for a long time. They should go for high-quality ones that do not peel off after a short period. Consumers should not compromise on the quality of material at all.



Consumers can choose from different designs and colours available for purchase. They are advised to select a design that suits their homes well. The choice of colour is subjective, but it should blend with different parts of the home décor.


This is a key factor to consider by homeowners. They are advised to purchase a lining paper that requires minimum maintenance costs. If the homeowner is on a budget, then paper lining papers offer value for money as they are easy to maintain and last longer compared to other types of wallpapers.



It is advisable for future decorators to purchase lining papers that are larger in size compared to the sizes of the walls . This way, they can trim down some extra expenses that would have been incurred if they bought lining papers that were too small for their walls.

Application Process

Applying processes are the most critical in the application process with the paper lining. A simple application process means you will not have much trouble.This factor must be discussed when choosing the most beautiful paper for paint. 

The best lining paper for painting is the one with the easiest application procedure and is easy to work with.



Color acts as a barrier between imperfections and a smooth finish. Aside from choosing one with black finishes, it’s possible to avoid dirt accumulation easily on your car. You can also select black or white colours for hiding the holes in the walls. 

Hidden Cracks

If you use white to cover cracks then it will help hide imperfections. If the paper doesn’t conceal cracks then it will fail to ensure a smooth finish. On the contrary the paper acts as an effective shield. Cover the gaps and ensure that the exterior of your walls is aesthetically appealing.

Coverage Area

Area coverage is important in lining paper. You have a big region to work with and you need to stick to long papers. And you must do the exact reverse in the smaller areas.


What Do Wallpaper Liners Do?

It is also known as a wall covering, is a paper-backed layer that is attached to walls before wallpaper is applied. A wallpaper helps protect walls from the stickiness of the paper and increases its durability without compromising on design quality.

How Do I Know If My Room Needs a wallpaper?

If the partition is made of cement or textured material; you should use wallpaper.

Since most interiors are drywalled these days with plaster, even greasy fingerprints are less likely to show on the walls so there is rarely any need for anything but occasional dusting unless liquids have split onto the walls themselves.

Does Wall Liner Work?

Yes, a wall liner will work. A wallpaper is a paper-backed layer that is attached to walls before wallpaper. A wallpaper helps protect walls from the adhesion of the paper and increases durability without compromising on design quality.

Can the Surface Get Wet with the Paper’s Design on it?

It should not get wet. Wallpaper needs to be just slightly moist in order to adhere. The wallpaper should also not be pulled too hard while trying to un-peel it.

Is It True That You Shouldn’t Use Adhesive?

It’s not unusual for the glue to dry out and not stick as well as it should anymore; especially when exposed to an environment that has a lot of humidity. 


A really great paper covering is the one that will keep your walls looking fresh and clean for years. It should be affordable and durable enough to last through any paint job or remodel project you might have planned in the future. 

The trick is finding an adhesive that sticks well on drywall so that it doesn’t pull off during installation as most other liners do.

We hope the article has been helpful to you, and that you have found the best wallpaper liner for your needs.

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Best Wallpaper Liner Reviews in 2024 : Top 6 Picks
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