How to Install Sub Panel in Detached Garage

How to Install Sub Panel in Detached Garage

A sub-panel acts as a simplification of the main electrical panel. The sub-panel is installed by attaching it to the main panel so that a small but necessary service can be found with its sub-panel’s help.

If you want to add a subpanel to the main panel in your garage, you need to know a few things. Usually, it is important to keep sub-panels in the garage.

If there are a sub panel and the main panel inside a garage, it is quite convenient. When you need to turn off the power in the garage, you will turn off the power connection with the help of a sub-panel without going to the main panel.

That is why installing a sub-panel is urgent and necessary for you. So first, you need to know how to install a subpanel in a detached garage.

The process of how to install a sub-panel in a detached garage

The process of how to install a sub-panel in a detached garage

Installing sub-panels is not a very difficult task. Although installing a sub-panel is a lot easier, it requires a lot of care.

You must be careful when installing it to avoid any danger. You need to fix the details of where in your garage and how you will install the panel.

After knowing the details of how to connect the subpanel from the main panel in your garage, then you will install this. For your convenience, we provide you with a detailed idea.

1st method: Collect and assemble the necessary materials

Before installing a sub-panel, you need to collect all the necessary tools for it. If you don’t buy or collect the things needed to install, you will have problems while installing it.

So first you have to buy a sub-panel box. The main tool is in the sub-panel box. With this, you can do all the main panel activities without the help of the main panel.

So buy a sub-panel box first. Once the sub-panel box is done, open it and see if it has all the necessary tools. Screws are required to attach the sub-panel.

If the screw is less in the sub-panel box, you can buy a separate screw. Then buy pipes for it. If you don’t have a screwdriver, buy one. Now buy a pipe to connect to the panel.

The reason is that one can be combined with the other. You will need to cut the pipes to make them equal or smaller. These will need to be glued together. You should buy glue if you don’t have any in the garage so that working will not be a problem.

2nd method: Determining the right place

If you want to install sub-panels, you first need to determine the location. Before you install a sub-panel on any side, determine the location.

If you want to install a sub-panel in the garage, you need to determine a place outside the garage. There is usually a main panel inside the garage.

This main panel controls the power of your entire garage. When you need to turn off the power, you turn it off. Again this is what you use when you need to run an electrical connection.

And if you want to do the same thing with the help of sub-panels without its help, you set a place. Specify a location that will be away from the main panel and in a place that suits you. The reason is that you can remotely do the work of the main panel through the subpanel.

3rd method: Turn off the main panel power

The first thing to do is to close the main panel. Since you will do the work of electricity, you have to be sure about this. Do not do anything that could be life-threatening.

If you do not close the main panel or forget to close it in any way, it will be dangerous for you. When the sub-panel is added to the main panel, the main panel needs to be opened.

And if you start working without switching off the main panel, you will be shocked. The connection line should be closed before the power works.

It cannot be mistaken in any way. Your first and most important task will be to turn off the main panel’s power connection.

4th method: Install the sub-panel

Once you have determined the sub-panel installation’s exact location and disconnected the main panel, you can start installing the sub-panel.

Take a pipe to connect the main panel to the garage sub panel box. In this pipe, the wires of the main panel are connected inside the sub-panel.

You need to attach the pipes to the panel to secure the wires. After purchasing the sub-panel box, your job will be to install the sub-panel.

First, use a scale to measure the area where the panel will be installed. After measuring, mark with a pencil. Now make a hole in the spot with a drill machine.

This has to be done so that the sub-panel can be stuck to the wall. Once the hole is made, take cardboard. Make holes on the cardboard.

Make a hole the size of the hole you made in the wall. Now after making the hole, stick the sub-panel with the wall with nails. After installing the sub-panel on the wall, make a hole in the main panel.

You will add a pipe to this hole. When the holes are formed for attaching the pipes, glue the pipes with glue. You have to make holes in the same way as in the main panel.

When the two work is done, connect the pipes. Now fasten the sub-panel with screws. Set everything up so that it sticks well to the wall.

5th method: Turn on the main panel

Once everything is set up properly, your next task will be to check the connection. So now you turn on the switch of the main panel.

Then switch the sub panel on or off to see if it is working properly. This way, you can finish the work of installing a subpanel in your garage.

Advantages and requirements of the sub-panel installation

There is a lot of need to install sub-panels. Without it, you have to work with the main panel, which is sometimes annoying for you.

This means that the main panel has to be used for any work to turn the power connection on or off. It may not be very pleasant for you. You can use a sub-panel to avoid this annoyance.

So you can also turn off the power connection from outside the garage with the help of sub-panels. If the main panel is inside your garage and wants to disconnect the electricity from outside the garage, you can easily do this with the sub-panel.



Finally, the need to install sub-panels is immense. When you install sub-panels in your garage or anywhere, you need to turn off the main panel.

Then complete the next tasks. You can buy any sub-panel at your convenience and install it in your garage. We’ve outlined all the details so you can install it yourself.

A lot of times, we don’t find a mechanic around us. Even if we get a mechanic to do our work, we have to pay them a lot of money for a little work.

But if you know the process, you can install the sub panel yourself to avoid all these problems.  If you want to get the installation work done carefully, you need to know everything. If you know the whole thing about installing, you can easily install it without anyone’s help.

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How to Install Sub Panel in Detached Garage
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