PVC vs Rubber Air Hose

PVC vs Rubber Air Hose

An air hose is an equipment used to deliver air to a product, such as an air tool or air compressor. Many mechanical devices are corded to the aerial compressor using an air hose. We use air hose with different kinds of air tools. That brings compressed air to operate.

An air hose could be made of many particles as much as there are so many kinds of air hoses. They are Hybrid Air Hose, PVC Air Hose, Polyurethane Air Hose, Rubber Air Hose, etc. Each of them is different from the other. Each has its capabilities. 

But in this article, we only talk about PVC vs. Rubber Air Hose. 

We should know much about PVC and rubber if we want to compare the PVC air hose and the rubber air hose. So, what is PVC? What is rubber? What is their creating format? How do they work? We will know about these things after a few moments. 

We will try to explain everything to you. However, after reading this article, you can understand everything about PVC air hose and rubber air hose and compare which one is best. Let’s start. 



Polyvinyl chloride is the whole meaning of PVC. It is a synthetic resin made from the polymerization of vinyl chloride. PVC’s second immense use is polythene. PVC use for making polythene in a huge rush.

PVC is also used for a vast range of household and industrial products. From toys of children’s and shower curtains to window frames and indoor plumbing could be made with PVC. 

Industries use PVC primarily in complex structural products like window casings and home siding, which are not at every step recycled. But on the other hand, PVC bottles and containers can be recycled into products like drainage pipes and traffic cones. PVC’S recycling code number is #3. 



The natural rubber organic compound is extracted in nature as a white, thick, and sticky liquid from the rubber plant. It may catch a few amounts of other organic compounds. It also catches water. The two largest producers of natural rubber are Malaysia and Indonesia. In Bangladesh, there are a few rubber plants, but it is not much for its trade. 

There are many uses of rubber. All the car companies make the vehicle’s tires and the tubes from rubber. Industries use rubber in trading equipment and household equipment also. Rubber is so flexible; for this reason, we use rubber in many things. 

Now we know so many things about PVC and rubber. And at first, we learned about air hoses. So we don’t need to describe the air hose again. So now we will know about PVC vs. rubber air hose. 

PVC VS. Rubber Air Hose

We already know what PVC and rubber are. And we also know what an air hose is. Now we will compare PVC and rubber air hose. 

Pvc Air Hose: 

PVC hose is very stable and friction-resistant. It is calculated to be a profitable option. Though it is not as flexible as other variations, it is so helpful in the winter season, and other times it works so little. It is also easy to get around corners and barriers without getting any hung up.

PVC pipe is so ordinary everywhere. Most people use this PVC air hose. But this PVC air hose is not highly recommended for use with compressed air too much.

However, as with many variations, PVC gets breakable over time and can crack after many times use. It can break or even shatter at any time. The arrival of air compressor oils in the line and heat from the compressed air accelerates PVC’s erosion.

From this above description, we understand that PVC air hoses are not so suitable for air compressors.

Rubber Air Hose: 

The nitrile rubber and polyurethane are the primary particles of rubber air hose. The rubber air hoses range of working pressures is from 150 to 500 PSI. There are various sizes and colors available for rubber air hose. You can choose your favorite one.

Using the rubber air hoses in mining, drilling, and construction could degrade the rubber air hose. So users should understand where they should use that, and they have to maintain the life expectancy, the frequency of use, and the type of elements the hose will be subject to. 

Overall, we can say that rubber hoses are more serviceable. Air hoses of polyvinyl and rubber are not so expensive also. The air hose company is made of rubber hoses, flexible and durable, and lightweight. They may have more of an outer mesh layer so that they can work against snags and punctures.

We saw that the rubber air hose has more durability and can pressure it From the above explanation. Also, it can take the compressor’s pressure so well. Now it is the time of comparison. So, now we will compare PVC air hose and rubber air hose.

Comparison Between PVC And Rubber Air Hose

Polyurethane gives us the best Pericles. Both PVC and rubber are from polyurethane. The rubber air hose stays most flexible in freezing weather, and it is 1/3 the weight of any other air hoses. Rubber hose is the lightest, most durable, and flexible of all hoses. 

Most of the PVC that we have used is stiffer, and l it is also mild than rubber, so it tends to be hard to twist. If we store the PVC hose in long loops, then it will hold a coil shape. Then we can use it easily. 

The main difference between PVC and Rubber air hose is: –

  • Rubber air hose is heavy (doesn’t kink), but it is easy to roll up, it is more flexible than others, it’s good in varying temperatures so well, but it has a reasonably high cost.
  • The PVC is cheap and light, it does tend to kink, not to a great deal, but it could be used in winter, so correctly.


In our article, we tried to explain everything about PVC vs. rubber air hose. We hope you understand what we said. According to the above explanation, we can decide that a rubber hose is the best hose. But it’s all up to you which one you want to use.

PVC vs Rubber Air Hose
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