Pin Detent VS Friction Ring: Which one is Better?

Pin Detent VS Friction Ring

Pin detent and friction rings both use for sockets, so many people think that both are the same and you can use any of them for the socket. But there is a massive difference between pin detent and friction ring.

Pin detent is locking pins used to keep the socket at its original place, and it operates with the same socket all the time because it is too tight that it is difficult to move from its place.

While the friction rings are the rubber rings used to hold the socket on the square, these are simpler and make it easy to remove the socket. It is compatible to use where more than one socket is required.

But the question arises in our minds that which one is better to choose, pin detent or friction ring. Read our below content and know about them and make them easier decision according to their best features.

Which is Better, Pin Detent or Friction Ring?

Which is better, pin detent or friction ring

Detent pin keeps the socket with a spring-loaded ball such as on ratchets, while friction ring keeps the socket with a steel ring in the groove over the square drive. Friction rings are more ornery to fit the sockets to hold them onto and off form and retain them in better condition.

What does it Mean Friction Ring Kit?

It is an original replacement friction ring manufactured by the original manufacturer and is designed to use with Milwaukee impact wrenches. It also assists in keeping o-ring to the anvil and on the place. This friction ring is good quality metal manufactured and sold individually.

What does it Mean Pin Detent Kit?

The ball or pin detent system is a more robust system that secures the socket more firmly than ring friction. But they are a real bear to release. These are very helpful and tight when they use on the new socket with a new gun. It will compound even your hands are wet and greasy.

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How a Pin Detent Works?

Pin detent loaded with spring and helps to keep the sockets on the driver. Its spring-loaded bearing on one side of the driver’s square end supports the sockets at their exact place. You can tight the ring, which can be good or sometimes create difficulty, but it depends on your socket replacement method.

How Friction Ring Works?

The friction ring keeps all the sockets on the square. They are easy to install and remove and can be used for many purposes. It is highly compatible when there is need of more than one socket needed.

What are the Differences Between Detent Pin and Friction Ring?

Here, we will detail some features that are different between detent pin and friction ring and some features that also make friction ring a better choice than detent pin.

Variety of Choices

Friction ring is available in many varieties, and it has excellent flexibility. You can choose any friction ring drills according to your budget and requirement, such as small size, medium and high power more extensive. The detent pin does not offer much choice that makes it less favorable for people than the friction ring.

Installation Comparison

When we compare friction rings and detent pins regarding their installation feature, installation is simple. But friction ring is more comfortable and flexible than a detent pin. So people prefer to have a friction pin instead of a detent pin.

Removal Comparison

A friction ring is a better choice than detent pins concerning removal features. It is quite simple to remove the socket’s friction ring; you can remove it any time by applying little force. Simple switch off the drill when properly stop, pull the friction ring and detach it from the socket. You can remove it every time after use.

The detent pin is not suitable regarding the removal feature; once you have attached it with the socket, you can’t remove it. It becomes secure and remains connected with the socket. So people prefer friction rings more than detent pins due to simple removal features.

Performance Comparison

While comparing in performance friction ring is an excellent performer, the problem with friction ring is that when you are working due to vibration friction ring remove from the socket. If it becomes, lose it happens repeatedly, which disturbs your work pace and makes you annoyed.

A detent pin is better regarding that feature; once it is connected with the socket and locked adequately by inserting the lock, it is impossible to remove it until you push the lock.

No matter how much vibration you face during work, it will not show any impact, and it will never remove from the socket until you remove it yourself.

So we can say for smooth and disturbance-free work, a detent ring is a better option than a friction ring. If you want to study more about tools, you can also visit consumergarage to get a better idea.

Cost Comparison

Friction rings are high in cost than detent rings because friction rings are the latest than detent rings. Suppose you are a small level user, then the detent ring can make a better choice for you than the friction ring due to the low budget. But friction ring is suitable if you want to ease in work with advanced features.


A friction ring is more flexible than a detent pin and also offers modern features than a detent pin.

Final Thoughts:

Detent pins and friction rings are widely used for the socket of drill machines. They help the socket and also improve the overall performance. Both are the same, but the styles of holding the socket are very different. We have explained some common differences in the above content between detent pin and friction ring. The friction ring is now more popular and finds better than the detent pin.

Pin Detent VS Friction Ring: Which one is Better?
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