How to Cut Toilet Bolts

How to Cut Toilet Bolts

You cannot pass even a day without using your toilet. So, making it safe for you is the first and foremost duty.

Toilet bolts are somewhat the odd part of the toilet you should cut off before installing your toilet. Otherwise, it can cause the scratching of your toilet base.

So, to get out of this dilemma, you better remove the nuts from the part of your toilet and make it safe and secure for your own interest.

Things you need to do this job:

Things you need to do this job

1. Large screwdriver

2. Tongue-and-groove pliers or basin wrench

3. A small hacksaw

4. A putty knife

5. A socket wrench

How you cut toilet bolts?

How you cut toilet bolts

Cutting toilet bolts isn’t such a big issue. You need to follow some simple steps to finish your task.

Nut bolts come in two different types, for instance, plastic bolts and metal nut bolts. Therefore, we will discuss the removal of two different types of bolts. So, let’s begin the real game.

Cutting toilet plastic bolts using a deep-well socket option:

At first, this process removes the nuts on metal toilet seat bolts with a deep-well socket. A penetrating lubricant is a good option to get the nuts with free corrosion to make your job easier.

You know what? Nothing can corrode plastic nuts that come off in an easier way.

Pry open the cover behind the seat to expose the bolt’s head.

Cutting metal nuts using drill option:

Cutting metal nuts using drill option

First, you need to drill a 1/16-in hole into the bolt. Keep continuing the drilling process for several minutes to enlarge the hole to weaken the bolt and break it off.

Do this at a time. Be sure that you have gone with a large enough screwdriver to fit into the bolt groove.

Usually, a small screwdriver fails to hold the bolt groove and strips the bolt. The wingnut can grab the bolt in place; it can be found in some toilet seat attachments.

You can catch the seat and grab the wingnut when you unscrew the bolt. If you don’t find any wingnut there, grab the nut with a wrench or pliers.

When you tend to unscrew the bolt, the nut needs to be held in the right place, and you can do this job by using a crescent wrench.

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Cutting metal nut bolts using pliers

Cutting metal nut bolts using

The pliers are just whole enough to unscrew the nuts in the case of metallic bolts. How easy it is, Isn’t it?

However, If you would like to know about the best option, I would recommend taking a socket wrench to end the game.

The majority of the toilet seats need a 1/2-in. Socket. Most significantly, the deep socket fits over the long bolt and grabs the nut tightly. You can twist this as hard as you can.

Grab a rag behind the nut to get the overspray. You have to work for 15 minutes in supplying lubricant to penetrate and do it repeatedly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Toilet Bolts

Question-1. Can you replace toilet bolts without removing the toilet?

Answer: Cut the plastic caps that are grabbing the bolts on either side of the toilet. There is a good option for you to use a flat screwdriver to remove these plastic covers to do this job.

Interestingly, you can replace your toilets, and it can be done without removing any part from the toilet.

What do you need to do? You just only need to unscrew the bolts. And you should follow the anticlockwise movement while holding the nuts with another hand.

Question-2. Does a toilet need to be bolted down?

Answer: You should fasten the flange to the floor. Then fit the toilet in such a way that doesn’t allow it to rock.

After that you find it is rocking, there is another option to resolve this problem. Using shims can solve this problem, and eventually, it won’t rock.

Only tightening the bolts won’t be whole enough; rather, it can drive the toilet with cracking or breaking.  We could usually screw it down during the rough-in.


For making your toilet look better and safe, you should cut the toilet bolts before installing the new seats.  Otherwise, this simple thing could be a bigger issue in the future.

How to Cut Toilet Bolts
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