How to Dissolve Toilet Paper in a Sewer Line

How to Dissolve Toilet Paper in a Sewer Line

Many of us don’t know about all kinds of toilet paper. Different companies make different toilet paper. Since not all toilet papers are the same. So some toilet paper gets wet easily, and some paper does not get wet easily.

Toilet papers that can absorb excess are not harmful to your sewer line. Toilet paper that absorbs less gets stuck in the sewer line which traps the waste along the line.

As a result, the toilet waste can not go down. It can destroy your environment. Get rid of all these problems if you know how to keep the sewer line clean.

The necessary process of how to dissolve toilet paper in a sewer line

The necessary process of how to dissolve toilet paper in a sewer line

If you are using toilet paper, it becomes annoying for you later when you see that the toilet paper is not dissolving.

When the toilet papers get stuck in the sewer line, you feel annoyed. But if you follow some rules, then you are bound to solve this problem.

Step 1. Clean everything in the toilet that you have left to use. Remove toilet paper from your towel dispenser. These toilets can be messy. These can interfere with your work when you clean.

Step 2. Open the lid on the toilet bowl. Then remove the seat placed on the toilet, so that you can do your job easily.

Step 3. Now you can use the plunger inside the toilet. Insert the plunger into the toilet bowl. It will apply pressure down after entering. You press the plunger harder to apply pressure. Keep doing it up and down.

Do it in such a way that the toilet papers can be dissolved. Gently lift the plunger when you see the bowl being canalized. Then you will see that the toilet paper is going to dissolve.

Step 4. Now you can flush your toilet. It will slowly melt when you flush the toilet.

Step 5. You can also use an auger to dissolve toilet paper if it prevents it from dissolving. Auger is a metal wire made of very small pieces of wire.

The pieces of wire must be very long. So that these can be sent far below the line, insert it inside the toilet. Once inserted, turn it upside down.

Step 6. Now you flush the toilet to dissolve the toilet paper. If it still doesn’t dissolve, re-insert the auger and continue to twist.

How toilet paper can be dissolved

How toilet paper can be dissolved

If you use hard toilet paper in the toilet, it can cause problems for your sewer line. You need to use toilet paper that can dissolve very easily with water.

If you can’t dissolve the papers in the toilet in any way, that is, they are stuck, then you can use strong hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric acid dissolves toilet papers easily.

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Different ways to unlock sewer line

We usually use the toilet to dispose of toilet paper and waste. When we use the toilet, we see that the toilet papers are not dissolving. The reason these toilet papers do not dissolve is that the toilet papers do not have absorbency.

At this time your sewer line is also stuck. As you go through the problem, there will be a way to solve your problem. To solve this problem, you mix baking soda with water in a bowl and then add vinegar. Then wait 20 minutes. When these are mixed with water, you pour it into the toilet. Let’s see if it gives any result.

What to do when the toilet water overflows

When you see that the toilet paper inside your toilet is not melting, you need to do some work first. As the toilet paper does not dissolve, the water in the toilet may overflow. This is what you will do at this time

• First, remove the lid of your toilet tank.
• Flush your toilet after removing the lid.
• After flushing and if the water does not go down; then you use acid which dissolves your toilet papers. If you use acid, you can use flexible wire.
• Now you flash again. You will see the water is slowly going down.


You can take the steps when you don’t find a solution even after flashing the toilet and dissolving the toilet paper. You have to be careful from the beginning so that they do not get stuck in the sewer line. At least you can use all the toilet paper that dissolves very easily.

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