What Color to Paint House Foundation : Full Guide

What Color to Paint House Foundation

Have you ever wonder about the selection of colors to paint your house foundation? How to paint house foundation with a suitable color? Basically painting the house foundation is also essential like coloring internal areas of the house. Coloring the foundation of any house enhance the beauty of house furthermore protects it from dirt and damp.

Imagine, you have painted your house with a mesmerising combination of colors but left the foundation of the house without coloring. No doubt cement or concrete based foundation part of your house will remain unattractive as a result; your house will look less attractive.

Here, this article will ease your tension about color choice for your House Foundation.

Colors to Paint House Foundation:

Colors to Paint House Foundation

Choose colors as per your taste:

Color expresses our inner self artistically. We enjoy playing with colors in everything, even if it is for home’s external decoration. After finishing house painting, you may find it challenging to look for colors for painting foundation portion of the house. Sometimes, you may ignore that section to paint and leave it just the same during the construction period.

Dazzling White

White is such a color that enlivens all the other colors on it. White goes with almost every color combination. Paint siding and trim of house in white color to add more charm on your house. White painted foundation matches nicely with a black, yellow, grey, light shade of green, blue or any other colors. What more! Your colorful flowers from the garden will make it more pleasant to eyes.

Shades of Blue

Blue comes with many shades which make it eligible for both external and internal home decoration. Match dark or light shades of blue color with off- white, grey or other matching color. You can also match your window’s colors with contrasting visible cement walls of the foundation.

Make a combination of colors

Make a combination of colors

Play with colors as your wish to paint walls, concrete or cement pillars, stone-based side or walking pavement of house. For example, if the whole house is red, green, blue, yellow so choose some contrast colors to paint external areas of the house.

Apart from that, dark green with yellow also makes an excellent combination. Therefore it will catch people’s attention, as well as every color will live.

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Dark and light contrast color

Contrasting colors, elements, props while decorating home plays a significant role as it makes a house delightful. Color contrasting is a fantastic idea for homes decor even it is for foundation parts of the house. The dark color goes nicely with matching light colors.

If the house is black, red, green, purple, indigo or dark grey colour, so the foundation areas could be light colors such as off- white, light grey or other light shades of the same color as well as contrasting colors.

Brown shades with white or yellow

Brown paired great with white or yellow. This color combination provides a lively house look. Yellow in light shade or sunny shade makes brown more eye-catchy. Therefore, you can go happily against neutral colors to paint in brown and yellow or white.

Classic black and white

You can never be wrong with any shades of these two colors. White looks unique in trim, siding, fascia of any house which is painted in any dark or light shades of black. Besides, you can do the exact opposite of that like color trim, siding in black and put white on rest sections. These two colors can never be backdated and always make an excellent pair to give the desirable, classy look of the house.

Things to keep in mind

• With a dark color window choose a contrast color for trim which is less dark than window color. As light color can make the frames less visible will be a perfect fit for the house.

• The fascia should match the trim colors to make better decoration. The dark color on fascia may look redundant.

• If your house is in a sunny area then paint soffits and porch ceiling in a light color, so your house looks brighter in sunlight.

• Paint roofs in black to create a classy look. White trim, siding with black always ready to create the classic appearance of the house.

• Consider climate, colors of neighboring houses along with your budget to create a perfect color combination of house.

• Repair siding, trim or any part if necessary before painting. Have a color test by applying colors on the small part to select a suitable color.

Consider these facts properly before painting your home. House foundation painting does matter as it protects your house as much as other protectors. As for now color selection for painting house foundation will no longer give you a headache as all essential and necessary information are available in this article.

What Color to Paint House Foundation : Full Guide
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